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  1. i like the variety i've found in geocaching so far. i like easy with hard hike, nice views, parking lots, micros, ammo cans, HIPS etc. i don't mind bison tubes in the woods. At least with those i don't have to dig around in the muddy pine needles!
  2. Actually, since i started caching i've decided to get pepper spray. In my town, many caches are after a little hike and usually in more isolated area in the woods or FL shrubs. A few times i have stopped and thought about my car sitting less than a mile from me, alerting others i'm nearby and possibly alone in the woods. So pepper spray is a good move for me. i'm not sure if i'd be as scared if someone jumped out at me in a city rather than in the woods, but i imagine so. i hope the OP would have enough sense not to try and scare a female alone. Even if he wants the attention...it's not very cool.
  3. i really like "The Others." Big Lost fan. i don't know much about Harry Potter so i didn't know the term Muggles was made popular from the books/movies until i looked it up after a few caches. i think i'm going to change all the caching terms to Lost terms. Nice ideas!
  4. i would hate to be surprised at a cache! Nor would i want my picture taken without my knowledge. That's just creepy. If some guy jumped out at me when i was searching for his cache i'd probably stop looking for that person's cache. Maybe report them. i was searching for a cache today that had a "mine." It really startled me and made me uneasy. Although i was expecting something because it was stated in the cache description. i do appreciate that. But even that put me on edge. i like caching to relax, not be shocked or startled. That's my preference.
  5. I would. Especially if I caught you on my lawn! Haha! Then i'd cry and go hide in your hedges. Maybe find a cache there too. Then offer you swag as a peace offering.
  6. Yes, it is hard to tell. Probably most forum people are nice in person. They most likely wouldn't insult me right to my face, i hope!
  7. Ah ha, i knew it! Whenever i go out caching i think everyone who is looking for something or using a BlackBerry is caching too! So far, none have been. Thanks for revealing the truth to me!
  8. Thanks for the email address. Na, i don't want to complain. i have more important things to focus on. i'm looking forward to meeting other cachers in real life!
  9. Yes, that's mostly it. i like posting. Just not the piling on that sometimes happen. i'm still reading posts i'm trying to not take it so personally.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. i have found some good information on this forum. i will just stick to reading, and not posting. That will work. Thanks again.
  11. Sorry that your feelings have been hurt by people pointing out that your logging style is rude. Now you know how the cache owners who received your logs felt. If I start getting too many boilerplate smartphone logs on my caches with only "TFTC" added by the cacher, I will archive the caches. I don't put out caches for rude people. Thanks for making my point. How many of my logs did you read anyway, just curious?
  12. Yes. That's kind of the point of this and several similar threads of late. Well, it turned into a thread bashing those that leave the "Logged from my phone..." On their Logs. Pretty petty. i make an effort to write longer descriptive logs, post pics. But get called self important because i leave the tag that's added.
  13. Can a mod delete my forum (not my geocaching.com) account and delete my posts? Thanks!
  14. As a cache owner, that tells me several things:The cacher thinks more of them self than they do of the cache. I could add to that list, but I'll leave it right there. Wow. Harsh. With that, i am going to abandon this forum. Too mean for my taste! Thanks for everyone's help in my previous posts.
  15. i can't believe CO's really get so upset about seeing that in their log. Do they get sick of TFTC too?
  16. It doesn't add TFTC. It just adds "Logged from my phone..." i add TFTC.
  17. i think i'll make that my forum signature!
  18. When i was looking for my first HIPS cache, i didn't know what HIPS meant. So i sat on a log to think and look around. A bunch of fire ants went up my shorts and bit my thigh and butt! Ouch! i did some dancing to get them out! i have the marks still. It wasn't long ago...ha
  19. Not in so many words. There is the option to 'Auto-post as Log', which posts whatever text is entered straight to the cache page. If this is set to off, then it logs it as a field note. That's what i meant. So, if you turn it off and it saves the text as a Field Note, you can, at the end of caching, log into geocaching.com and convert those Field Notes into Logs. That way, it won't automatically Log the preloaded text as a Log. i like this method because i tend to forget the details of each cache but i can log a Field Note right after i've found the cache when it's fresh in my mind. But then later i can access the Field Note and expand on it. Just a thought.
  20. Also, i *do* always Log (turn Field Notes to Logs) from my BlackBerry. i don't own a computer. If the "Logged From BlackBerry .." tag offended or annoyed the CO, and if they emailed me about it, i would remove it right away. But as i said, i've had no one tell me that it's obnoxious. My logs are pretty good. Man, some mean people on this forum.
  21. As you use this software you might be able to answer a question I have had for a while: I see a lot of logs which say "Logged from my nokia phone using Navigator by Trimble" or nearly those words. Is this sentence automatically added by the software, can the user edit it or delete it? Just curious. I use GCZ - Sshhhh - and write as much in my logs on site as I would if I were writing them back at home on the PC. I find it helps me make the log in the present tense ("Tough climb up to this one, but now it's all downhill to the next one..." for example) rather than the past tense. A bit like tweeting - what's happening now, not what happened 10 hours ago. But maybe that's just me. I also prefer to write the logs (or field notes if there's no reception) when the cache is fresh in my mind so I can do it justice. Particularly for series when at the end of a long day, late at night, I do tend to forget which was which - which was under a rock and which in a tree. I only edit for spelling when I get home. Like yesterday when I found when I got home that I had been "Prickled by a horse" instead of "a Gorse [bush]" - darn predictive text, don't get that on a PC. GCz used to add "logged from my phone using GCz". That was removed due to concerns over Groundspeak's interpretation of the TOS (the screen scraping part). Some useres were worried that these logs may get them banned. I personaly think the "logged from my phone" type logs are lame. No one cares that you did it from your phone. Are you trying to prove that you are more "tech" than everyone else because you know how to use your smart phone? Lame Lame Lame. To me it's the same as talking to other cachers about what GPSr you use. Or when HAM radio folks discuss their equipment. It may be lame, i've been called that before for many things i do. Oh well. i'm leaving it! My Logs have gotten compliments, no complaints...
  22. Your question has been answered. Yes, "Logged from my BlackBerry using Geocache Navigator" is automatically added to the Field Note, and thus the Log. i leave it because i like seeing who is using a BlackBerry to geocache. i'm a BlackBerry addict so to speak and i just think it's really neat i can cache with my BlackBerry. i'm a mod on CrackBerry.com, and that's my regular forum! So, i do like seeing when others cache with their BlackBerry. It's nice to have your GPSr, camera, Voice Notes recorder etc all on the hunt. But, no, i don't think it makes me special or better. Ha. i just do what i like others to do (and that is to mention they're using a BlackBerry)!
  23. i use a BlackBerry 9630 with Geocache Navigator by Trimble. It's set to leave a Field Note when i hit Mark As Found. Then i can log into geocaching.com via Bolt browser (or PC, but i don't have one) and then turn those Field Notes into logs, and upload pics. This works out great! My Field Notes have the time/date and a Found With GN tag and that is all. This way i can write a longer, descriptive log when i'm someone cooler and bug free. i also use my BlackBerry Voice Recorder to make notes while i'm in the field so i can note any details about the cache and adventure. Can iPhone users set their app to log Field Notes instead of Logs from their phones? Then the CO won't get alerted until the CF turns that Field Note into an acutal Log. i also label my pics from the field right away so i don't forget which cache it goes with.
  24. i have not hidden yet. When i do (and i will probably have only a few hides because that's all i can maintain) i have one container that is waterproof and held those alcohol pads for washing faces. The second i will buy new since i can't make it waterproof. i'm pretty 'green.' i CITO, recycle am vegan etc. Though i do have garbage like most of us do. i use moderation. i mean, i buy new sandals, i don't buy used ones..things like that. i think trash is useless junk in inappropriate places. Geocache containers are game pieces with a purpose and are well maintained. If i saw one that was abandoned, and got no replay from the CO i would pick it up and throw it away or adopt it.
  25. Yeah, they apparently haven't come up with a way to block non-members from getting the coordinates for MOC's in the cell phone world. Anyone, and I mean anyone (I did it on my wife's cell phone, which isn't even tied to a Geocaching.com account) can use textmarks to text for all the info of an MOC. Hey, I looked at some of your Blackberry logs. Great job, thanks for not dropping "TFTC" only on all the caches. Yeah. If i knew they were Members Only caches i wouldn't go looking for them. Thanks! i appreciate the CO's and i think they like longer logs, and some photos. Plus, i like to read longer logs that people leave. Fun to write them.
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