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  1. i agree with the reviewers denial. You need to be able to maintain your cache ir it just becomes garbage. If a cache isn't being maintained in my town i log a needs archived.
  2. If they're doing they must have their own reasons. i don't know the reasons nor do o care. It doesn't hurt my game. Unless they falsely log a cache that i hid. Then i'd just delete their log.
  3. Ok, thanks. That's a start and i can now check into the specific cemetery!
  4. What is the rule for hiding a cache in a cemetery? So far i've found one virtual in a cemetery, and one in a tree, both in different states. What's the deal? i'd love to hide a large cache in one. Thanks.
  5. i recently did one called River Rat Night cache. Coordinates were to parking. We followed small reflectors on trees down a sandy path with water on either side. So spooky and so fun! It's in Florida, east coast (space coast). River Rat Night Cache
  6. i like knowing who else is using their BlackBerry to cache. i use Geocache Navigator by Trimble. i used to leave the tagline on my logs since i use only my BlackBerry to log. Now i usually remove the tagline. i like it but i don't want to annoy local cachers. While i enjoy writing longer logs, i have NO issues with other cachers leaving only TFTC or Logged from phone. Doesn't bother me at all. To each their own. As long as they had fun finding my cache i don't require detailed logs.
  7. See, this is where I have an issue*. "It's the internet". The notion being that the internet is full of jerks so let's just all be jerks with the rest of them. Can't we aspire to something better than that? And I know you can't mean it this way, but to then use the "wittle feewings" comment to evoke the image of small children or child-like concerns. Is this another way of broadcasting the "toughen up" or "get thicker skin" sentiment? I mean, baby talk? Really? I've communicated with other cachers either in person, on local forums, or via Twitter and there are many of them that avoid these forums because they have either been told by others like them or they have developed the opinion from lurking that the forums and its members are viscous, rude, snarky, obsessed, jaded and nit-picking. This isn't some isolated opinion that I've conjured form the ether because I'm thin-skinned or over-sensitive. Blah. I guess you either see it one way or the other. *Not to be confused with a problem. i agree with this post, especially the bolded portion. Admittedly, i am not thick skinned and am a little sensitive. i can deal with internet tough guys or wisecrackers though because i know how group mentality works and the protection of hiding behind an avatar makes folks sometimes behave unlike they would in real life. i'm just soured because my first week i logged a Needs Maintence and was called a newb who needs to be slapped in the logs. Then on another thread i was told adding "Logged from my BlackBerry" was annoying and elitist. Lastly, recently, i agreed with an OP's suggestion and was told maybe i needed to be in the game longer before i made suggestions about the site. i have also had friendly replies too, and i appreciate that. i've just had more not so nice replies. i know it's annoying when a newbie starts a new thread on an old or "dead horse" topic..but to just scold the poster or come in with NI or take the thread totally off topic is rude, in my opinion. i'm all for leaving links, and i love reading through old threads; but to take the tone of "search stupid newb" is ridiculous. If you're (you're is general) tired of seeing old topics pop up, just ignore the thread. Sometimes a new thread about an old topic is refreshing, and better than rereading a 2 year thread on the topic. No, i'm not a fan of sarcasm either. That's just me. i don't think anyone who is curt or rude on here would be like that face to face though. i try to remember that. Here's an example of the most recent: No, the doesn't soften it up for me.
  8. i'd love a Dawkins, Darwin or atheist coin. i didn't know there was a FSM coin! Very neat.
  9. i like caches in scenic and historic or interesting places. i know some folks don't like parking garage, parking lot and caches hidden in urban "non scenic" areas. But i love them. It's not fun going to the mall or parking garage but finding a cache there makes it fun! i found a cache today at the mall, in the parking lot. i was dreading buying some clothes but being able to hunt for some caches made my day! Just my experience.
  10. Ok, thanks guys. i'll give it a try! Are most GPSr able to covert formats?
  11. Can you tell me what D, M and S mean? How would i know which the cache owner is using when the coordinates are in the first stage? Just try all formats?
  12. i think i had it figured out, but i didn't go for Stage II so not completely sure. At stage one i found a metal tag that read: N: 699 W: 132 i went to enter the coordinates manually into my GPSr which is a BlackBerry using Geocache Navigator. The first time i did it i replaced all the numbers after the decimal (ie. Changed 26.653241to N: 26.699). This gave me directions 40 miles away. That seemed wrong. Should i have just replaced the last 3 numbers with the 699 (26.653699? i thought about it when i got home. Didn't have a chance to try it in the field. Are all multi cache coords entered i'm DD mode? i have the choice of DD, DDM and DMS.
  13. There's a lot of great info on this site. It's just a hostile place towards new players. That's a shame, but oh well. i'd advise newbs to read the forums but not post if you don't want to get flamed.
  14. Welcome to Geocaching! Congrats on your new GPSr! This is a very fun game that will get you outdoors, thinking and having great adventures. There's a lot of good info on the forums in the stickies. This forum can be pretty hostile to newbies but just ignore those posters. The links in the mods signatures are very helpful. Have fun out there!
  15. i just noticed the seeds suggestion! i like that. Someone said it is considered a food item. Is that true? Would animals smell and try to eat the cache? If not, i may start leaving seeds. It neat and i admit i *am one of those cheap (thrifty) cachers. i don't take or leave anything at the moment. i'd love to find seeds though!
  16. More micros=less swag! i like that plan. i actually don't like swag. It creeps me out. i just ignore it. i'd rather find small containers that can't hold swag.
  17. How about battery life? The thing that drains the battery is having the backlight on. So i make sure when i'm not looking at the screen i put the BlackBerry in standby. Then i put it on the charge in the car if needed. i'm thinking of getting a solar charger. i'd say my BlackBerry lasts about 4 hours when caching heavily with no charge.
  18. Go find some local caches and take note of the names on the logs. i noticed the same 12 or so names on every log i signed when i first started. Then when i logged my find online, i saw those names on the cache log and clicked on their profile. i didn't contact anyone because i cache alone.
  19. i use my VZW BlackBerry to cache and it's very accurate! i hid 2 caches so far and i just walked away from the cache and quickly to it and then recorded the coordinates when i got to the cache. Did that 3 times per cache and it seems right on. i'll know more when i have more finds on my caches hidden! i like using my BlackBerry to cache. i can get caches on the go, wherever i am. i'm getting a rugged case to protect it out there.
  20. Is there an app to play Wherigo on Blackberry smartphones?
  21. i'd say it's ok. i have 2 caches hidden that are small but could hold swag. i chose not to put any swag in (other than FTF dollar) because i really dislike finding swag. i traded my first few finds, but have come to just not that part of the game. Someone left swag in my cache and that's perfectly fine! i know kids will appreciate it. i'll check the swag and if it gets moldy or nasty, i'll chuck it.
  22. i have a VZW 9630 BlackBerry. i don't own a PC so i do ALL my caching from my BlackBerry. That includes my hides too. i use Bolt browser to access the Geocaching.com site and it works great! i convert my Field Notes to Logs, upload pictures, post to forums, look at cache pages, fill out form to get cache published. i also use the Geocache Navigator by Trimble app to cache. The BlackBerry browser leaves a lot to be desired. It's good for mobile sites, not so much with full sites, especially image heavy sites. Try using Bolt Browser instead for full web sites. Let me know if any BlackBerry users have questions. i know a bit about them.
  23. The only thing i'd like to see the Friends feature do is filter who can see my finds. i don't necessarily like having my whereabouts broadcast because i often cache alone and in the same town. Is there a thread for that feature request? To make finds private?
  24. Get the application Geocache Navigator by Trimble ($19.99 BlackBerry App World) and you'll be able to access maps, compass, radar, hints, logs, descriptions right on your BlackBerry. As for accessing this site: The BlackBerry browser leaves a lot to be desired. It's good for mobile sites, not so much with full sites, especially image heavy sites. Try using uZard Web or Bolt Browser instead for full web sites. uZard supports Flash. It's beta however and needs some work. Bolt has been out a while and is very quick and renders sites PC style. Another nice feature of Bolt is you can download a plugin that adds "Open With Bolt" in your BlackBerry menu. Then when you get a link sent by email, SMS, BBM you can highlight the link, press Menu, Open With Bolt. If you download the add on, when you click on links in your email Bolt will launch to open the link. Bolt Plug-In Launcher i hope the BlackBerry browser is upgraded very soon (webkit).
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