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  1. Palmetto? What do you think? I wish I could block the path! Lol.
  2. In that case the cache would not be available in the winter and would have to be disabled until which time it is accessible again. Thats a much better scenario to help mix things up a bit. In that case i would mark it as the higher terrain rating but make a note that the terrain may be much lower during the winter months. Maybe I'll do that for my cache.
  3. Yup. You still need special equipment to get the cache. Try it like this. You place a cache on an island. Come winter the lake freezes. One can now walk to the cache, no special equipment needed. How do you rate the cache? That's an interesting one! Now I'm confused. I have other caches that I rated based on hiking to it. One person drove to it while the gates were open for hunting season. Should I lower that one to? My intention when placing is clear, I write on the cache page how I placed it, how long it took me, how many miles. I can't control how others decide to go for it...but my intention when placing is to show them something specific.
  4. Ok, I'll go replace my nice lock and lock with a bison tube. Thanks!
  5. I disagree. The ratings should be an honest reflection on the difficulty of the hide/terrain. Someones challenge is irrelevant. If it was a difference of a 4.5 or a five no big deal but this looks like a 2 mile round trip on established trails. Unless there is an obstacle that isn't obvious I'd rate it a T3 tops. If you wanted a paddle cache you should have placed it on one of the islands. The islands are really mangroves so can't place a regular cache there. I want to specifically place on this beach. There's no established trails but like I said I will have to walk the whole thing myself to see how difficult. However, I intend it to be kayaked only. So, I'm still conflicted. It was placed to be a paddle cache. I wouldnt place it say on the nearby mangroves as a hanging micro just to ensure it can be rated a T5. But it doesn't require special equipment now either so....
  6. Yeah, I won't leave it because of the challenge reason. I don't care about fulfilling other peoples challenges, that's not why I rate my caches. I'll have to walk it myself and then decide the rating. The other cache there is a 4.5 T and this probably will be also. Thanks for the input!
  7. Is that the only reason to leave it? Only 3 people found it so far. The FTF I'm sure isn't doing a challenge because he finds every local cache.
  8. Only pet peeve is finders not replacing the lid correctly or tightly or appropriately. I had a waterproof deacon container that was always wet inside because the finder's didn't snap down all four sides. I stopped using it eventually. Replace as found!
  9. I was also concerned with leaving swag, and having to go maintain that swag as I do with my other caches. It's a pretty good kayak out there. I hope it's low maintenance. Yes, I should have accused the FTFer of stealing all my expensive swag! Haha.
  10. Another question about a cache I just placed: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ea39c33c-07ce-443d-b7c1-824005ab8a76 I placed a cache that is a kayak/canoe or boat cache. Rated it T5 for that reason. I have taken a kayak and canoe to this state park a few times. Three people so far found this cache and the last two mentioned walking to it! I didn't even know you could! I think the walk must be pretty far, but I never did only kayak. Since I intended this to be a kayak/canoe cache, should I leave it as T5, boat required? I have a launch suggestion in the cache page itself. Or do I need to change the rating down from T5 because it can be accessed without a boat? Other caches that I have in a state forest, I list the parking as a waypoint and mention where the trailhead is that I used to place. Some follow that, but others take a shorter hike, which is fine but misses what I wanted to show them. Same with this cache. It was meant to get on The open water, and then the beach. Thoughts? If you could take a look at the map that would help too. How long is that walk?
  11. Ammo can! Ammo can! I don't like swag either. I just started a thread about leaving a regular sized cache with no swag, which I just did. Seems ok.
  12. Ha, yeah. Every cache that I filled with swag degraded. There were a few good items but mostly crap. Do you CO always leave a FTF prize? I thought about that too, and I like getting a FTF once in a while but I don't take the FTF unless it's money. I was concerned paper bill would get wet as I am not sure how much this beach floods, and a coin would get rusty. So I didn't leave a FTF either.
  13. I recently placed a new cache. It took me almost a month to get permission and permit. It's a clear lock and lock on a state park beach. Beautiful location. T5 cache, boat needed, the way it's intended. Anyway, I have 10 other caches, regular sized mostly ammo cans and peanut butter jars in parks. I have filled those with swag that I got from the dollar store in addition to some trinkets I had that I thought adults would like. As usual, the swag degraded and I clean those cahes out. I haven't taken or traded or left swag in over a year. I really don't like the swag part of the game. It gets to be trash and sometimes dirty. Back to my newest cache: I didn't leave a FTF prize nor did I put any swag in it. Just a clean log. So far 3 people found this cache. One of them mentioned that it was a new cache, and that there was no swag in it. I'm assuming they were disappointed. I left a note on the cache page explaining that I don't play the swag game, and that the prize is in the journey and the destination. I stated that hunters were welcome to leave and trade their own swag, as I know some like that. Is it considered rude to not fill a new, regular sized cache with swag? I want a good caching reputation locally. I'm not sure how big a deal swag is as a CO. The log kind of made me sad. Opinions?
  14. Here are the details of that challenge in this cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b2e79013-8daa-4282-88aa-e77872d9fad0 I haven't done the challenge.
  15. Yes, Topo maps are useful. I have topo map on my Garmin. I also use Google Maps on my Android so I can get an overview of trails and terrain. The Tracks feature is probably the most useful feature on my Garmin Colorado. It's really easy to use, and I recommend learning it. When you want to return, you simply hit GO TO, Tracks. Then pull up the map and follow the black line back. Tracks is one reason to get the topo map. A topo map is useful because it shows canals and waterways, and other land features. I use it a lot. Following the compass out would be more difficult.
  16. If you prefer Lost you can use "The Others" and say it in a dramatic tone. That's fun too.
  17. I first heard the word here. I don't what muggle is in Harry Potter.
  18. Not sure about the guidelines and what you should do. But I watch the channel a lot. I like it.
  19. While I don't necessarily disagree with your logic, I am concerned about your getting mad. If it makes you mad, why bother getting out and signing the log? Is it really worth it if it makes you mad? I rarely find someone who is qualified to say they are not a newb actually saying it. Trying to be courteous is the right thing to do, and to hide behind "I'm not courteous because I don't have to be" is a very poor attitude to take if you plan on getting along with others. Lol. Geocaching isn't rocket science. If you don't get it by the 100h find, you might be a slow learner.
  20. I use c:geo, but I don't feel too bad about it since I shelled out the $10 for the official GCing app and didn't like it. For the money, I think the app should be better than it is. C:geo is much better. C:geo works excellent if you also download GPS status. Then you navigate to the cache using the radar option instead of the compass. There is also a geocaching plugin for locus that is kind of cool. The limitation is that you can only search for the caches near your current location, unless you enter the gps coords manually. It's easiest to navigate to the cache location with c:geo using Google Navigation. Have you tried that? Cache page, menu, map, navigation. Unless you man one you're near GZ. I still like the compass. Very accurate.
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