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  1. My caches are muggle free and mostly ammo cans. However, somesome aren't and I don't read every email as it comes in. Sometimes, I skim over the email and forget what it says.


    I definitely need the NM log as a reminder. Even good containers get damaged , and in Florida I have even seen water in ammo cans!

  2. I normally go with date followed by name... my name changing depending on the size of the log and my mood at a the time, currently I normally sign as "Birdie" though if feeling formal or it's a nice big hardback logbook I go with "Birdman-of-Liskatraz"


    Talking of pens, this model has some very interesting Amazon reviews, well worth a read... I'm a fan though of a very fine tipped Rotring job..


    Awesome thanks! Pen expertise.

  3. Of course. Doing the maintenance is the hard part. Logging that it was done is fairly easy! :)


    I always acknowledge when is NM log is posted with a statement about when I will get to it. Sometimes I know it will be week or so because I have a busy work schedule. But I post that.


    I hate leaving wet or damp logs for cachers. Makes me :(


    I agree, Brain. I really think cachers aren't using the NM log for that reason. I don't take a NM as an insult. I take it as my cache needs maintenance. Lol. It's expected. These containers sit outdoors, in the sun and rain and I've heard in the snow too.


    They're bound to NM.

  4. I don't think making caches PMO makes them more secure. Hiding in parks or nice scenic area makes them less likely to be stolen or messed with. People who go to parks are nicer and tend to be more respectful.


    Caches hidden in the concrete jungle will always get messed with more, guaranteed.


    That's my theory.

  5. I think a lot of cachers are afraid to log a NM for fear of coming off as nitpicking, a noob, or maybe offending the CO. I am find ing I would much rather have a NM log instead of someone posting a by the way log is wet in their log.


    I like to look down my cache list and see which caches I need to clean up, at a glance.


    I went to a csche that did have a NM log and while there checked on my other caches. Yikes, another one really needed maintenance! No one had posted a NM on it.


    Anyone finding the same?


    So, for noobs and all...log a NM if you see it does. I don't mind a NM for any reason. Wet log, overgrown, etc. Thanks!

  6. I still think the rating should as accurately reflect the cache as is possible.

    Hard to argue with that. But I'd still give it a "Meh" at this point.

    Is it inaccurate? Yeah. I would call it a T-2, at best. But what's done is done.

    At least with an explanation on the cache page folks won't have to wonder about it.

    If I were to hunt that one it would be by kayak. B)


    Come find it! Have Dale and Barb added kayak rentals yet? When they do, I'm doing the T5s over that way!

  7. After hearing back from the reviewer I changed it up. Changed the cache title from Paddle to Explore, changed the T rating.


    Left on cache page that is intended to be paddle cache but is accessible from other locations, including trail.


    Reviewer said probably most folks will get this cache by land. Is probably true.


    If they decide to kayak, that's cool.

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