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  1. I hated Facebook! I deleted my account back in March 2011. I signed up for it because my friends insisted. Lol. Google plus is much better in that you can filter which content to view. By the way, I have no idea how to add you guys! I deleted bebo, twitter, Facebook... Think I'll save myself the effort this time! All my social networking will now happen in the local. I agree and I'm mostly not down with social networking. However, I found a few uses for it such as keeping up with family and friends that aren't local, which is everyone I know. And also, peeking in on others with similar interests that I can't find locally. I don't know any vegans in real life but I found a ton on g+ . But, I'm sure g+ will become too noisy for me too and I'll end up deleting!
  2. Well yeah, that's why TFTC logs are running wild. People tend to thumb out very short logs on Smartphones, and for some reason, think they have to do it from the field. And just a few short years ago, every Geocacher did log from a computer! I would hope you can see where some of us that have been hiding caches for years are "annoyed" (as you said in an earlier post) by this new logging trend, which is at most 2 years old. Take a look at my logs from my smartphone. Don't stereotype all smartphone users. And no, I don't think I will be more upset with short logs the longer I cache. The older I get, the more I let the little annoyances go...
  3. And collectively, New York City hiders hang their heads in shame. (I know that's not what you meant, I'm just having fun. We just have to play a different game here!) LOL! I didn't mean it like that! Micros have their place too, and different challenges and adventures. I've enjoyed quite a few actually. I just actively seek park caches when possible. Hey, I recently found a micro at a Wendy's while I was getting my car serviced! I was so happy there was a cache in walking distance, and it was hidden in a tree that provided shade! There have been some great micros in scenic locations. This is why I'd love viturals back. Replace film canisters in great locations with a virtual.
  4. Well I'm not funny but I understand hardship and sadness. Here's something I have on my wall that makes me feel better. Hope things get better for you, and they will, because it is a cycle. I like the flip flops too! It's suitable for a cache of mine in Florida!
  5. I have an HTC Thunderbolt. I'll try a new caching app. I use c:geo now though and it's very good! I like the ability to get turn by turn directions to the cache site. I used to have to follow the compass arrow as I drove and it was too dangerous.
  6. I hated Facebook! I deleted my account back in March 2011. I signed up for it because my friends insisted. Lol. Google plus is much better in that you can filter which content to view. By the way, I have no idea how to add you guys!
  7. I always email someone that left a longer log to thank them. But if I get a TFTC I don't see it as a reflection of my cache. I know my caches are awesome because they're in forests and parks! It doesn't mean anything, except that the finder didn't want, or could not, write more. By the way, not all cachers have computers. Every log I've written has been on a smartphone. Every picture taken from a smartphone, uploaded from phone. I am more thrilled when a finder of my caches posts a pic! Say nothing and leave a pic is great to me.
  8. You can't control how others play the game. It's not about the log to me. It's about the journey. The scenery, hike, kayak etc. I write logs for me, and thanks for the CO. Sometimes they're long, sometimesmes short. I have hiking caches and sometimes I get a long log, sometimes short. I don't care at all. I'm glad they hunted it and had a good hike. It's a silly thing to be annoyed over.
  9. How do I load caches onto the SD card after I fill the internal memory?
  10. I'd like to see caching pics and adventure stories!
  11. If anyone from up there is ever down here, check out my (and another cachers) hides in the Myakka Forest! Take A Hike! Pine Straw Campground In Myakka Forest There's also an even in Englewood soon!
  12. I have caches in a nice forest, including a primitive campground! If you're ever in the SW, check them out! Take A Hike! Pine Straw Campsite In Myakka Forest
  13. I ran a PQ from a friends bookmarked list. It still hasn't generated. It's just sitting in my made list. I selected Tue.
  14. I know how to Share Wirelessly from CO to CO one cache at a time. How do I send more than one at a time, say 20 caches from one CO to the other? I was recently at a geoevent and I was missing about 15 caches on my GPS. I used a friends CO to send them to mine, but had to do it one at a time. Thanks!
  15. I think I voted a yes. I'm using my BlackBerry and it looked messed up. Left a comment too.
  16. As a CO I agree. I just hope they had fun. I enjoy longer logs but the are just a bonus. A TFTC on a hiking/ammo can cache is cool too.
  17. I haven't noticed that trend. The logs I see posted from a BlackBerry are very long and descriptive. Except for the lame hides. I'm getting better at filtering caches but sometimes it's hard to know if it's a LPC from the cache page. *Posted from my BlackBerry 9630* All my logs are posted from my BlackBerry!
  18. I really like the sarcastic logs about the smell of urine. I'd use that but I really don't want to hurt someone's feelings unnecessarily. It is just a game. So I post TFTC on lame hides instead. I do think it's thanking them and equals the effort they put into the hide. I don't use TFTC as an insult...just a quick way to log thanks. If I knew the CO had a sense of humor I'd use the sarcastic logs. I may one of these days!
  19. I'm thinking about putting it near some local trails, Near trails? I like the idea of an ammo can better! I've seen the cache you're thinking about. It was a coffee can hoisted up into a palm tree with a pulley system to get it down. At the base of the tree there was another coffee can used as misdirection that said, "not the cache" inside. It was pretty cute. It was at the cachers home.
  20. I think muggle is lame too. I usually just say something like "a hiker/biker/family/fisherman/group of kids/people passed me as I was searching for the cache." I used to think the term was funny (and sometimes it is), like the term plunderer. But I don't use them in my logs. I don't want to put myself in some secret club that calls non cachers a silly word.
  21. The issue I've seen with ammo cans are the hinge pins can corrode over time and snap. Happened to one of my ammo can hides. The can was out in the wild for 3 years before the pins failed. Decon containers - the lids are hard to snap down. Lock n locks -- not all lock n locks are real. The dollar store variety looks the same but seals poorly and the tabs snap off easily. Also the environment matters. I hear that lock n locks in the desert (Sonora, Mojave, etc.) don't last long - but that would be true of most plastics. Ammo cans are probably the best bet for desert environments. This frustrates me! I have one decon container that I bought because they seem so rugged and watertight. Almost every time I check it there is water inside because the lid hasn't been snapped on all the way, which is tightly. There aren't that hard to close, I don't understand why it's constantly left loose.
  22. I think this is really important too! I tell my hubby where I'll be and I post the coordinates that I'm headed to on Facebook in case something happens. I think that's a good idea about facebook ony if you truly know the people you have as friends on there. Otherwise your telling people that you won't be home leaving your home open to be robbed which has really happened and also telling someone that you'll be out somewhere alone and leading a possible attacker right to you. It's amazing what you can fit into a small backpack. I pretty much just take my cub scout pack that I made up after taking the baloo and owl courses they offer as it has the compass, gloves, water, paper, batteries, pen, garbage bag, ziplock bags,small first aide kit, and many other things and my hiking staff which has an emergeny blanket on it, matches in it, and rope and it's own compass and some other stuff as well. lol, yes, I know everyone on my Facebook. I'm not a teen! I have 40 people on it and 30 are family. I got feedback on my FB from them that said it was a good idea posting the coordinates so I'll keep doing that when I'm doing longer hikes! I think letting people know where you are is one of the best survival techniques ever. I only wish I'd stop losing pens...
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