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  1. 3 days is reasonable. Longer than a week and I'd email the reviewer.
  2. That's really bad. Wouldn't work here either then because we have canals. I never found a cache that was placed using GM.
  3. You can use Google Maps but that's often highly inaccurate. You can use a smartphone with the correct app. They are fairly accurate. A handheld GPS unit Is the best for that job, and they are pretty cheap. How do you find caches?
  4. I consider "TFTC" logs to usually mean that you disliked the cache. If you liked it, you could at least say something else. Interesting trail! Nice hiding spot! Fun hike! Anything! I can usually come up with a few words for even a LPC or guard rail cache. And by all means, if you disliked the location, please tell me. TFTC tells me absolutely nothing. Want better hides? Don't be afraid to criticize. I would never take TFTC or a blank log as someone disliked my cache. If I dislike a cache so much I just don't log it. I don't hide for the logs. If the finder wants to write something, it is for them, not me. I hide to share the location. If they found my cache, they saw the location. They may have hated both, but that's their business really. All I can do is say, "check this out." Again, we cannot dictate how others play the game. I'm considering not logging online at all anymore. I may just leave notes visible to me. But I bet a CO would rather a TFTC than no log, if not just to say that the cache is still in place.
  5. All animals have the potential to attack. Trained or not, they are still animals with deep seated instincts. I have a fear of dogs, and they know it! I try to walk by casually and dogs snarl at me. I've had a few owners state that their dogs never do that! They must sense the fear or some chemical I release. Even tiny dogs scare me. I'm an animal lover, but I try to avoid animals so I don't scare them. Because that's when they may attack. I just stay as far away from a dog as I can. We have a leash law in the parks here and often owners do no heed. When I see an unleashed dog and owner coming toward me I either freeze up, or climb a bench. They can usually tell and they gather the dog up and leash it.
  6. I had a magnetic travel sticker on my car. I just recently released it. Cachers put it on their car for a while, then drop it in an ammo can. It sticks to the inside of the cans, i love that. I think it's heading to Oklahoma now! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2186933
  7. I've found a few like this. The first one took forever to find of course. If a cache that was new in 2002 and was hard to find because of that newness and heater at a 3, should the CO then lower the difficulty rating in 2011 because it's now a common and easy cache?
  8. It's bad enough I have DNF'd 1 difficulty caches. Don't make me DNF .5! I can't take the humiliation!
  9. Haha! knowschad! I was just looking at profiles and I came across someone that's been caching since 2002 and only has around 70 finds. So it is possible I guess.
  10. Wow! I found 200+ caches with my BlackBerry. The Thunderbolt has been very accurate. However, I dropped it face down on a rock and scratched it a little. So I try not to use it.
  11. Your post would make an awesome log for that cache! I would leave your story as a found.
  12. Maybe they're not good at geocaching. But boy are they tenacious!
  13. If an older, worthy cache is ownerless, and not maintained by the community, I'd have it archived and place a new one there. Course, I'm not very sentimental.
  14. If you leave the original coordinates and move the cache a little you can also consider leaving a hint. I did that on one of my caches that I moved. 15 feet off on a nano is pretty big to me, but I'm not good with nanos. Also, you cam note that coordinates are off but to use geosense. That will work if you placed it using geosense!
  15. I hated Facebook! I deleted my account back in March 2011. I signed up for it because my friends insisted. Lol. Google plus is much better in that you can filter which content to view. By the way, I have no idea how to add you guys! I deleted bebo, twitter, Facebook... Think I'll save myself the effort this time! All my social networking will now happen in the local. I agree and I'm mostly not down with social networking. However, I found a few uses for it such as keeping up with family and friends that aren't local, which is everyone I know. And also, peeking in on others with similar interests that I can't find locally. I don't know any vegans in real life but I found a ton on g+ . But, I'm sure g+ will become too noisy for me too and I'll end up deleting! Lol. I'm sure they're all cool... They're just not me. Thought about becoming vegan once... Tried alternative milks all of which I hated in tea! Don't know a vegan... I know a fruitarian though. You put milk in tea? Yeah, soy and almond milk are tasty but none taste like "real" milk!
  16. Text message inquiry. You didn't hear this from me though. Ah, I see. Thanks! I don't have messaging plan though. Bummer. That's more expensive than a PM. Lol. I'll look into other ways.
  17. For hiking, Kayaking and high T caches I use my Garmin Colorado 400t. For spontaneous urban caching I use my Android and c:geo. I always use my phone to upload pics and to make logs as I don't own a computer.
  18. Does the guardrail have a magnetic number on it?
  19. I can't afford a premium membership when mine expires in August. I never really paid attention to which caches are PM only. I hope not many! Edit: Just read the entire thread. How can I get coordinates to PM caches without being a member? Right now I plan to load 2000 caches onto my GPS right before my membership expires!
  20. Create a \Garmin\GPX folder on the card and put them there. Thanks!
  21. And collectively, New York City hiders hang their heads in shame. Because there aren't any forests or parks in NYC? I've never been to New York City so not sure. Like I said, there are some good micros in appropriate locations. In St Augustine micros took me on a tour of the city! I'd rather virtual but since we can't I usually just don't sign the film can and take a pic of the location as proof instead. Probably NYC parks are all taken, I would think.
  22. No. Evil is devious, and a worthy challenge. This is good (for those who enjoy them.) A fake rock in a boulder field is just nasty. It has no redeeming value. That's my distinction: Evil versus nasty. I actually like these. Tedious and methodological search is relaxing!
  23. We have an older hider and his caches are always called evil. They're ingenious and well crafted! I have found some and given up on some. They're fun if I'm in the mood and make me feel silly when I can'tfind them! I tend to stay away from evil hides because they frustrate me! There should be an evil attribute. Lol.
  24. That reminds me of the quote (usually attributed to Arthur C Clarke but others have said similar): "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." MrsB Yes! Carl Sagan said something similar. He said both possibilities are equally amazing, and I agree. Although, that picture I have doesn't speak to me about gods or other life forms. I'm an atheist. To me, it's about our being alive with the stars, planets, animals, and all that.
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