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  1. This cache: ..."the board of health should be notified" ..."There is a bad odor at GZ, kinda like a broke down toilet" ..."I was a little grossed out by some of the other things near this cache" ..."Would have no desire to get trapped in this location." Maybe it doesn't violate any guidelines, but it sounds bad. But I didn't see it in person so who knows. I would like to be around to have seen the old days of caching! I doubt this kind of cache would be accepted. I guess a NA is too much. You can also ignore caches from specific users if that helps. I still maintain that the homeless camp needs to be in the cache page.
  2. At the very least, the proximity to the homeless camp should be mentioned in the cache page. Though, I'm not sure why anyone would enjoy viewing a homeless camp. Seems sad, and a little disturbing. Creepy I am all for. Seeing people on hard times and smearing fecial matter on walls is not for me. I'm sure I'm a little biased from my past experiences, granted.
  3. As a female who caches alone, I would not knowingly hunt a cache in or near a homeless cache, or even in a shady part of town. I'd log it NA. I wish more COs would be responsible for their containers, locations, maintenance and cache pages. We need to self police to keep caching a good game.
  4. I found a cache near a homeless camp AND I've found a cache near human poo. The homeless camp one was a beautiful place and large cache but I was really scared to be there. I would log a NA if a cache is at a homeless camp. Poo is gross and I'd mention it in my log, and I did. But I wouldnt log a NA because of it only. COs should be aware and responsible. If they know there is a homeless camp nearby they have an obligation to disclose that on their cache page.
  5. It is right next to the gate, touching it. On the ground. Under the light that is attached to the gate. You can reach inside the gate to get the cache. I happened to go to the front gate because that's what my GPS said! I assumed the gate keeper knee and the CO had permission. Like I said, security or residents will probably become aware of it at some point.
  6. Wild hogs always scare me! Have run into bob cats, snakes, alligators. Sorry to say that I was most frightened by a few people I saw out in the wilderness. A hunter creeped me out badly once.
  7. Some luxury items in my pack: Book Peppermint Oil Phone
  8. Na, where the cache is you can see the golf course. The house are along the course. Cars were coming in the gate that the cache is looted at. I wouldn't be surprised if I got reported for rummaging around! Like said Google Maps is showing the cache away from the gate. That's not accurate. It's inside the gate, on community property. Will be interesting to see what happens! I betting a security cart will notice people there and go investigate. Then a bunch of DNFs to follow. Just a guess. But it's definitely within the golf course community. And it is all private. I'm surprised I got in.
  9. The entrance I came in was The main one, at the front. I used turn by turn directions to get me there. That gate was attended by a guard. However, the reviewer told me that after looking at Google Maps you can take another, smaller road, to the side of the community. Now, that road leads to another gate, at the side of the community. This is the gate where the cache is. That gate is also locked but no guard. Cars that live there have a code to get in that way. That's where the cache is. It is next to that gate, under a light. So you can drive up that way but you'd still be poking around the gate, outside the private community. The cache itself is inside the gate but in arms reach from outside. Golf cart security drives around. This is a retirement area of Florida and gated and over 55 communities are very "close knit" or nosey.lol. This specific community is on a very nice golf course and expensive. The review is cool, and thanked me for mailing her. She will be watching the logs. At the very least, the CO needs to write in the cache page not to follow the GPS and tell seekers which back roads to use to get there. Ultimately, it will be gone because the home owners will not allow people searching around a locked gate. That's almost certain. It's just a matter of time.
  10. What phone are you using? An Android? What GPS app are you using? c:geo is the geocaching app I use To enter coordinates on c:geo Tap "Any Location" Enter Coordinates Menu Either compass or Navigate
  11. There is no way in. That gate you see is locked. You can drive up to that gate but it is golf course property, with houses inside. Google Maps seems to show the cache away from the gate. It's not, it is next to it. That gate doesn't have a keeper though. The one I went through, at the front of the community, does. Either way, I did what I think is correct.
  12. O You've done your bit. If the CO wants to 'not tell the truth' to a reviewer, there's not much more you can do. Other than a reviewer going out to find it, or the next group of finders all saying it Needs Archived... Thanks for the confirm. This is what I'm thinking too.
  13. Not sure I'll be back there. As far as I'm concerned, I emailed the reviewer with my concern and it is now out of my hands. It's enable, so ill be watching the logs. I emailed a local cacher about this cache, and he will go get it I'm sure. I just know that if I lived in a gated community I would not want suspicious activity invited there. Also, I hope it doesn't reflect poorly on geocaching there.
  14. The only reason we got in is my husband has played golf there. He said we were going to the pro shop. Usually security knows ahead of time for tee times. The gate keeper did take my drivers license. However, even if you can drive to the side of the gated community, the cache is next to a locked gate.
  15. The entire course and community is gated. There are guards at the two gates. The other gated are not watched but are locked. There is security in golf carts driving around. I know they won't allow the cache to continue. These people pay good money to feel secure. Having a bunch of people poking around the locked gate will raise flags. The cache is on the ground, under a light, next to the gate.
  16. Maybe I'm over reacting, but I am a bit put off when, as a seeker, I am put in a position to have to explain to a person of authority that what I am doing is not illegal or devious. I don't mind caches that require stealth because of muggled. But I don't like to trespass or be in places that I shouldn't be.
  17. The reviewer actually did disable it briefly. However, they emailed me explaining you can take another road, up to the gated community to get to the cache. This is what I emailed the reviewer, who is awesome. I hope she doesn't take it as disrespect. I see on Google Maps where this is true. However, I can't see how anyone will be able to find this back road to the gate if they follow their GPS as I did. Secondly, the actual cache IS for a fact on the gated golf course property. I can't imagine security will overlook people searching around a locked gate. I think the reviewer is making a poor call by enabling this cache again. It is poor placement and will damage geocaching reputation when community house owners complain, as they inevitably will.
  18. http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-eTrex-Handheld-GPS-Navigator/dp/B000PDV0CE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1311607687&sr=8-4
  19. Possible. Never thought of that but it would make the most sense. I tried to be easy going in my log, but the gate keeper was really annoyed! Another thing I didn't mention was that the cache was near another gate. There was no parking anywhere near so we pulled over onto the grass. It was too well manicured for that! We must have looked highly suspicious poking around this other locked gate! I didn't even think of that til now.
  20. Ok, good. I really don't want to scare them away from hiding! It sounds a bit mean to me and that is why I wanted some feedback. Thanks! I emailed the reviewer as well because I did not want to log a NA on a new cachers first cache.
  21. I'm not sure if I'm being too tough in my log. Opinions on log and cache? The CO joined 2 weeks ago, and has 10 finds. That's cool with me, we all start somewhere. I'm glad if there's a new cachers in town! This is their first cache, and there's quite a few thing wrong with it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=f1ad8532-a580-42a0-8742-e4fc2c82afe9 Gated community . No permission granted most likely but I don't know for certain. Cache is in a plastic candy jar in a ziplock, but is on the ground. Cache is next to a big automatic gate. The FTF prize was a packet of soy sauce and that's entirely too salty for me. Lol. Thoughts? I'm going to also email the CO.
  22. c:geo is awesome! I didn't know the den discontinued support. Works great for me.
  23. It's a great app, had it on my Tour for over a year! Enjoy! Link Your Geocache Navigator Application
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