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  1. Sioneva? Not sure what that is. Actually I just don't like artificial light indoors. Saving $ is just a bonus! Ha.
  2. Older folks, 45+ is what I've seen in my year doing this.
  3. LOL! Yes, I climbed it barefoot. Look at my toes, they're like hands. No jokes, I'm very sensitive. You can't actually see the cache holder. The nano I'm holding has a bit of velcro on it. Further up the tree (I had to stand and stretch) there is a hand carved branch with a cove and velcro for the nano to attach to. Why is there repeatedly threads exactly like this one?
  4. I would love to have more cachers write longer physical logs. Yes, that's another thread. As for swag, it doesn't usually keep me up at night. Just a personal preference; I carry hand wipes to use after handling swag. For some reason, that grosses me out but playing in the dirt does not. Hmmm.
  5. Who even knew New Jersey *had wilderness areas?! I'll have to check it out. Point Pleasant is my entire vision of NJ.
  6. Yes, agree. I am finding the favorite feature to be very helpful! That, and a little more research into the area using Google Maps. So far the highly favored caches haven't disappointed me!
  7. I hid them, but archived ones don't exist so I don't own them. There's nothing to own. I'm more interested in the number of active caches folks own. Not their total over their caching career.
  8. I would agree with that statement. I hate bad swag. I dislike all other swag excluding signature items. I really think swag makes ammo cans look junky. I usually try to just leave the biggest log book possible in my caches to take up space and leave little space to small items. I don't mind trackables, although one of my ammo cans went missing and two coins went missing with it. I feel badly about that. I like the big log books to encourage folks to write more than their names if they want. Love reading physical log books!
  9. Possibly you are correct. However, just two days ago I had a great climb up a tree in a beautiful park to grab a nano seated in a micro container. I was glad I decided to rethink my boycott of micros. I'm not sure an ammo can would remain tethered 15 feet up a tree for long! Frankly, I felt guilty for favoring a micro/nano cache! But the experience and scenery were so good! Can't Go Under It! PS: Picture not posted with cache log to avoid spoiler. I suspect that you missed more chaff that way than grist.
  10. I sucked at first too! Keep caching, keep looking. My motto is, if I look long enough I HAVE to find it...right?! Lol.
  11. "Skirt lifting...not as fun as it sounds." "Sometimes size does matter. Boycott nanos." I really did think the same thing about micros. On a recent trip though I missed some good walking in the park micros because I.excluded micros in my PQ. I regretted it and realized sterortyping all micros isn't beneficial.
  12. Thanks for the quote. Ok, I traded swag my first few geocaches. I thought it was neat. Then I realized I'm just moving trinkets from cache to cache. I never kept the swag because I don't keep anything that I don't need or use. I get rid of anything that's not useful. I have very very little of anything purely for sentimental value. Nextly (new word), I started hiding. I love hiking caches and I cache for the places it takes me and the journey. I like ammo cans because they stand up against the elements and controlled burns here in Florida. always dry inside. I filled my cans with awesome swag, trinkets for kiddies and stuff for adults. Books, DVDs, just neat useless stuff. ALL my ammo cans swag degraded into mostly trash within 2 months. Not all, some swag was ok. But literally, there was trash in almost all my caches. I have to regularly clean them out of broken toys, melted crayons, shell and rocks picked up from around the cache, food items, oh yeah and an exploded battery. I got a luggage claim ticket in my favorite cache which is an 8 mile hike! I appreciate that swag is for kids. That is cool, so I leave good swag in, clean it, and replace my caches with stuff for kids. Reluctantly though. I don't have kids and I don't particularly like kids that much. They like me and I can chill for a while...but I didn't place my caches as a toys r us for kids. I placed them so people can enjoy a hike in a nice forest or park. Lastly, swag is usually stink and moldy. I guess that's all. I used to collect signature items; then I had a drawer full of it and nothing to do with it. So I placed them in one of my caches and asked cachers to leave and trade their signature items there. I look at them, but leave them. Those are cool.
  13. Or a hide *any place that isn't special. That's what I try to avoid.
  14. Like I said above, it doesn't bother me enough to do that. I think it will be changed in the future. I only have 14 hides, 6 archived. So easy to keep track of right now.
  15. But still, it's a WalMart! If I boycott the store, I'll boycott its caches!
  16. Keep whatever names you like. It's your cache. Though, I enjoy cache names that reflect the specific cache. I like themes. The only thing that bugs me is caches name xxx#1, xxx#2. I like unique names, not numbers. Numbers freak me out.
  17. I don't have socks. That's not a bad idea, but not worth the hassle or messing of with stats. I'm sure geocaching.com will change it someday.
  18. Uh, half your hides are micros. You even have a walmart parking lot hide. Are you seriously gonna complain here? Oh, snap! Busted!
  19. Make a PQ that excludes micros. That's what I do sometimes. A lot of micros are in scenic spots though. So instead of excluding micros, and possibly missing out on a great location, I use Google Maps to scout cache locations. If I see caches in a green area or on dirt trails, I'm there no matter the size. One thing I do like about micros is that they only contain a log. I hate swag. I have ammo cans and I don't like swag in them at all. I just did a trail of micros that took me on an awesome tour of Cocoa Beach!
  20. All my geocaching buddies are old (66+) white male retirees. Their canes are good to clear cobwebs. But of course, that describes my entire town, 99%. I have one special geo buddy that is female and canadian! She's a snow bird though.
  21. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes, dorqie, I don't mind the archived ones showing in my list, just don't want them counted in my caches owned total. I'll keep an eye on any changes, Brian. Thanks for the tips. I don't own many so I can keep track easily right now.
  22. How do I get rid of my archived caches so that I see the actual total of caches I own? Right now, when I click on my geocacher it totals all, including archived. Thanks!
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