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  1. This entire thread is so interesting, I read it twice! Geocaching Growth. I think it disproved your assertion that geocaching was killed!
  2. I doubt it. There is a hider in my town that makes many of his caches PMO. Probably there aren't 2000 in Florida. Isn't creating a PQ for PMs only? That's really why I'm going to load up my GPS soon. And it has a memory card so I think it'll hold more than 2000. Then I'm set for years!
  3. I wish I had a written out script I could read when I'm "caught" caching. I get really flustered and stammer out some poor explanation of geocaching that probably makes it sound highly illegal or devious. But I get so startled by people because I'm searching hard and concentrating. Plus, I don't explain things coherently.
  4. No, no. You're fine and I appreciate hearing others points of views. It's a good way to learn. Yes, the thread is getting too personal for me. Definitely no hard feelings, and I enjoy your posts in this, and other, threads. I just cannot add any more here that is constructive. I've said all I can from my experiences. I do see, and agree, with what you said about choice. You are totally right. I could cut a lawn or similar if it was important enough to me. I like discussing and debating alot! I just know I'm sensitive to some things, so need to end discussion when it's too personal or painful. Besides, I have a month left as a PM and I intend to load up my GPS with 2000 PM caches one last time! Lol
  5. You have to drive slower, and accelerate evenly to get better gas mileage. I think you missed the joke. The condescending remarks were those that called others snobs and elitists for being able to afford $30 a year on a membership. The others were simply responses to that attitude. On the grand scheme of things, if you're a geocacher and you're here using this site and here in these forums, and you say you can't afford premium membership because of your financial situation, I believe your priorities are out of whack.. or, you just may be cheap. Ok, thanks for the advice. I'll take it into consideration. Have a good one.
  6. You have to drive slower, and accelerate evenly to get better gas mileage. I think you missed the joke. The condescending remarks were those that called others snobs and elitists for being able to afford $30 a year on a membership. The others were simply responses to that attitude. Whoops. I miss jokes often! I still don't get it but will lol anyway!
  7. @TheAlabamaRambler, That makes sense, what you wrote about choices, and you're right. It is a choice. A wise one for me. So I'll have to agree with you. I'll leave this thread as I don't want to continuing discussing costs. You don't know my reasons or circumstances for going to PA. They were not pleasant, did not end up pleasant but I did get a few caches there. And that's why I absolutely love geocaching! It is important in my life, and I'm glad the site is available to all! I don't think anyone is a snob, and I'll continue caching as a PM or BM. No giggling at BM. Have a good one, Bama. Peace out!
  8. That's a question for the OP. Have they been back?
  9. I agree with all your points except the affordability. A homeless man may be able to raise the funds, but he would need to spend it on food. That's a necessity. I guess you are right though. I choose to buy food (which is a flexible bill) pay rent, pay bills with due dates rather than on entertainment. When you see it as either you eat, or have the ability to find a PM, it doesn't really feel like a choice. I don't agree with the OP. I don't see PMO caches as snobery at all. As discussed in another thread, most cachers are middle class and have no problem affording the PM fee. Just not all
  10. Thanks, fizzy! Really interesting thread.
  11. I agree that the repetitive threads do get exhausting! I've seem many of these before. And believe me, I have concerns much greater than having a geocaching PM. However, sitting and being "concerned" doesn't really help the situation, I've found. I have never complained about it though, because is isn't a big deal. I would be bummed if using the site included costs, but it doesn't! So really it is free.
  12. That's pretty funny. I just start looking. Sometimes it annoys them enough that they leave. Sometimes it provokes questioning. Guess I need some tips on how to scare mugglers!
  13. H yes. Now THAT would be great. At one time it seemed like that was gonna be the way it was gonna go. But that lasted for about 10 minutes. I don't think we are gonna see it happen any time soon. This is an awesome idea! You're right. There are plenty or caches here highly favored that aren't my thing. They were great caches, but many people enjoy evil caches and I don't so much. I hope this goes through.
  14. How did the term "muggle" come to be for non-geocaching peeps There's been tons of threads about this term, and others. Some use muggle, some mugglers, others plunderers. Muggler is popular inbmy town. I use all three depending on the log, and I don't use them often. I don't know anything about Harry Potter, except that I didn't like the first movie so I tend to use muggler to stay away from any HP references. As for the posters, they're nicely done and a good idea. I wouldn't advertise geocaching willy nilly, but I'd probably put one up at the library or YMCA or some place I liked. Also, when you are new and have under a certain amount of finds, be prepared to get treated poorly on these forums if you speak up too much. The same happened to me, and it's a pattern that's been repeated here over the past year. This forum doesn't represent the real world of geocaching. Keep that in mind. We all mostly are unfamiliar with each other, and forums are for discussion, debate and opinion. It gets rough here at times. I've never met a geocacher in real life that was unkind to me, as a newbie or now. I'll probably get a bit of a flame now telling me I AM still a newbie! Keep up with your enthusiasm for the game, and have fun! There are lots of great experiences to be had caching. Much beyond what you'd expect.
  15. You have to drive slower, and accelerate evenly to get better gas mileage. In any case, I did reduce my driving significantly. You can see in my stats that I recently went 34 days (around that) without caching, for this very reason. I drive to work and home. I did have to drive a long distance to visit family last week. I'm not making excuses for people who complain about Premium Membership. Having a PM has a ton of awesome benefits! I don't even care if COs make their caches PMO. That's not in my control. Besides, they are missing out on my pictures and good logs. There's plenty of non PM caches. I'm just trying to say that not everyone can afford one. I am budgeted so closely that I simply cannot. And I'm smart enough to accept that. It seems like a small cost, and is IS. However all those small costs add up and it's best to live within your needs. Making light of someones financial situation isn't necessary, nor is lecturing them about how they could afford it or telling them to stop whining. Life gets pretty sad when you're just trying to survive. Caching is a nice escape from that, and is mostly free. I have detailed spreadsheet of all my expenses and outgoing. It's just a fact that you have to make cuts in your wants here and there to get by sometimes. I'm confident no one can look at my finances and find any wiggle room. I'm great with money! Geocaching is great because it IS free. I do support Premium Membership to help the cost of the site. I just get annoyed at the condescending remarks made here about being cheap.
  16. That makes sense. Yes. Still, I'd like some separation and classification.
  17. True, I want to stay in the green so I changed the instructions. I don't get it. Advertising what?
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