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  1. I found another way to get PQs loaded onto my GPS using my phones internet. I can create a PQ using my phone and download the PQ onto the memory card. Then connect my phone to a computer in mass storage mode and unzip and drop and drag into Garmin from there. It's faster than switching out memory cards.
  2. That's a neat way to discover geocaching! Was it a large container? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCK1GE
  3. Yes, you can give it up for adoption and I recommend that you do. I live in a vacation town and there are caches that were left by tourists that fall into disrepair. I log a Needs Archived if a cache description says they left it on vacation. The local cachers have enough of our own caches to maintain. Hiding a cache while on vacation is against the geocaching guidelines.
  4. I miss it too! Logs mean more to me than numbers. Way more. So I'd like to see others counts as well as my own. I voted!
  5. Ammo cans for $7.99 Lock N Locks for $1.99 Space Coast Geocaching Store This store is awesome, go there! It's the ONLY geocaching store that I know of. An actual store that you walk into to. They have tons of containers, coins, stickers, logs, walking sticks, ammo cans. SCGA Geostore
  6. I agree with Brian's post completely. Concur with the shhh in August movement. Geocaching is growing fast enough just through word of mouth. Search for Fizzy's thread and you'll be convinced. We don't need it to before mainstream. That would take a lot of the fun away. That geocaching advertisement is burning my eyes, dear god!
  7. Go to a log you made( Found, Did Not Find) and select upload picture. That picture will be attached to the log, displayed on that cache page, and ALSO added to your gallery. Now, I have a few pictures that would be spoilers to hard caches. For those pictures, I find an archived event cache I attendees and attach the picture to that log. That way the picture still gets to my gallery, but does not appear on the cache page with my found log as a give away.
  8. Every one present can log the find. You can also create a team account and log it as a team
  9. My longest slump according to my stats is 36 days. Didn't seem like that long.
  10. Technically, aren't all guardrail and lamp post hides on private properly without permission? We let that go.
  11. If it has been quietly active for 6 years, causing no harm, alarm or anger, I would have logged it and left it.
  12. To clarify, I placed one Munzee in a cache I've had for a year. I deployed and listed the Munzee on their site, not geocaching. I make no mention of a Munzee in my cache page here, and I won't. Each game has their site.
  13. Yes, all mine are inside plastic tightly. One is in a cache and I named it Munzee Hybrid. The appeal to me is the use of the smartphone to quickly capture a Munzee. I'm not very competitive so I am hoping Munzees will be in neat places.
  14. Oohh, that reminds me actually... if we could nominate animals, I'd nominate these guys I came across on the 8th: A cute train of momma skunk followed by several (I think 3) baby skunks. This is adorable. And skunk smell isn't that bad.
  15. Just deployed my first 3 Munzees! Just deployed my first 3 Munzees. I see a fatal flaw in the game though, and it's at its core. Smartphone usually take pretty crappy GPS coordinates. At times my Android is right on, but other times it is 60 feet off. And the time are random. I deployed my Munzees using the Android app, but when I was finished I used a GPS to get more accurate coordinates. But how many smartphone users even have a GPS? How many are going to take the time to refine their coords? It seems you need to have the Munzee almost in plain site if you're deploying using smartphone coords only. It's a neat idea, and I love qr code stuff. Seems like letterboxing is old school, Munzee is new age, and geocaching is in the middle. I can see Munzee having issues with bits of soggy paper as litter. We will see.
  16. Hi Ashnikes. I see you're up to your old tricks again. Now your hacking into the knowschad account? I think Piddlepuss handled herself exceptionally well, and considering what she went through, probably would be eligible for an imaginary "muggle of the month" award. Good example. Any others? What ever happened to Ashnikes? I remember his forum postings, and I even found a few of his caches in Cocoa. They weren't bad. I nominate WanderingWoodsman as muggle of the month for getting an older, awesome cache archived according to this thread.
  17. I think being a reviewer would be a bit stressful at times. They have to interact with cachers, new and veteran, and make sure all guidelines are followed. I have had great experiences with my local reviewer, and had to correct issues before my caches were published. She knows her stuff and provides awesome feedback and advice. Don't take it as a lecture but as the reviewer doing their job and informing you of the rules. There's no reason to get angry or say unkind words to anyone. Yes, it can be frustrating trying to get a cache published. But after a few you'll get to understand the guidelines, and get to know your reviewer. It's team work to get a cache published. As Palmetto stated, the reviewer probably doesn't hold any grudge as they deal with so many cachers. I'm sure even Palmetto doesn't remember rejecting my first cache (with good reason)!
  18. Can't you get turn by turn direction from your current location (your house) to the cache site on either your handheld GPS, your cell phone, or your dedicated driving GPS? I learned a long time ago, very quickly, what the term As The Crow Flies means. Now, especially when doing hiking caches, I take a look at Google Maps so I can see what trails I have to take to get to the cache. Same applies for what roads. But I use Google Navigation turn by turn on my phone to get to the cache location and it gives mileage and time to destination. Figuring out how to get to the cache starting location is half the fun sometimes.
  19. Thanks guys. I'll give that suggestion a try in the AM! Would be great to not have to find computer internet access.
  20. I said "PQs equaling 2000." That would be four PQs, 500 each. Not too difficult.
  21. Can I put the caches in the root of the SD or Garmin/GPX using Astro?
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