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  1. I'm hoping to find an unused train ticket out west. Best swag ever.
  2. Actually, due to my clever mistype, I'm now calling all jeeks "keels". Your five minutes of fame are up! I'll be hiding a keel tomorrow.
  3. i do. I say I won't call it a keel. Case closed.
  4. Or a teenager. They can be obnoxious too. Ban all swag!
  5. I don't hate it, I just think it's stupid. It's like the folks who get tattoos and face jewelry, it just screams out "Hey look at me I'm a freak who doesn't care what you think, so pay attention to me." Yeah, same thing. Ho hum. Nothing to hate, just feel sorry for them and move on. 300 meters up from the road and it's a T5? 300 meters? Try over 1060 meters from the road on the only accessible route where the last 400 meters horizontal ascends 500 meters vertically, all on talus slope. Try it sometime. :blink: I'd love to, but my current health conditions prohibit it. I've looked at the peak on Google Earth as well as some terrain and topo maps. It is no joke. As far as the word. It was no surprise to learn that it was created by a child who couldn't pronounce the real word. Kind of like ba-scetti and meatballs. If I suddenly started using that phrase and actively encouraged other adults to do so as well, I would expect to be looked at rather oddly. I'm not sure why you are so surprised by the resistance you are getting for trying to get grown men to talk like babies. +1 and +2 to these guys. Ugh. I already don't like the term muggle. Don't make me sound like a complete doofus please! Otherwise I'm going old school and am going to plunder your geo stashes.
  6. Yup, this happened to me too. I placed a traditional cache after searching if there were any other caches nearby. None showed. However, the reviewer informed me that the final to a puzzle was nearby and I couldn't place my cache there. Are you sure it wasn't a puzzle, mystery or stage of a multi that your cache is too near?
  7. +1! I'm not into levels, competition, points at all. The only thing that drew me in was the scanning of QR phones. I'm a smartphone geek, love them. Also, as you said, I deployed 3 because there are none in my area and I thought it would be neat to have the first ones. I called them Englewood's First Munzee. I would like a way to scan geocaches to log hut not sure is that's possible.
  8. Oh, I never knew some carriers would limit the tethering, I thought that was an Apple thing. Guess I got lucky then, cause I'm free to use it Yeah. Tether is another monthly fee. Expensive too.
  9. Awww! He looks well taken care of. That's great.
  10. Yup. Of course their site lets you "fine-tune" the coordinates on a google maps applet...... I actually did refine my Munzee coordinates after I deployed. I used my GPS to get the coordinates. But, then I may as well just geocache instead!
  11. Lol! I thank you for offering help anyway. And I like seeing the bird.
  12. Another option is to hide caches you like seeking to encourage others to follow suit. If you hide a scuba cache and others find it, they may also hide scuba caches. I did that in my town with longer hiking caches. I hid in a forest that had one archived cache. Now, other hider have planted more hiking ones in the same forest.
  13. Can't you just download the PQs on the computer and save all that trouble? Even if that computer doesn't have internet: use the phone's internet on the computer. I'd have to either pay VZW $30/month to tether, or get a tethering app for free and hope VZW doesn't catch me tethering free. I have tried EasyTether and it works well. But I don't want to use so much data on my phone that my account is flagged for data throttling.
  14. There are also many snorkel caches. There are caches of every difficulty available if you search. It's up to the cache seeker to decide what level of difficulty they wish to hunt.
  15. Scuba caches More Scuba caches. Underwater caches Snorkeling and shallow underwater caches Next I'll run a PQ. I'm using Google for this search.
  16. Searching "scuba" won't yield many results. I believe you are searching cache names, which don't always include scuba in the name. Cache pages have what are called attributes, and one includes diving gear required I believe. You need to be a PM I think to search by attribute. That will give you the results you want. I might notice more snorkel and diving caches because I live in Florida. I'll do a search for you. Give me a minute though because I don't own a computer. In the meantime, have you checked out this site?
  17. I live in WA so I can't help you with your local caches, but this cache is fairly close to the coordinates you listed: GC20KBB http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=37d21e82-027e-49d2-b472-128c912415f1. I recommend contacting this cache owner directly and they may be able to help you get started. This is the link to their caching page: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=90a582cf-e27e-4391-bae3-a665d052c626&wid=37d21e82-027e-49d2-b472-128c912415f1&ds=2 I hope that helps. Congrats on finding a cache! Caching on land is a lot of fun too Thanks for the info, however wreck alley itself is the name of a dive site about 2 miles off the coast of San Diego (little south and little west of the location I found this cache at). From reading the description it also appears as though it is a "surface cache", not underwater. I bet caching on land is fun. However most of the ones I have researched around here are on the top of hills/mountains/bluffs etc. I am not all too cool with all that hiking and humping and everything anymore. When I was younger and in better shape and on active duty that was one thing however... No it was a smallish pelican case approximately 4"x6"x2" Cant actually see the pants on fire cache as it is premium only. No offense but I kinda wanna do DiveCaching because I like to get wet and like to dive. I am not a big hiker or backpaker (see response above). I wouldn't mind paying for a membership if there were more/an easier way to find underwater caches. However it appears that this niche is not currently being served by anyone including this site. There's actually quite a few diving and underwater caches! You just have to know how to search for them. There's even one in my small town
  18. I know there are several threads about this already, but I have now decided (as of 10 minutes ago) that I like when finders have one of these tags added to their log. But I guess that is the key; ADDED. If that is the whole log, it is very lame. I think it is cool to know that the finder logged from ground zero using their phone. It is also nice to see other technocrats (refference: Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon) who log from mobile devices at GZ like me. I like that people use these informational tags as well. It helps me understand why the coordinates of their newly placed cache are 60-100' off. Some of us use the smartphone to log and/or search for caches. It doesn't necessarily mean we used them to hide our caches.
  19. I'm into smartphones so I also like to know what phones and apps are being used. If someone state what GPS thy user, I'd like that too! Also, leave stats like how long it took you to home to, and find, the cache. When I had my BlackBerry I use Geocacher Navigator ($9.99, one time fee). I have an Android now but mostly use my Garmin GPS. However I log EVERY cache from the field, the cache site using c:geo. I love, after find the cache, taking pics, sitting down and composing my log in the fresh air. Nothing better. It keeps me outdoors longer, makes my logs more detailed because they're fresh in my mind. Nothing better to me! If anyone reading this finds my caches, tell me what equipment you're using in the logs!
  20. To quote the great Henry Rollins...."Tattoos are a road map of your life" And to quote Jimmy Buffett they are, "A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling." I love this quote! Perfect. It doesn't judge tats but is the truth about them. Great.
  21. He's so cute! Much like me. Minus the hat.
  22. Question: If a cache, such as a tree climbing cache, requires tools of the trade, doesn't that automatically make the terrain a 5? If it requires a ladder for ropes? That's what I thought.
  23. I'll check my cache logs for you, Jim. By the way, I hid some Munzees around town! Go find them! Munzee
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