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  1. Do it like favorites. For every 50 caches you find, you can hide 1. Also, you cannot hide a new cache if any of your current caches require maintenance.
  2. Technically, it's not cheating. Those folks just have a different definition of "Found It" than we do. After all, if they can point it out, they have "found" it... sorta. I took part in a CITO at an island on the Space Coast a while back. Capaldo (or was it Rogue23?) has a cache way up in a tree on the island. With my boogered up knee, I couldn't make the first step. It required lifting your foot up past your belt. Everything past that point was pretty easy. I just couldn't make the first step. Eventually, some kind hearted soul climbed up and passed the cache down to me. I signed the log, passed it back up the tree and logged it as a note. The owner emailed me, saying I should log a find on it, but it just didn't feel like one. He had created a very specific challenge for the cache, and I didn't meet that challenge. Other people who didn't make the climb logged it as a find. I don't consider them cheaters. Apparently, neither does the owner. Techically, it IS cheating. Of course, a cache owner could allow smilies for "finds" even if the finder never got within a mile of the cache, that's his right. But if you don't SIGN THE LOGBOOK, it ain't a find...at least according to the guidelines as published by Groundspeak. He *did sign the logbook. They just passed it down to him. On a similar find, I went caching with a team. Whoever found the cache would write all names on the log. We all had separate accounts and names. One cache was spotted way up in a tree. One person went up and got it and signed all our names as usual. I logged it as a find. Do you expect every person present to take turns climbing the tree to be able to log as found? I don't. I could have climbed the tree as well, but another person did instead.
  3. Woah!!!! Come on now, think what you are saying. Equals?! You value the life and well being of a dog the same as a human child?! Anyway I have a dog and think the world of him. He is a companion as well as a pet. He runs free when the occasion permits and is kept on a leash when he might cause inconvenience. He is normally totally harmless and trustworthy and loves playing with children. BUT I always keep a very close eye on him in such circumstances. And when we are with people, many of whom do not like dogs I keep him on a close leash. I don't have the right to impose my love of dogs on others. I have never been attacked by a dog but believe me, dog lover or not, if I was in danger I would take EVERY measure to protect myself, my wife or, yes, my own dog. I have nothing but contempt for those who fail to control their dogs and are blinded to the possibility of everyone not loving their pooch as much as they do. Oh yes, I always bag up my dog's mess and carry it with me until I find a suitable bin! Yes. I don't think animals should be kept as pets for the most part. I disagree with breeding animals. Especially dogs such as pitbulls and other aggressive dogs. They are dangerous animals. But, people do have pets, and thy should mind and care for them. It's not the dogs fault it attacks. That's its instinct. It's the owners fault. Whack the owner, not the dog. Your description of hitting the dog seems to me like you used excessive force. That's my opinion.
  4. I thought the folks that think geocaching is ruining the environment bought PMs to steal caches? I think my missing caches were taken by non cachers anyway.
  5. We probably won't come to an agreement. I don't rank humans way higher than dogs. I see us as equals, and since it is people who choose to keep animals as pets, I hold people responsible more than poepl to protect and care for their pets. I'm glad you and the dogs weren't harmed. Have a good one
  6. Thanks for calling me stupid. That's classy. I didn't exaggerate your story. I'm going by what you posted. Do you think the dog could have caused you as much damage as you did to it? Seems to me you could have used less force. I've had dogs charge at me, I'm very afraid of them. I've never hurt one as you did.
  7. I would like to note that you took my statement out of context. I would never use jeeks or keels. Both are not needed, and slightly ridiculous. We've got an out of context thread over there in OT. I suppose you're going to want to sluff this post off on us now too. :P I will check that out! I wonder what the OPs agenda is? Is Jeek maybe some sort of cult?
  8. Oh sure. Go sluff it off on us OT people. Sure. Give them the threads about to be locked. Yeah. Give them all the pointless threads. Yeah. Thanks. and happy birthday to you too. LOL! OT= the lunatics are in the hall...
  9. I would like to note that you took my statement out of context. I would never use jeeks or keels. Both are not needed, and slightly ridiculous.
  10. That was thanks to me and my Android phones auto correct. Lol. Keels is better than jeeks but both are worse than cache. Can this thread be moved to off topic? It's kind of pointless.
  11. That's understandable. I often forget that I filter out certain types of caches.
  12. I would report you to the cops for using excessive force bordering on animal abuse. I have a fear of dogs too, slightly irrational. I would never try to kill one the way you did and do. I agree, dogs should not be pets. But thy are. It's not the dogs fault, it is the part for not being more vigilant.
  13. I think I'm accepting that my Lotus Compass coin is missing. I got it as a present.
  14. Favorite BlackBerry App: Geocache Navigator Favorite Android App: c:geo I've used both with success.
  15. Cached a bit in Cocoa and had a blast! Visited Dale And Barb's Geocaching store. Awesome gear and nice folks. Anyone near the space coast has to go see this store! I'll be hiding some 5 terrain caches this summer while canoeing with my mom. Hello from the south west coast!
  16. I love finding dollars! I leave that as am FTF too.
  17. The best swag I ever found or left (which is rare): DVDs Books (in a ziplock) Gift cards Gas cards I love geocaching homemade keychain
  18. I want to hide a tree cache but I'm afraid of this happening.
  19. This thread is a disgrace to jeekiers. I like your ET picture on your profile by the way. Is that Route 50, The Lonliest Road In America? If so, I drove that road in 1997 when I was 17 and LOVED it! So scenic.
  20. True, but so is letterboxing. And we can create Letterbox Hybrids. Is like to male one GeoMunzee Hybrid.
  21. I didn't mention Munzee in the cache I put the Munzee in. That was an existing cache that I've had for a year.
  22. Is that why you lamented about it? Because the coords were off, or because it might end up as soggy paper? LOL! Stupid auto correct! Lol. They won't get wet though. One is in an ammo can cache, one in a deacon container. That might be spelled wrong too. And for those misunderstanding me, I listed my Munzees on their site, not here. Again, not here. I named the Munzee, " Munzee Hybrid," on their site. The cache it's in is listed here as Explore Lemon Bay Park.
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