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  1. As mentioned above, it is best to get to know your equipment, and the game of geocaching before your first hide. Make sure you read and undertand the guidelines of placing a cache. It's a responsibility.
  2. I didn't say there are no female sex offenders. I said the majority are male. It's a fact. How many female rapists do you hear about? How many nuns molesting children? See a ton of porn aimed at women? Not so much. Turn on any local news station and keep track for a week, a year. Be realistic, not PC. And I'm not your "honey."
  3. If it hasn't been found in two years with a string of DNFs, go ahead and log the NA straight away. You can tell usually when a cache is gone or not being cared for. I wouldn't wait.
  4. Well kind of. But not really. I really wanted to bump this topic but couldn't think of anything, so I just wrote the first thing about adults and supervision I could think of. +1. Bumper must be experiencing teenage hormones on a Sunday night.
  5. Log a Needs Archived on the cache page. After a few months of caching I found the same thing in my town. I looked for the cache, read the logs, checked on the COs activity (lack thereof), then posted a NA if appropriate. The reviewer then archived them. Simple process. Abandoned caches are a pet peeve of mine. They're just trash if they're not being maintained.
  6. I blame my last kid on the faulty adult swag I found in a cache. Lesson learned.
  7. What kind of kayak do you use? I'm getting my first kayak in September. Looking at: http://www.wildernesssystems.com/product/index/products/recreational/recreational_pungo/pungo_120_recreational/ http://www.wildernesssystems.com/product/index/products/recreational/recreational_pamlico/pamlico_120_recreational
  8. Hiding Your First Geocache Step #3. Step 3 -Placing Your Cache Once you arrive at the location of your hide, it is critical to obtain accurate GPS coordinates. This is the very heart of the activity, after all. Be aware that during bad weather, the accuracy of the GPS unit may be poor. Some GPS units have the ability to take an average set of coordinates. If your device cannot, it is best to mark a waypoint, walk away from the location, then return and mark another waypoint. Continue marking waypoints at the location, around 7 -10 times, and then select the best waypoint. Learn How to Average a Waypoint. Once you have your waypoint, write it in permanent marker on the container and in the logbook. Make sure you have a copy to bring back with you. Write a few notes in the logbook if you like, place it in a zippered plastic bag for extra protection, and place it in the cache container.
  9. Scenery for me. Doesn't matter if the cache is then easy to find or hard. But I like a hiked paddle, climb etc in a park, forest. I now dislike all guardrail caches. I don't like caches that say stealth required.
  10. Maybe paranoia was a more correct word, however maturity does influence it. You stated that grown men (while omitting women) standing near a playground were "devious or like pervs", implying any reason I have for being there needs to be questioned and an assumption of guilt needs to be applied. Carry this to it's logical conclusion, women should not be involved in BSA nor men in GSA. While I would probably not hide in a playground, mainly because they tend to disappear quickly, there appears to be enough of them out there that there are some who feel there is a very valid reason for hiding them there. Like I said, if the playground is active, I usually pass it by. However should I choose to search nearby, I have no problem explaining myself to a oversensitive individual. Don't like them, just keep walking. You misquoted me. I didn't say they were devious and pervs. I said they looked liked it. Meaning, to the parents, a single male hanging around looking at the equipment and searching the area is likely appear up to no good. That perception will raise flags and the seekers will will likely be questioned by parents or even police. That isn't the really good for geocaching reputation. Even the act of searching sometimes causes too much attention. No, it's not illegal, it just looks suspicious. I've had to explain to non cachers and the police (twice) what caching is. Yes, I ommited women. Men are almost always the perpetrator of child molestation, rape and sex crimes. Not 100%, but probably 99%. Again, that's not sexist, it is the truth. If one has kids, that's different. But we cant make cages for specific folks. There are other, safer, and more appropriate places to hide than a playground. I just think hiding in one is inconsiderate. It's consideration for the parents and the kids. Give them their space.
  11. There aren't many reason a grown, single man would be hanging around a playground. If they weren't caching, what would you think? These parents don't know you're caching. It's a place for children, not grown men to be lurking around. We don't live in a fairy tale world. Kids are taken, molested; there are offenders. To think parents wont be wary of a man sniffing around the equipment is ridiculous. Why even give the parents a reason to ne even a little nervous? Would you be ok with a man hanging around a playground where your kids are playing? If he was searching all around and wasn't caching. Heck, I've been stopped by the police for searching in the woods. It has little to do with maturity. It's about reality. There's no good reason to hide where kids are playing.
  12. Wow, some really good advice! Thanks guys! I recently got stung by a wasp replacing a lock and lock. I'm not allergic so it's not a big deal. It hurts for a little and swells, but didn't stop my caching at all. Being allergic is another story. Then be very carful and carry whatever it is those with allergic reactions carry. Otherwise, suck it up and cache through it!
  13. Since I'm female I can look for playground hides with no issues. Grown men look devious or like pervs. I would not hide near a playground. It's not fair to parents, children or cachers. I'd just mention it in my log and let other finder's decide if they want to try it. I've found caches in creepy places, I've aborted searches because of feeling threatened, and noted both in my logs.
  14. Here's one on private property that the CO customized the way they wanted. South Venice Treasure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9495eFsEqI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  15. That's what I'll have to do. I have an idea for a virtual and I got the coordinates and made the cache page today. It's ready to be published except that I don't yet know the guidelines!
  16. How long til your caches degrade, and do you refill with the same quality swag? Once my cache contents degrade, I usually put less stuff in, if any. I clean it out.
  17. I'm so confused about the new virtual policy. I've read through the first 10 pages here. Would I be able to place a virtual cache at the beach? I have a specific idea.
  18. I have an easy golf ball hide, and used the first container pictured inside a golf ball. I actually bought the entire cache pre made at the space coast geocaching store. It's stayed dry inside, and the log is almost full and still in good condition. Not a clever hide, but I placed it on a golf course and folks seems to like it. It has a nice view. Don't Let The Bogey-Man Find You
  19. Headed out to Alien Coffee, a high T and D cache. Quite an adventure for my mom and me! Finding the cache was difficult enough, but we then fell out of our canoe in Stump Pass and had to be rescued!
  20. This is totally inappropriate! Please email me the nominees pics! Knowschad first.
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