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  1. My goal is to do the route 66 trail walking. Anyone else in?
  2. That's one of my favorite movies! Also, I really didn't watch Lost Season 6 yet. Thanks a lot!
  3. If a log Is rude or offensive, I will delete It. They can take it up with Groundspeak. I haven't had that happen though, or anything close. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=204
  4. I enjoy high terrain caches. I've done Kayaking, canoe, tree climbing, wading, hiking. All were fun.
  5. All my caches have permission, and all but two have permits. I found it easy to get permissions. After finding the proper contact, I use this letter written by Brian. I've had great success with it! I start with the email letter. My Lemon Bay Park hides required phone call as well. briansnat permission letter My local reviewer, Palmetto, helped me find who to contact. She's awesome. Good luck!
  6. How do you know that most caches there are abandoned if you've only found one cache? I suspect it's not that they're gone, but that Google Maps is leading you astray. As Ambient Skater mentioned, the iPhone and BlackBerry have geocaching apps. Android does too. Keep searching! You'll find some!
  7. Knowschad, you understood me fine. I'm trying to get a mod to delete my posts.
  8. Like I stated over and over...I'm talking about parents perceptions. I'm talking about our reputation as Geocachers. I'm not one to say anyone looks suspicious to me. I look suspicious often because I like to walk and look at things, sometimes closely. Or look at the clouds. I seem suspicious and probably crazy. I'm deleting my posts in this thread because it's not worth the trouble of trying to defend my point of view, and being flamed, especially by t4e. Hide on playground equipment and enjoy. I don't enjoy being questioned by parents, police and searching in playgrounds is an invitation for that.
  9. Blkeyedsuzy and Redfishjon's Crazy Beach Cache
  10. I made my challenge/virtual 528 feet away from a traditional just in case. I hope we can submit them soon.
  11. I will have to research that way of loading the kayak, thanks! I did consider a SOT kayak, but I'm leaning towards a sit in for a few reasons. I want to be able to use a spray skirt and have dry storage. I'd like to be able to take it into slightly rough water with no issues. I'm looking at 12 for ones. I am now on paddling.net and getting more info. I did a few canoe/kayak caches and it was really fun. Enjoy your outing!
  12. Well that's good to know. I have 2 cache pages saved with the write up and coordinates. I won't do any more work on them.
  13. Oh, snap I didn't know you couldn't use one type of kayak on certain types of water. I do want to be able to paddle in the ocean and be able to navigate over wakes and some waves. But need one for flat water and tight turns in the mangroves. I'll check that site out. So, a touring kayak is the most versatile? I have a canoe and I've had it in choppy water and it held up ok. It did get rougher and clit my com and me overboard. I thought it was because we were sitting up too tall. The canoe is also so heavy, big to transport and sometimes I just want to paddle alone.
  14. I really want one of these! Someday I will.
  15. I'll ask about the demos at my local place, thanks!
  16. Generally, I'm not too interested in searching at a school. For the same reason I avoid Stealth Required caches. I don't enjoy being watched. I found one cache, at a school for The deaf and blind and it was pretty good. The cache page made it clear that it was hidden with permission. I did that one in the summer to avoid school kids. I won't go for another school cache again.
  17. I suggested a bushwhacking and/or off trail attribute a while ago but it went nowhere. I still like the idea. Not all bushwhacking harms the environment either, and I enjoy going off trail and bushwhacking at times. Having said that, all my caches are right off the established trails because I like more to have a long hike than to fight my way through palmettos. I don't think bushwhacking say in Myakka Forest here is bad or harmful at all. The entire area undergoes controlled burns and that is much more destructive (in a good, helpful way). I don't think there are any guidelines against bushwhacking.
  18. This is one reason why I skip most Stealth Required caches. I so wish virtual would come back!
  19. There is a way to be honest, offer constructive criticism without being nasty. I would delete any mean spirted log. Heck, I think guardrail hides are plain dumb, boring, unsafe, lame. I don't hunt those anymore. When I did while I wad exploring number runs early on, I wasn't nasty in my logs. I said somethings like, " this guardrail wasn't as dusty...almost got run over hunting this one." Told the truth but I would never log a mean one. Life is too short to waste time insulting strangers. It's crude and pointless imo. I know a lot of people are so proud that they "tell it like it is." It takes more wisdom, insight and compassion to remain kind and respectful. Why upset someone over a cache you didn't like? Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they're slow, maybe they're cat died there and it's a memorial. Who knows.
  20. Thanks for the reply, Brian.. Yes, I have been on the Wilderness System site reading. I don't quite understand the difference between recreational and touring. I'll ne using it in the sea and also the mangroves and canals. I want to be able to pack gear and camp like you say. That one seems good. I think I could get away with the one above it (12 feet) because of my weight. Is that right? I need to be able to lift it by myself and put on top of my car. Can you also use your kayak for class 1 or 2 whitewater? Or is it only for sea? Can you lift yours easily?
  21. I'm not sweet. Back OT. I found one playground cache. It was totally abandoned so I felt ok searching for it. I wouldn't have if there were kids around, even though I don't think I seem threatening. Because, you never know how you look through other people's eyes sometimes. That's all.
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