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  1. lol, funny story! Thanks. Cows are vegetarian so they won't try to eat you. I do think they know you eat them though. Since I'm vegan, cow love me and let me cache near them without issues. I'm in with da cows. Cows are awesome creatures.
  2. I enjoy long distance hiking multis. I did a difficult one with waypoint protection and a good hike loved it. As for cache names, I prefer unique names, not numbered caches. Makes it more memorable and thought out. In the end, both are the COs choice.
  3. I found a full, intact, bag of groceries near GZ once. The next hunter said it was still there. I thought it was very strange! http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/cab683d6-3557-4307-816c-e46d7ae9113b.jpg
  4. I havea Swiss Army knife. I use the corkscrew opener on it a lot.
  5. 36 days. I don't have the need to cache constantly.
  6. I like the idea and I'd put the SD card in my phone without worrying.
  7. The original post creeps me out. Orange alert in effect for Philly.
  8. I haven't found any creative ones so far. I only go for a LPC if I'm out shopping and really bored. Then I'm happy one's available.
  9. Probably because it isn't usually grown in trees. At least I know now
  10. I know who you are! Great videos!
  11. I tried. I clean it out, and washed the mold and growing fungus. Logged a NM. The CO didn't respond so logged a NA. I hid 4 other caches in that park.
  12. I was raised differently. I never thought breasts were gross or sex was dirty. I found my dads stash of playboys when I was 10. I didn't find it gross, or a turn on. It was a body. Though I got told to stop snoopping! I guess my parents were more scientific and less the type to baby talk little kids. I don't think a condom is good swag either. However, I'd be thrilled if I found a first aid kit in one! Since I don't have kids, I probably lack that need to want to shelter them.
  13. I see it as more of a theme than an agenda.
  14. The radioactive one seems made up. Neat description though. Not sure I get the whole liar cache thing though. Isn't rating your cache, and receiving a 5/5 for finding a liar cache skewing your actual ratings?
  15. Here's some good swag gone bad in my town. When first started caching, there were a number of caches like this placed by COs who are no longer active.
  16. Wow. I'm glad my parents talked to me about safe sex! I don't have kids now thanks to them! Lol. I can't imagine what parents find obscene about birth control...
  17. When I did trade items I never considered kids. I left adult items (not condoms, though condoms are a good message to send to kids). I don't like kids so I don't buy toys for them unless it's my cache. Even then, I have no idea what they like these days. Smurfs and carebears, still? Why is swag so important? Weren't the items originally left in the first stash like, beans and a knife? We are far from those days and I don't see any point in swag anymore. Bah humbug.
  18. Interesting cache page and logs. What's the deal with that cache? Is it real or one of those liar caches I've heard about?
  19. Come to southwest Florida! We have beautiful hiking and Kayaking caches!
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