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  1. OP, what did you do? Fess up. There's got to be more to the story than just what's on your profile.


    As per your profile, I can't say I'm offended by it, but rather, perplexed. Why put negativity like that on your profile? I can't see the benefit.


    I tell you there is no more story to it, I never had any issues with any geocacher.


    But the motivation behind my profile was that I always see other people making FTF's and boastfully proclaiming in their logs that they "signed the fresh/blank log" or "found at 6:00am". And IMO saying such things is way worst than what I said in my profile because geocaching isn't about making FTF's.


    To some people geocahing IS about the FTF. So what?


    I have gone for FTF for the experience but I am over that.


    However, I have an awesome cache in a state park that I left two $25 Chili gift cards in (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=85cc48a7-fdb6-4c43-8b07-cf4bcff837a9) Now tell me that isn't a worth FTF? You know you'd be beating down the bushes for that one hotshot! lol

  2. Wow, interesting story!


    I used to get lost a lot when I cached with my phone. Even with google maps, I was so far off trail sometimes that it was no help.


    Now that I use a handheld GPS I never get lost because of the backtrack feature. It is always on, recording my trail at small intervals. Thank god for it! I used it many times to keep me in thje right direction both in the woods and in the water doing kayak caches.


    I can read a road map fine but my sense of direction is just not too swift. So I use a GPS when driving too. I have had both my handheld GPS and my phone GPS take me longer or unsual ways...but I have to say they have always got me to my destination. I trust them mostly.

  3. To be honest I don't try to be sneaky. I used to try and I just can't. I'm looking and searching and I get so involved that I cannot look casual. People sometimes ask what I'm doing and I explain geocaching. Others ignore me. Don't know what they think. Probably that I'm looking for a hidden drug stash. That's what I always think they're thinking.


    I'm not a fan of urban hides to begin with but I like a quick cache once in a while. If it gets muggled I think that's just the risk the CO takes when hiding in a high traffic area.


    Just like the risk of my caches getting burned up in a controlled burn or eaten by a boar. I know the area and what could happen.

  4. I gave a Premium Membership out once to a pretty barefoot girl in a tree. But I'm a sucker for pretty barefoot female treeclimbers.


    Where were you this year?! I would have taken the sandals off for another premium! Ha I wish I would have seen this sooner. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when a gift membership arrives.

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