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  1. whilst tending bar at our local taveren i was told that i served quite well..
  2. oh well..it,ll all just be a moldy bunch of goo in a year or so anyways ..
  3. i can vouch for Ben Clingston , our local mall gard.. if you mess with him he,ll throw his car keys at you ..
  4. as far as hidden keys go i never understood buying some plastic thing when all you gotta do is hide your key under a real rock .
  5. the abundance of negativity by process of elemination must be from the lack of positivity .
  6. the best cache i know of is placed right behind bin,ladins bunker..placed by fellow cacher Abeeb Zansatar . i belive its somewhere near Pakistan..
  7. it,d be interesting to have a super duper wazoo membership for about 600.00 a month and put them primo members in thier place..no junkie ammo cans alowed only solid brass and no swag under ten bucks and all cache placements have to be within 2 miles of a realy nice brew pub .
  8. had no idea they were that expensive..i thought they,d be nice if someone was nervous bout going in the woods late at night with a flashlite where they,d stick out like a sore thumb..ya never know whos in the woods these days ..
  9. Anyone use these for nitetime geocaching ? seems they would be handy for woods excursions or high muggle areas if you chose to go at nite ....if so ,bout how much do they run....
  10. so if someone wanted to place a cache in the parkinglot it would be ok as long as you didnt say joes bar cache and just said bar cache ? with permission of course. though i have seen several mall caches where they posted the name of the mall .
  11. well,,if pubs/bars are not permited becauce of '' commercial '' reasons then why are there trillions of micro caches in mall parking lots ....mmmm
  12. originaly my finds too did not find ratio was very poor..but then i found out i had dyslexia and was actualy going the oppisite direction my gps said to go....
  13. has anyone ever come up with a home brew antenna for a gps ?
  14. well,,for a gps you could only peak the recieve or something that might put you closer to ground zero other than the standard unit .
  15. one of my other hobbies is ham/cb radio n scanners.almost everyone i know in the hobby peaks n tunes thier radio for more tx n rx power..theres even detailed info online how to do it yourself..has anyone ever done this to thier gps to enhance its ability to preform ?
  16. Fair to partly cloudy cacher here or kinda semi maybe..
  17. i thought this was a fair question and for all the other people who mite have concern about placing caches out in the woods .. flapjack4..esq .
  18. i know where i live its a 500.00 fine for littering and thats just for one instance..where talkin a bunch o cash for the whole country .
  19. i sappose theres tons of abandon ammo can caches out there that no one has taken over..so who would be legally responsible for these .... interesting legal question....theres gotta be alot of geo junk rotting out there in the parks n gamelands..
  20. i,d realy like to see a micro multi cache where theres 6 caches within 6 feet of each other..wouldn,t that realy bite if you couldnt find the 6,th one....
  21. be carefull if your puttin out micro caches or you will be running back every two weeks puttin in new logs.
  22. Wimsey..you made my point precisely..
  23. whats wrong with getting a sighned permission slip to put in the cache .. that way everything would be legit .
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