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  1. I think this is a great thing for your daughter to do. My daughter is in 4H, but I never thought about her using Geocaching for her presentation. I think the posters and a three ring binder would do nicely. The Geocaching web site has a nice map on the cache page. Have her go to some of the caches she has done and print the map (it shows the caches on the area she was caching in). Also, she could put some pictures of the caches she has found. In addition to that, go to the web site for the GPSr and rip some pictures of screen shots for the unit you are using. That way, the judges can see what it looks like. In the binder, she could put the printed pages from the caches she has done, along with the log she wrote for them. As far as the GPSr is concerned, she might not be allowed to use it (I mean, she can't use a computer), but she might need to show the unit to the judge.
  2. This is a cool site! I'm not sure I can see the practicality of it, though.
  3. That was Way Cool! I love the look when you zoom all the way in. But shouldn't it be green?
  4. We try to look for caches in the forest. When there is a muggle path near the cache site, we stand like the deer do and they don't usually see us. Once, when we emerged from the forest after finding a cache, my daughter said, in a loud voice, "Well, I guess we'll have to buy a new frizbee for the dog!" Uh...We were in the forest and had no dog!
  5. Remember that when it is hot, you need to drink plenty of water. Mornings are good. Evenings are good.
  6. Thanks. I didn't realize that. Much clearer now!
  7. I went to lansing Airport in Lansing IL to log AV8R. The coordinates are: N 41° 32.540 W 087° 32.330. In my log, it says that it is in Alabama. The airport IS in Illinois. At first, I thought I entered the coordinates incorrectly. But, when I put the coordinates into my MapQuest program, they are correct. What's up with that?
  8. http://home.earthlink.net/~prime.suspect/geolex/ try this web site
  9. Why not just use your postal zip code?
  10. I had this problem when I started. Do you have a PDA connected to your computer? I did and the computer couldn't find the GPSr. All I did was exit the Hotsync and that did the trick. the PDA was using the same IRQ as the GPRs!
  11. I asked this question when I first started. Here is a web site that should help! http://home.earthlink.net/~prime.suspect/geolex/
  12. I am using City Select v.6. It cost me $75 from Garmin. I love the program.
  13. I love my GPS V that I purchased on Ebay. It isn't color and it only holds 19 MB worth of maps. Look for something that has more memory, but still allows for turn-by-turn directions. I like Garmin because it doesn't take too long for it to determine if you have missed your turn. It will simply recalculate the route.
  14. I use this site to create a map: http://douweosinga.com/projects/visitedstates All you do is check the states you have cached in and it creates a map. Then, just copy the HTML Code and paste it in one of the boxes in your profile (like latest news, etc.). It adds a link to the site you used, but if you want, you can eliminate that last part of the code.
  15. I went to Ebay and paid $190 for my GPS V. I love it. I know you can get one with more memory, but it will cost you. I find that I can do just about anything with mine.
  16. I saw a cache which asked about an oversized figure made out of fiberglass. I thought I put it on my watch list, but I guess I didn't. Does anyone know what the name of the cache is? It isn't the sports one, either. Any help would be appreciated!
  17. I have a Garmin GPS V which I love. It works very well, but I know there is new firmware out there for the unit Does anyone know what happens when you upgrade the firmware? I don't want to screw anything up by changing the firmware.
  18. I haven't seen anyone suggest this, but could you simply update the firmware? I did a little looking and gound this web site: http://www.magellangps.com/en/support/software.asp You might try calling Magellan and asking them if updating the firmware would work.
  19. I have noticed that when some people post the log upon finding a cache that they use some letters like: TFTC, TNLNSL, and others. I know these wil make sense when I see the translation, but right now they are a mystery to me. Can anyone help me out?
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