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  1. Sabres lose 2-5. I guess I'm out Thanks for the the cointest.
  2. Why not leave your current cache as it is and create a similar one with your new ammo can?
  3. The Buffalo Sabres are playing game 7 of their series tonight. LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!
  4. I think you click "edit listing" on the right. Then there is a check box somewhere that enables the listing.
  5. I'm thinking about releasing a TB to raise money for a charity (probably the Humane Society of the US). I was wondering if other cachers thought it was a good idea. Is this kind of thing frowned upon? Here's how it will work: I'll make a small donation to get things started. Then I'll release the bug (I'm trying to find an animal related traveler). Cachers who log the bug will be encouraged (but not required) to make a donation via the charity's website in any amount they wish. They can then post a note or send me an email with the details of their donation and I'll keep a running total of how much the TB has raised. Of course, if you just want to move the bug along without making a donation that's fine too. Any thoughts?
  6. I second this. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC is my first and only GPSr. It works great for me.
  7. Let's try again: Apple Cherrio Carrot
  8. I'd take another too if there are extras.
  9. I need do some CITO in your area.
  10. I sent a request for an invite by email.
  11. I didn't win oh well. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the cointest.
  12. I have the Los Angeles Kings (Home). I'm open to trades. I'd like to have the Buffalo Sabres. Email me or post if you want to trade.
  13. So seed caches are ok as long as it is optional? If I place a cache that is full of ready-to-place caches and cachers can choose to take one and hide it, is that ok?
  14. Check out the World Largest Travel Bug Hotel(GC1R6A7)
  15. Cool! My first Cointest! I'll take #8.
  16. I hope my new coin doesn't get lost in the World Largest Travel Bug Hotel. Thanks mlrs1996!
  17. Thanks mlrs1996! Nice coin! I can't wait to watch it travel. If anyone else wants to watch it too here is the listing. I changed the goal and description(I put a strikeout through the old goal to preserve it). I won't delete any of the old logs. I love how geocoin logs form the story of the coin.
  18. I made a find without using my GPSr once. It was about a mile from my house in a very small park. I had forgot to print the cache listing or put the coordinates in my GPSr. I ended up being third to find. If you signed the log first, it's a FTF. Geocaches have to have coordinates but you don't have to use them to make the find.
  19. I do this too. I usually try to write at least a couple of sentences in my logs. Some of my logs are longer than others. It depends on the cache. I almost always write TFTC at the end though.
  20. I live in New York and I don't care much which coin you give me. Something Geocaching related would be great though.
  21. TFTC is Thanks For The Cache.
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