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  1. My friends and I joke that when someone writes "used stealth" in their log it is actually code for didn't use stealth
  2. easiest way to be stealthy wear a cheap construction vest no one will ever question what you are doing
  3. uniform containers would just be plain boring and there should be no need for them. you would not run into this type of situation if the property owner/manager had given permission for the hide and had knowledge of the cache location and type of container used. agreed... to me its just been a ton of times that caches were assumed to be bombs and police cant ignore the concern because what if. permission has to be a more formal policy in my mind the hardest thing for me is how to ask for it. I held back placing caches in many places because the only places I knew how to approach getting permission was my school (I know many of the public safety guys by first name) and work (my boss liked the idea).
  4. I think it would be smart if geocaching makes uniform containers...atleast for private property caches, I understand this might hurt the density of caches but that may be a good thing for those who hate lpc and gaurdrail micros. It seems to me like bomb threats because of the game are way to frequent.
  5. I am trying to find a way to combine two of my favorite online games geocaching and Humans vs Zombies (HvZ). For those of you who are unaware of HvZ here is a link with a brief overview of the rules http://humansvszombies.org/rules esentially it is a game of tag however the longer you play the more people become it and try to tag you. Here is a fun video I am not sure if non HvZ players will understand the rules as clearly as they are on the website My idea is to set up a geocaching event in New Jersey (Pompton lakes, Wayne, Oakland, Riverdale, Ringwood) area for people willing to play. The even will be a weekend long event where humans must complete missions (such as finding geocaches) without being tagged by zombies. Some geocaches will be out the whole weekend some must be found within a certain time frame. The geocaches will serve the purpose that missions serve during a game. The will supply powerups and help to stimulate gameplay. The game requires teamwork and communication within your team. Do you think a 3 or 4 day event based around this game will draw some interest? Obviously it would be a game that people can take time out from however a certain number of missions/ geocaches will be required to attend in order to win a prize at the end Mike PS if you are interested in helping me plan this join the game I set up at http://www.hvzsource.com/geo1/ (major edits will be made on that page so don't worry about any info you see on this page yet) (geocaching event to come pending figuring out the details)
  6. A friend of mine and myself were talking about two of our favorite online games, geocaching and Humans vs Zombies. We are looking for a way to combine the two into a pretty unique cache idea. The caches would be a series of 3 pretty basic geocaches all meeting the basic guidelines building towards a final puzzle cache. However rules for logging each cache will incorporate the rules of humans vs zombies as followed: Players attempting to find one of the four caches must email me approximately 12 hours before they attempt (less time will be needed on the first day because of FTF's and hopefully an enthusiastic the zombie horde) (it is also recomended that they create an account and join http://www.hvzsource.com/geo1/ too keep track of how many people they tag so I can moderate who is zombie and human as well as notify zombies) When we are notified an email will go out to all zombies (people who attempted the cache but failed because a zombie player tagged them thus turning them into a zombie or just a volunteer to be zombies) stating the time and cache which humans will be attempting. Zombies cannot log finds for any of the four caches but can become human again if they get 5 tags and report them (on the HvZ website). (Occasionally the email will state tags of certain human will automatically let zombies become human in order to inspire more gameplay) Humans can stun zombies as a way to avoid being tagged for 5 minutes by tossing a balled up sock or shooting them with a nerf gun. This will give the humans time to search for the cache without having to worry about being tagged. These are the working rules for the cache and I am trying to find locations around my hometown. I was wondering is a cache like this likely to get approved. Do you think people will participate in something like this? And do you have any suggestions? (input wanted especially anyone familiar with HvZ) Clearer more complete rules are on http://www.hvzsource.com/geo1/ please let me know if you clearly understand what the rules are especially if unfamiliar with Humans vs Zombies before reading.
  7. Long Beach Island is a popular vacation spot in NJ this summer I went down many time but the amount of caches on the island bothers me...I hope to place a few this summer and just wanted to raise awareness in case any other cachers vacation or have a house on the island please place a cache or two specifically in your favorite spots
  8. Honestly I love getting stopped by police when geocaching (3 times so far...I really gotta stop geocaching at 1am), they have never had a problem with it and their reaction often reminds me that the are human and are doing their job looking out for the community
  9. I was wondering if there is a way to DL caches to my Garmin Etrex H (the yellow one), I saw I need to buy some sort of plug but I'm not sure what it is, where to get it, how much, or how to use it
  10. I've had nights where I was stopped at all 5 caches we tried by police or storeowners...most times thought no one bothers us I agree is awesome when it happens but it isnt the norm
  11. A couple weeks ago a new set of geocaches appeared around my town. Part of the directions was to find them after dark, so naturally we followed them. The cache was attached to the bottom of the sign about 25 feet from an intersection with a stop light. I get on my hands and knees to start looking and I hear a muggle yell, "what are you looking for" from there car. I quickly explain geocaching to them and they yell back, "wait you came all the way to new jersey just to find a box." Before I could explain that they are all over the world and I live down the street the light turned and they drove away, probably thinking that I came from some far off state or country just to crawl in a parking lot. What are some silly things muggles have said to you when they see you geocaching
  12. Does anyone know where the cliff scene in Splinterheads is...I live in NY and would love to visit it also are there any cool caches in the area?
  13. A few weeks ago my gps lead me to the loading dock of a furniture store...i started looking in the trees near by for the cache when I hear the garage of the loading dock open...i played stupid and acted like nothing was up...after 10 minutes someone yelled "what are you looking for you arent suppose to be here." I start to talk preparing my "Geocaching is a world wide tresure hunt" speech when he says you must be with that website a few of you were here the other day...idk what it is but i looked up geocaching it seems pretty cool." I talked to the guy as he had a smoke and explained to him geocaching and where to get a gps. He told me to write in my log that he thinks its awesome and welcomes geocachers to come back...ever since then whenever the employees spot a geocacher they introduce themselves and talk to the cachers.
  14. Night caching is the way to go me and my friends do the same exact thing weare also college age its a great thing to do at night and the best part is its free and a little bit of a thrill
  15. Today I was caught in the act, the clue on the cache required me to "climb inside" an area where I was completly surrounded in branches. I guess i looked pretty silly to some high school kids that walked by because they immeditaly said "did you loose something." I had no idea what to say...my only other encounters while geocaching have been with authorities so I didnt know what to tell these kids. I explained geocaching with them and the muggle army helped me find the cache, they were good kids and seemed to enjoy it...made an average micro just alittle bit more fun
  16. I am trying to put together a series of caches at 24 hour places to eat in my area. I know caches at businesses need the permission of the owners to be published how do you normally go about explaining geocaching and asking the owners permission
  17. happened to me tonight all my friends were talking about harry potter muggles and all I could think of was cacheing
  18. I go to Siena College and am part of the outting club, its a club that does skis, hikes, white water rafing...anything outdoors. I want to bring up the idea of gong on a trip Geocacheing but I don't know where the best location would be, we can travel anywhere about 2 or 2 1/2 hours from siena college in Albany, NY. I want to suggest a place that would really be worth the cache. Are there any particular great caches I should consider
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