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  1. I too am experiencing this bug which is VERY disconcerting. I don't use the Message Center when out in the field as it is has a really awful UI for smartphones! So recently I replied to messages on my email as usual and they never turned up on Message Center! Pretty crucial fix, I would think, and apparently broken for 9 days now??
  2. CCFwasG


    All that does for me is show the two souvenirs I can already see on my souvenirs page... no details, no points etc. It does show how many points anyone might need to earn them, which is sort of useless once you have already done that. Anyway, my issues with lack of linking info and ease of finding it all remain.
  3. Welp, it's me again. Another issue with the search function, this time on the map. It says it is sorting by distance but it is in fact obviously sorting by favorite points. It keeps defaulting to this and no matter what I do I cannot get the list on the side to sort by distance. All the other sort choices seem fine.
  4. Yup - I checked several times over the past week and today it finally *does* show smileys for found caches. (So frustrating!)
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    Thanks Rampensau - yup blank left side of my page, looks nothing like yours! p.s. I never look at the main page so thanks for that - oddly that's not where they had a link before, as far as I remember. Anyway, would be so much better if they'd put links in the blog and on the souvenir pages too!
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    Thanks for the link! The left side of my dashboard is blank and I did see that it said to tap on Reach the Peak except... there is no Reach the Peak to click anywhere on my dashboard page! (I have had a lot of trouble with a lot of things on the site since the latest "upgrade".) Appreciate the help! Edit to add: I cannot help but wonder why they never put a link to the leaderboard on the blog entry - it really is so simple and would be so helpful! That was true for the last two or three challenges/souvenir things that I actively participated in.
  7. CCFwasG


    So you've launched a new challenge and I got a souvenir today without knowing it was coming. I read the blog post but DOH!!!! No one included a link to the leaderboard, so how are we supposed to track our progress??? Blog: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/07/new-leaderboard-challenge-reach-the-peak/ (as usual there is no link on the souvenir, I had to google to even get this much) It boggles my mind how difficult GS makes it to find things they are "promoting".
  8. Me again. New problem. Usually if I load a list that either I created or someone else created, if I have found any of the caches on the list it shows the little smiley by it. Today, after refreshing the list page I was using about 10 times (ok maybe only 8) the caches I have found STILL have no smileys. I don't memorize the name of every cache I find, so it's how I revise and update my lists. Only... today I can't. I hope it's a temporary quirk. Screenshot below. (Circled dates are my own find dates.)
  9. I betcha my result was the same - certain searches can add to lists and others not. Which to be honest is very very odd! The pages look pretty much exactly the same. Now, about that plus sign on the right... !!!
  10. Thanks capoaira and ChriBli... the boxes can be checked but until yesterday there was no way to do anything, ie add to a list (which was the functionality I expected). However, I tried again last night and it seems to work now, so go figure. (Always same browser, Chrome, because GC site seems not to like my Firefox.) p.s. edit to add: still unclear what that plus sign on the right side is supposed to do - for me it does absolutely nothing at all.
  11. Ok... someone help here? As previously stated there are MANY things missing from a list like this, most notably (for me) the US STATE the cache is in (key in small states, maybe y'all in WA don't care?!)... but what I really want to know is: (1) what are the boxes for that you can check on the left? I thought maybe I could add the checked caches to a list but nope. In fact I can find nothing that I can do after checking them. My other query has been voiced but I will reiterate: (2) what is the plus in a circle for on the far right? It does nothing when I click it. Screenshot attached. Sorry but still grumpy with new search results. Not useful.
  12. I can't reproduce either... it is gone. Sorry. I use both Firefox & Chrome on Windows 10 depending which is working better, usually Chrome is slower. FWIW.
  13. Today I went to try a filtered search. All I can say is, I have always had an English language version of Geocaching.com so when I saw this my reaction... W H A T ? ? ? ?
  14. FWIW when I started thinking about placing caches and was basic you definitely could not see premium caches on a map: first placed cache was rejected for being too close to another cache that we could not see! In fact that did encourage me to pay.
  15. I was going to edit what I just posted but this is the next topic I want to hit: It is understandable that tech changes necessitate major website changes, but I am 99% certain that the issue almost everyone here is having is with the design of the new changes, both visual and content. It's one gigantic relational database and the information we all wanted and used regularly is absolutely possible to have included and it is absolutely possible to have made it look similar to the old searches (i.e. less white space). The problem I am seeing is that GS did not try to make the new design contain similar information or a similar look. And these were not minor changes. Complaints I've read in 5+ pages here are 90%+ justified, IMHO. So so so frustrating.
  16. Adding to my own list: Today I noticed that when I look at a user's finds their caching name disappears. So I open a page surf off to a particular cache page or two, come back... hmmm, now whose finds was I looking at? Oh, read thru the junk in the URL I guess? Nothing on the page! If they have odd characters then good luck with the URL (p.s. tried to test again just now to make sure I was right and got Error 500... poor cacher, it worked for the next person I tried but still won't give me a list for Walkin' Ed). All I see on top is "My Lists" which makes no sense when looking at someone else's finds, or hides. Next up: Reiterating that missing the U.S. state the cache is located in... definitely NOT HELPFUL when you live in, say, the tri-state area. Ok so a cache is 30 miles from me, but is it in NJ, NY or CT? The answer makes a HUGE HUGE difference to what caches I decide to target. Today I also noticed a list of finds that shows one 2500+ miles away was in another country... but does it say which country? Nope. Oddly enough this was the way I searched a new CO's finds to see if they were local, past or current, they were neither. But now I can't tell from the cache page at all. For me the geographical info OTHER than just distance from my home coords is CRUCIAL to plan my caching. They've made it much much harder for me to move around and find what I want or need. Also: Last found date. Seriously? Why take that off? Should I go out of my way to a cache only to discover the last found date was 3 years ago, a few DNFs since and no one has tagged it for maintenance (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW since it is not included in lists)... it beggars belief that this absolutely crucial info is missing. I'm not allowed to say here how I use my phone to search but thankfully the UI is better and though I hate planning caching by phone rather than website, I'm being forced into it. SMH. Lots more little problems, not least the crazy amount of white space. My renewal is coming up. Contemplating a break from premium caching til they fix some of this.
  17. 100% agree. I used to be able to look at a list of caches hidden (ie a CO's list) and it showed what state (U.S.) they were in as well as whether they have any trackables, and if they have a needs maintenance tag. I used this functionality all the time, almost once a day. Now gone. And agree that the extra white space is just so inefficient it is almost ridiculous. Add me to the listed of displeased premium members who will actually target fewer caches without this info. The changes hurt COs more than anyone, IMHO.
  18. Of course I finally found that after posting, linked in another thread. THANKS! Admin you can delete or move to that thread, thanks.
  19. Am I misremembering, please? I thought I used to be able to look at a list of caches hidden (ie a CO's list) and it showed what state (U.S.) they were in as well as whether they have any trackables, and if they have a needs maintenance tag. This has disappeared recently... or am I only imagining that the list used to show these? If I am correct, any reason why those things have gone? I used them often, or thought I did.
  20. FWIW I have a slightly different issue that has been going on for months and HQ first claimed to me it was not an issue for weeks and then recently started saying they are aware of it. When I reply to any message from someone else in the Message Center it sends a copy of what I WROTE TO THEM to me... not to them. And it does not email me their messages. So I have it all turned off now - as you can well imagine it was REALLY annoying. (Or *is*...)
  21. I can see why I rarely come to and use these forums - I got "reactions" to my serious posts on the spam message center issue: every one had at least one "funny" reaction. Nice. Hopefully the person laughing gets to deal with the same issue as I did another day. It was a huge huge headache. Not fun, nor funny. The pun, however, was funny. :-) [edit: as soon as I post, I get a "funny" reaction - aren't you cute whoever you are? and I'm sorry but you're also obnoxious....]
  22. Lovely. Now someone is reacting to posts to say it is "funny". Apparently some lovely hacker has it out for GC... or some of us.
  23. I turned off email notifications for the message center nd am still getting spammed so clearly it is operating through the email system, ie some spammer has my address (and many others). Also saw via Twitter that this started on 25 June. So to say I am p*ssed off at Groundspeak is a massive understatement.
  24. I received another 5 or more since I posted that - getting almost 2-3 per minute. This is INSANE. I can't believe they have not sent someone in to put out the fire, it is almost 9am in Seattle. What a [expletive] show.
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