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  1. Thanks, i missed it and made the mistake on my first cache of reporting coordinates in the wrong datum and lots of people spent a lot of time looking in the wrong place and i heard about it and felt pretty bad that i was not well informed, goes with being green.
  2. Here is a link to Click on to "Download" the GPS MAP76 Manual. Revision C 10/04 (1.08 MB) It is PDF and requires Adobe Reader 5.0+ I tried one time to actually SAVE the Manual, but didn't have any luck. But you can at least VIEW it. Also I can't do a WORD SEARCH on this PDF Document, which is a MAJOR inconvenience. GPS MAP 76 Manual Download Link Actually you can save .pdf files by clicking on the diskett icon while in acrobat, kind of like saving a word processor document. I dont think you can right click on the open .pdf file and save it.
  3. I hate to try and defend that crummy manual, and I don't know how old your manual is. But, the 2004 GPSMAP 76 manual on the Garmin web site covers Average Location on page 11. My GPSMAP76S manual copyrighted in 2002, covers it on page 33. The catch is there is nothing in the Table Of Contents, and the Appendix just groups it under Waypoint Pages Options. And yes, I only found it by trial and error and went back to scour the manual looking for it. That makes me feel better. My manual is 2001, and i checked pages 11 and 33 and no info on the averaging function. I learned it from a friend, but if you say there is a new manual on the web i will look for it and probably find out more about my MAP76. Garmin tries hard and has a good product, but their information transfer needs some work. good talking to you.
  4. Geocaching.com needs to make it more clear or emphasize that coordinates need to be reported in the WGS84 Datum. They do a good job of allowing coordinate entry in various formats through drop down menus, but they need to indicate in huge flashing letters that "ALL COORDINATES ARE TO BE IN THE WGS84 DATUM", or make nifty option buttons that allow selection of the datum that the entered coordinates are in, and the site will make the conversion. What this mainly does is allows the person entering the information the opportunity to double check how the data was collected and accuratly report it to the web site. I have read the lengthy small font information required to submit a cache, and no where does it directly indicate what datum to use, except in the index on caching jargen. It must be a GPS geek think, but I use gps in my profession, and normally use the nad27 conus datum for mapping. Te first cache I submitted was in that datum and I got a whole lot of emails saying I had the wrong coordinates, which I did in the wgs84 datum. Respond to that.
  5. One trick that is not in the manual for a Garmin GPSmap 76 is the averaging function. It allows an average of positions up to as long as you want to wait.. it gives better point locations than taking the one on the fly by marking the waypoint. To average the point, press the mark button, the current point location appears in a menu. then press the menu button and another window opens with three options. One is average point, another is for projecting the point, and the third is append to route. if you have used higher level gps units, the averageing function is the way to go on getting the most accruate point location with out differential correction and should be used to mark all geocaches, especialy ones under canopy or near obstructions. I have no idea why garmin did not include this in the manual, it may be in the later versions of the map76 unit, but i dont know about that. vaoden
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