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  1. I second that motion! So is Whitney next? YEP! I knew it! Good job! Any future plans for something like Denali? I wonder what the highest geocache in the world is? High Altitude Caches Thread It just might be Whitney, but I'm not sure? You could always ask this cacher !
  2. I second that motion! So is Whitney next? YEP!
  3. Thank you all! 08/17/06 Peak-A-Boo: Mt. Whitney 14,494' Time: 12 hours (round trip) Distance: 24 miles Elevation Gain: 6000' 08/18/06 White top 14,250' Time: 6 hours (round trip) Distance: 15 miles Elevation Gain: 3100' Time to take a break for awhile and watch everyone else have fun....I'm tired! PassingWind
  4. 08/17/06 Placed a YMS #28 PassingWind (misprint) in Peak-A-Boo: Mt. Whitney.
  5. For those who are new to this thread and/or like to follow the "progress" of other local cachers I direct you to this wonderful resource put together by kawikaturn: San Diego Geocacher States
  6. If the enclosed activation instructions didn't work, shoot me an e-mail. I have all the activation codes handy and I can send you the activation code. Thanks, Grimlock Thank you!! PW
  7. I haven't posted this for awhile, this should cover me for a few more months. Congratulations to [insert name here] on #
  8. Moving this thread to the appropriate forum: French Speaking: Geocaching in France.
  9. ,,,liked a busted up elbow or like two Twins fans getting flushed out of a storm drain! The things cachers do, This might explain it: Compulsive hoarding is a complex psychological disorder that can significantly disrupt a person's life. Hoarding occurs when a person acquires and saves "possessions" that have either little or no value or have some perceived value such as Geocaching "Finds" or FTF's (otherwise known as "The Numbers Game"). Hoarding behavior can often lead to other problems. Often associated with OCD, OCPD and depression, hoarding can affect people's lives across all levels of functioning, It is common for hoarders to have interpersonal difficulties, family tension, poor self-esteem, poor social skills (puzzle cachers!), weak decision-making skills (non-puzzle cachers), occupational issues, and even legal issues. In addition, there are physical risks (see above).
  10. I feel your pain, I didn't get my first FTF until my first find! PW
  11. So did James. Since there are four caches maybe they could split them 2 and 2. Also James has done the series so he knows where the missing caches are supposed to go. I could help Richard replace them too since I have done the series. Anyhow, thanks to James and Richard for contacting wiseguy to revive this fun series! Since my primary objective is to see that this series continues, I have no objection if Richard wants to take all four. I am willing to help, though. So if that means taking two of them or helping Richard to restablish the missing ones, I stand ready. Not to dampen the enthusiasm, but the preferred approach for most caches that have gone missing and have been archived is to replace them with an entirely new listing. I know the Sea-To-Sea Challenge series has been treated a little differently because of its historical value and the fact that there are 25-caches in a series. But generally speaking, caches that have been muggled and then archived should stay that way if the cache owner has left town or gone inactive. This frees up the location for a brand new cache placement. Since this series was such a hit, perhaps it would be better for its fans to re-create it rather than trying to resurrect it... Correct! Here's a thread with some additional information: How do I Adopt Ownership of a Geocache? PW
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