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  1. Sweet! Maryland....the list continues...here's what I got so far Calgary -XRN95 sending me 1 bronze Compass Rose -order online GB Geocoin ? GeoCoin Club -need to subscribe German -do you know of anyone ordering these ? Geowoodstock ? U.K. -sent e-mail, on waiting list (or get from C4 or nscaler ?) USA -can purchase online States: California -on waiting list Colorado ? Maryland -nscaler (10 ordered) Minnesota -in progress of development, requested 4 Michigan -C4 (?) New Jersey -C4 or nscaler (?) North Dakota -C4 (?) Ohio ? Tennessee -C4 or nscaler(?) Washington -nscaler(?) Wyoming -on order, requested 2
  2. I think he is refering to this thread in which ladycacher sent Cache Buzzards a geocoin to get him started on his coin collection.
  3. I'll take one of each.
  4. I'd like to sqeak in for 1 or 2 coins.....just starting so I missed the beginning.
  5. Thanks SilverMarc and ladycacher...I'll have to add yours onto my list "to get"
  6. Hey nscaler and C4. So have we decided on what we would like to do for group orders for the 3 of us? There are so many new coins coming out that I am lost and would hate to miss a purchase. Starting my list of wants: Colorado Geocoin GB Geocoin Geowoodstock Coin German Geocoin Michigan Geocoin USA Geocoin U.K. Tennessee Maryland New Jersey Ohio California GeoCoin Club I own no coins at the moment so I'll have to purchase to get my collection started....any extras?
  7. I'm new to this coin craze but need to get a collections started. Would love one of your personal coins but this is all I have to offer:
  8. I have nothing and am looking for everything......help me get started. Where do I start?
  9. Hey!.......live in San Diego Go Vikes!
  10. I've got duplicates of Yrium PALS #1 Tuna (reprint) and #2 STORK (reprint) and YMS #10 pqcachers. I've got some bigger gaps in the YMS series, I need: YMS #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, & 15 .......Hear that? Sounds like the printer warming up. Cheers
  11. I've got a list of "Don't use 2WD for 4WD caches for Dummies" ! Anyway, I only have 2WD but these were fun, maybe a warm-up ? GC631 & GC1904
  12. Time for an Avatar change....out with the old and in with the new, I'm sure DJ will approve BTW....The Santee Lakes Letterbox cache has been adopted and is now up and running thanks to the Disney Gang. We'll see how long it lasts this time! On another note....GCQ8G2
  13. YES!! Thanks nscaler......now I just have to wait
  14. It was a pleasure to meet you nscaler and cornerstone4. I'm looking forward to some future coin purchases and trading with you guys. Thanks for getting me started.
  15. Way to go bro!! Congrats on the 1000 milestone and representing.
  16. Cool! Can't wait to see what's out there......glad you could bring the Michigan and Geowoodstock, geocoins and I can't wait to see the moun10bike coin from K-Nic. I'll bring you one of my cheesy wooden "PassingWind was here 2005" geocoins for letting me see your collection. I'm bummed that I missed the CA 2005 geocoin purchase but I'll make sure I get em next year.
  17. I'm in ....I'm new to this coin craze but would love to particpate.
  18. GE is ok for estimates (to minutes) but your pushing it after that. The accuracy is in the seconds and you need a good ground unit for that. Thank goodness the military isn't using GE for their accuracy
  19. I was busy doing what scientists do when I got a visit from Jess with an ODD misprint in hand....fresh from Max's Park. I believe 4 misprints fell out so 6 are still secure along with the Toadstool card.
  20. Hey Vinnie, who dis guy name Pi...um I mean TT ? Some interesting reading on how some people define New Jersey. (Maybe a source for you next puzzle )
  21. Knowing an exact location of your nearest hospital or emergency room could save yourself or someone else's life. This is expecially important if your traveling through areas your unfamiliar with.
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