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  1. This Just In: The Geocoin Fairy visits sick farm animal by nearby cache - GCY2GX Thanks TGF !
  2. GREAT VIEW OF HELL!!! DX5052 HELL - San Diego County by PassingWind
  3. Santa Arrived! Whitebear Bite Me GeoCredit Card California 2006 United We Cache THANK YOU!! Passingwind
  4. Received Name #2 & Mission #2 Complete
  5. Sent request for 2nd Secret Santa recipient!!
  6. WANTED: Anyone wanna make a trade? Santa has't been so good to me this year...I've been a bad boy. PW
  7. I got one too!!! WooHoo...THANK YOU! PASSINGWIND
  8. ***This Just In*** The MN Boyz are at it again!
  9. Logged Monument #231 back in August, they are pretty cool and worth preserving. Benchmark: DC1888 BOUNDARY MON 231 MX US PassingWind
  10. They FOUND IT!! GoBolts! Little Dinghy!
  11. SWEET!!!! I'll be there with the A-Team
  12. Missed'em I'm looking to trade for a set... Traders List link below PW
  13. WANTED: Military Geocoin Series Coins - Army, Navy, Marines, AF, & CG. Trading List PW
  14. WANTED: ...got it! My Traders List Thanks, PW
  15. Anyone want to TRADE for a set? Maybe CRAKE himself? See my traders list. PassingWind
  16. SEEKING: GARMIN Geocoin and seeking many others... My Growing Traders List PassingWind
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