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  1. I have the following coins to trade: - ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS Geocoin (Paper only) - Red Jeep Geocaching Adventure Geocoin ...and many others. My SEEKING LIST PassingWind
  2. Use soap, the SPAM is hard to get off....
  3. From my actual cache log for... Spam Haiku (GCJE1E) Noses and Toes Boar no More SPAM is forever, but a puzzle? It felt like a CAT ENEMA (visit link) Brown fish pokes his head Once a pink brick so bright I now flush my only pet Out of sight! Hormel has lost his head See me in Austin M….N (visit link) My home in the prairie Access was slick Much I got sticked My hands got blood red Thank you for number two hundred!!!
  4. Gateway to the Narrows Trail
  5. Jug Handle ArchTwo Pines ArchHidden CanyonBridge MountainHidden ArchCheckerboard ArchPa'rus Bike TrailPico Rosado Arch Kolob ArchThe SubwayFat Man's MiserySpry CanyonPine Creek CanyonNorth Fork Taylor CreekEnglestead HollowImlay CanyonHeaps CanyonEye of the NeedleElephant ArchHammerhead Arch
  6. Beamer TrailBill Hall TrailBoucher TrailBright Angel TrailClear Creek TrailGrandview TrailHermit TrailHualapai TrailLava TrailNankoweap TrailNew Hance TrailNorth Bass TrailOld Bright Angel TrailOld Hance TrailRiver TrailSouth Bass TrailSouth Kaibab TrailTanner TrailThunder River TrailTonto Trail
  7. Deep Canyon - Coldwater Canyon Trail
  8. COOL!! Hope Santa still has THIS on his list! PW
  9. PassingWind

    My turn!

    Nice one PS, but where. Keep the guesses coming. San Rafae?l
  10. Sunday, October 12, 2003 PassingWind
  11. This is awesome. I love the holidays!! Can we keep this excitement up for another 365 days? PW
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