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  1. I have a explorist GC and after installing Magellan communicator i had no problem at all downloading caches. Try re-installing it and notice any error that could pop up.. restart your browser and it should work. If not, try restarting your computer, sometimes windows just need a fresh start. (I assume you're using windows, if not try to check on magellan website if they support other platform). t4e brought up a good point, with your device you receive a 30 day premium membership. Activate it and you'll be able to use pocket query. They are amazing! It's simple and fast, you only have to transfer one file on your device and you don't even need Magellan communicator. Let me know if it works!
  2. Hi, i'm pretty new at geocaching and i live in montreal but must of my find are around ottawa... but there's 2 caches near my apartment that are pretty easy but i loved reading about the history of the places. If you love to learn more about the past of the city those could be fun.. i hope you'll enjoy! GCW2NQ GC1ZE6D PS: if you need help with translation or something just let me know, i'll give you a hand!
  3. I know when you search with google maps you can hide the one you found... i hope that can help you!
  4. Je pense pas que l'essence du geocaching soit de trouver des objets d'une grande valeur. C'est plutot pour le plaisir de decouvrir la cache en question. Je crois pas qu'on doit resteintre les trades aux objets certifier "geocaching". J'avoue que les vieux bonbons c'est un peu etrange mais si tous les nouveaux lisait les codes de conduite du geocaching, il est mentionner de pas laisser rien de perissable et de toujours echanger pour quelque chose de valeur equitable. J'ai trouver de jolie petit truc pas officiel dans les caches que j'etait bien content de pouvoir garder et je n'echange pas non plus pour des objets certifier, mon budget ne le permet pas pour l'instant. J'achete des bidulles que je trouve utile/drole/etc.. au magasin du dollar. De toute facon, c'est vraiment comme je l'ai mentionner au debut de mon message, ce qui est amusant c'est de trouver les caches... qui n'as jamais perdu un temps fou a chercher une nano dans lequel on ne peut pas rien echanger de toune facon!
  5. yes of course, i was already planning stopping by the cache tonight to drop something... just have to find what XD Good news, i found the user and sent him a message asking him what he wants me to do with the coin... i'll keep you in touch and maybe i could put some picture of coin at the same time.
  6. Mine left his nest last night! The adventure begins for reel now, hope he'll get to crossmage safe!
  7. hehe sweet! It just made my week I was so thrilled to find the coin and so happy that it's mine now I'll keep my eyes open for more thanks for your help guys!
  8. Ok, i've found my first geocoin last weekend. It's a really nice one called Medicine man (i think). My problem is that there's no id number on it, nothing! It's only says "Medicine Man" with a name, probably the owner. But i looked on the site and i can't find it anywhere and i'm not sure what to do with it... Here's a picture similar to the logo on the coin (i'll take a reel picture of it tonight after work). The only difference is that between the snakes there's a like a glass or vase.
  9. 1. Participating: YES 2. Nick/destination received: YES 2.5. Adoption Request sent: YES on 2010-07-06 2.7. Adoption Request accepted: 3. Outgoing coin released:YES on 2010-07-10 4. Incoming coin picked up:
  10. 1. Participating: YES 2. Nick/destination received: YES 2.5. Adoption Request sent: YES on 2010-07-06 2.7. Adoption Request accepted:YES on 2010-07-06 3. Outgoing coin released: 4. Incoming coin picked up:
  11. Count me in! I`m ordering my first geocoin specially for that mission Hope i`ll receive it soon! 1. Participating: YES 2. Nick/destination received: 3. Outgoing coin released: 4. Incoming coin picked up:
  12. I just bid on it! Great initiative! I wish all your family the best luck for the adoption!
  13. SkellyCA is right about the pocket queries, it works really well. But if ever you really need the pre-loaded map, send me a pm and i could send you the file.
  14. Hi, i'm pretty new at this and i was wandering something... If, when you found a geocoin, you have to put it in another cache asap, how does people can make a collection out of them? Do they have to buy them? Or can you ask the geocoin owner if the geocoin can enters your collection? I would like to get some geocoin but i don't want to steal them from anybody... help! XD Thanks! Corta
  15. Hi, i'm pretty new at geocaching and never retreive a TB from a cache yet. I found a TB hotel near my place and i was wandering if i should take one of them and make it travel a bit. But do I really need to replace it by another TB or can i just take it? I don't want to make mistakes here... that's why i'm asking you all. PS I'm planning to go do some geocaching at about 200km from my place next weekend so i figured it wasn't a bad idea to bring a TB with me... Thanks!
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