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  1. To Get the pointer Try this,

    Main menu, Set-up, Enter,Routing, enter, then make sure the Guidance is set to "Off Road" Then when you set a GO TO you should get the arrow

    Worked for me

  2. Another question Guys

    When the GPS is connected via USB is it getting power from the computer or the battery.

    Also a problem discovered and fixed.

    When I first got it there was no direction pointing arrow appearing on the compass page the problem was I had checked the "follow roads" in the maps page, and because I had no map software in the unit it was trying to make a route. it should have the "off roads" checked if you have no mapping software. It took ages to figure out so this may save someone some frustrating times

  3. I Have my new 60 but cant seem to get waypoints to load via easy gps through the USB connection. Does it work via usb or should I have a serial connection


  4. I have a signwriting business and I use the clear laminating film we use to cover digital prints,I have had it on a mobile phone now for 2 years and the same on a digital camera. I have had no problems with it so far as it is quite strong and has resisted all I have given to it. I havent had to remove it as yet.

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