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    Fun of the sport

    For a minute there I thought these forums were going to get interesting again.
  2. Bright F...... Light, Oooh! I get it now. Tee Hee. Silly guys made the strap loops to small to fit over my head. So how do I mount this on my rifle. (Not that you need one) There's several racoons wandering arounded the U-vic area today bouncing off all those purple buildings.
  3. Yeah! and young Jimmy Hendrix was up on a family vacation from Seattle and it inspired his song. Really, I read it some where. Want the coordinates. [This message was edited by eroyd on February 25, 2003 at 04:54 PM.]
  4. That's refered to as "Purple Haze". Can any other local Victorians remember hanging out near the Empress at night as teenagers.
  5. What's with the peanuts! The rules strictly state "No food items to be left in cache's".
  6. Chug! chug! chug! chug! Thank god dad did't wear his Brittany Spears T-shirt.
  7. The big question. Will a Canadian version of the colour maps be available?
  8. Bugs are out early this year. Watch out, I suspect I had a bite from something nasty. Swarmed by those large early season mossies last month. Got attacked by a bee while mowing the lawn in January!
  9. Sorry folks. Decided to call it a day early due illness. The truck didn't cooperate. Fuel pump went on the way home . . . Better happening near town than where I was yesterday. These Team caches are getting expensive.(for me)
  10. On reasonably clear days in areas unobstructed to the SW my Magellan Sporttrak does indeed claim to be getting WAAS. When at cache sites I often find myself within less than 3 meters after sitting for a few minutes. Does that mean anything? I don't know. I'm pretty unexperienced and sceptical of the WAAS thing.
  11. I don't think an extreme ammout of driving is what they ment.
  12. What does "Big Furry Loafers" have to do with caching in the dark. I go bare foot.(at least) Yes, I am. (seen my avatar lately) "The blue bus is watching us", or are we talking about Plantmans favourite cache. [This message was edited by eroyd on February 17, 2003 at 01:43 PM.]
  13. Great idea! You might want to check out http://vigc.bravepages.com/
  14. "Oh Sven, that neon jackets so slimming. Those boys in the camoflage are soooo jealous." "Are you coming over tonight to watch Thpartacus and maybe listen to a bit of George Michael". "Hey!...Where's everybody going. Come on fellas...wait up.
  15. Another thought. Is there going to be a set anchor. An obviously safe one like a very secure tree that you feel extremely confident others could safely use. Anchor's put in by unknown climbers should never be trusted therefore is the location going to be littered with spikes etc. Is the cache going to be accessible and removeable with one hand, the other breaking the rope or is it going to be on a safe ledge that one could stand on? The cache also needs to be returned to the same spot. I'm thinking of doing one too.
  16. Geeze Fizzymagic. You'd fit right in up here. Have you been drinking our bottled water?
  17. Hello Outlaws. I placed a couple of virtuals in the area. BC Express, 108 mile ranch and a place of Rest. The main reason for placing them was to have some caches to navigate by in the great cacheless void of the Caribou. It is too far away from home for me to maintain 'real' caches. The first good cluster of real caches is south around Spences Bridge. Your in a great bit of country. Hide caches and we will seek.
  18. I made the mistake of reading this thread. Now I have that notious feeling in my stomach again.(or is it the cat I just ate) I'm surprised this thread has gone on for so long. The moderators must be pre-occupied attending to more important things like. HAVING A LIFE! otherwise they would of stopped this by now. This is going no where and solving nothing, it is embarrassing to local cachers and is just plain FREAKING ME OUT! Please let this thread sink back into the quagmire where it belongs and where it should have stayed.
  19. It appears many of the "bogus coord's" caches are really just glorified multi-caches and actually involve going to designated coord's. Why not, in these cases, just use one of those coords. Perhaps a designated spot, a little 'out of the way' could be designated as a coord to be used for the 'puzzle' caches. Each caching community could probably come to a consensus as to where in their own locality.
  20. Now that we've got maps on or GPS's. How about making them coloured. Right now it's hard to tell the roads, streams, track and GoTo lines apart.
  21. I'm thinking of doing a "night cache" since a lot of us go out after dark anyways. The trick would be to make it unfindable during the day. Perhaps some extra tricky 3-D camo with a couple of tiny reflectors. Perhaps instructions could be: go to coords and shine flash light at bearing of xxx'.
  22. I've recently acquired the same machine and found the basemap basically useless. Basically, it roughly tells you which continent your on and in my area, one major hwy. I really wish they'd of left it off to save memory space for downloaded maps. I've downloaded a surprisingly big chunk of Vancouver Island area Mapsend Data and am very happy with the road data. It appears pretty accurate and up to date.
  23. Why not skip shopping at the Big Boys (ie. FS,CC) and go to your local "Mom and Pop". Willingly pay a little more and support your local business and maybe get better service. You might even being doing your own community a little favour. Or is that sort of thinking considered "Dumb" in this day and age.
  24. When some one casually asks what I'm doing or gives me a funny look I'll usual just take the easy way out and tell them I'm on a scanvenger hunt. If they seem truly interested I'll give them the whole scoop. I'm amazed by the amount of people that know what Geocaching is. The one time I was confronted by a cop. I was alone in a park in the middle of the night. He was giving my vacant car the once around with his flashlight when I called out, "I'm over here". I approached him openly and told him I was just getting a benchmark, which I was. He had no problems with that and wished me a good night and carried on. Don't try to be evasive with cops. They pick up on that really fast.
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