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  1. I'm a little out of the groove as far as local fishing goes.(spent way too much time chasing tupperware)


    Fresh water (non-tidal)). The lakes around Victoria are getting a little warm for good trout fishing. If you have a row boat, Durrance Lk. is nice, Propect can be good, Elk Lk. can be a bit of a zoo on weekends.

    Thetis Lk. and Langford have trails and a few spots where you could access to fish from shore. All above lakes are stocked with trout and also have Small Mouth Bass. Last time I checked a non-tidal license was a little pricey for a day.


    Tidal: Day license's aren't to bad. If you don't have a good boat you could rent one at Pedder Bay Marina and access some pretty decent fishing. I figure by the time you messed about with tackle, bait, fuel etc. your better off to get a charter. I wouldn't know who to reccommend but I'm sure there are a few private ones that aren't to bad.


    If your cheap like myself:

    Ogden Point breakwater right off the Victoria water front ain't to bad. Not sure of the regs.


    Ten Mile Point can be good casting off the rocks. (Kind of boring for non-fishers) It is in the heart of the cache machine route.


    James Island Wharf - a great way to kill an afternoon. Probably not going to catch a salmon but there are all sorts of creepy crawlies down there. A hunk of bait on the bottom might catch you a little bullhead or a sole, maybe even shark or 100lb skate. Don't forget to put down the crab traps.


    East Sooke Park - has some great spots for shore fishing and some of our better geocaches. It's a bit of a hike with some rough terrain. Probably a good family post-cachemachine day outing.

  2. Never liked RUSH, maybe it was because everyone else did. Always figured they were trying to be overly profound. (plus Geddy Lee's some weird looking chic) icon_wink.gif

    This is the second best thread ever, I take honours for killing the first best buy using an apparently socially unexceptable term.


    The person below me will kill this thread.

  3. The cache involved was a private competition type cache worth $5000 to the winners. It was e-mailed by the generous team to all the people they new might be interested and had been involved in many of their previous exciting, lucrative caches.

    Do to confines placed on this team by geocaching.com they are no longer able to post such caches on this website.

    It should be noted that this cache very clearly stated that it was not affiliated to geocaching.com

  4. In a situation where it was obvious that SAR were making great efforts to find you, making yourself as easily found as possible would be the only responsible thing to do, whether YOU NEED HELP OR NOT! Compounding SAR's efforts by not co-operating fully does not only waist resources, it can and has got searchers killed.


    I am personally guilty of not telling my wife where I'm going and when I'll be back. THIS WILL CHANGE! As soon as I'm overdue I would expect her to phone the authorities regardless of my pride or her opinion and LET THE AUTHORITIES DECIDE what and when something needs to be done.( they are the experts )


    Why take the helicopter ride?

    Heck Why Not? icon_wink.gif


    good lessons to be learned.


    - Our local Authorities coord's use degrees,min's.


    - FRS radio's were not monitored.


    - whistles are near useless in timber and wind.


    I'd like to hear more.


    My 2cents

  5. Just saw the Softmaps on sale out at Eagle Eye Outfitters in Sooke for $69. They've only got the SE BC one but are getting more in soon. They've probably got the best variety of compass's I've ever seen.

    I've been playing with a Memory-Map demo and it has a nice feature that welds maps together. Uses the same maps as Ozzi.

  6. There had been a violet assault on a women on a rural trail near some of my caches. I don't think she was a geocacher but know the incident did get our local female cachers thinking. (to say the least.)

    I recall going out in the woods not to far away and not to long after the event and having to return to my vehicle at dusk. As I neared my parking spot I got an uncomfortable feeling so I stopped, caught my breath and picked up a nice palmed sized rock in each fist. I think one is probably the most vulnerable as they return to there car whether the assaillant is a rapist type or someone you catch breaking into your car.

    The potential for assault is out there. I can only imagine the fear and anger felt from a women's point of view.


    ps.sorry for by bad choice of words else where.

  7. This evolved thread is not about gay bashing. It's about pervert, faggot (or what ever) bashing. Those that blatantly advertise, aggressively persue and flaunt there sexual activity with PRIDE are nothing more. I would think the real mainstream gay community would be the first to condemn these people instead of going on there defense.


    The way you point your compass is your business. Keep it that way and we can all get along.

  8. I certainly would not want my children exposed to that indiscrete lewd behaviour, but on the other hand there is a part of me that is angered.


    How many of our parks are we going to surrender to the druggies, violent gangs, prostitutes and other undesirables? Are we just going to keep on *****ing that the cops aren't doing their jobs and then turn our backs on these places? These parks belong to us, they are where we play. At what point will all these havens belong to low lifes.


    I don't know what the solution is. I sure don't like the idea of restricting access to parks. Nor would I like to see an increased police presence. Perhaps if we went the other way and increased public exposure, that would push the scum out. Imagine if a bus load of BFL toting Geocachers showed up for a nocturnal event. That would sure mess up the freak show.

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