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  1. I drew a tag for a Mountain Goat in a remote area of west central BC. I was going solo into an area I'd never been before so I was grasping at any added bit of security I could find. I figured a GPS would help me find the trails and basins a friend had x'd on a map and also in the very possible event of heavy fog, help me get out.
  2. Even little things like dressing up the container (not literally,...but hey why not) add a touch of originality to a cache. Let your kid at 'er with the paintbrush etc. Perhaps a cache could have a interesting permanent resident.etc. Anyone else bored of Loc-N-Loc's containing a stuffed Santa and a few dinky toys. Something redeeming about the location or route to would also be nice.
  3. Unlike some I have never payed much attention to the stats page because those numbers don't really mean much. For example, an all dayer 5/5 cache is worth no more than "geeze gotta undo the seatbelt for this one", 1/1 cache. There is no difference between a true cache find by an individual or one logged as a find as part of a group effort. Those of us foolish enough to believe this is some sort of competition must realize that not everyone is playing on the same field. In some area's the caches are so thick that any simpleton with a GPS and too much spare time can rack up the numbers. Our status on the "leader board" is meaningless and certainly doesn't warrant any gloating or big headedness. I truly envy those people who can take Geocaching for what I believe was it's creator's intent, simply fun recreation, and not get caught up in the stupid numbers game. There are options for those who need a competition. Certain team's have from time to time put on fun events. For those wishing a no holds barred, all out race, there are teams like TEAM KFWB GPS that is presently running a invitation only, BIG CASH PRIZE multi-puzzle cache (not a Geocache). It's probably not too hard or too late to get in on this one.
  4. quote:Originally posted by gm100guy:17. The dog always find something foul to roll in just before you get back to the car. Oop's, sorry about that.
  5. Giving up after spending an hour searching every bug infested nook, behind every thorn bush, you decide to take a leak before heading back to the car. . . Ta Daa! found it! (sorry bought that)
  6. You'll need a GPS. Reading the manual is optional. No real man reads the manual first. Skills: Basically none, though making up excuses for going out on short notice are handy. 90% of what you'll learn about actual caching will be figured out on your first 20 or so.
  7. quote:as for dog crap, what do these owners do if their dog #2s at home, just leave it? Actually, I let it dry out for a bit and then run it over with the lawn mower. At least dogs drop their load where it's somewhat visable. Now cats on the otherhand...
  8. I wonder if the was Dagg relaxing I almost had to pick off my bumper bombing down JR North Main this evening.
  9. Who in the H*** are you cachewidow? Do we know each other?
  10. Then there are those fine people who pick up Sparky's masterpiece in a little plastic bag while everyones looking, but when out of sight toss the unwanted package into the bushes where it sits and putrifies waiting to be freed by some unknowing geocacher.
  11. quote:I just want to say one word to you -- just one word -- 'plastics.' The Graduate! quote:Get your stinking paws off me, you dadgum dirty ape! Planet of the Apes. Duh! "Are ya feeling lucky....Punk!"
  12. quote:"Charlie Don't SURF!" Apocolypse Now."Pull all you birds back...this is going to be a big one" How bought, "YOU...SHOULD OF...BOUGHT...A SQUIRREL"
  13. I was going to put a micro in a phone booth outside a restaurant in Victoria's China Town. The restaurant display's Chinese BBQ'd(?) critters in it's window. The caches name was to be "BBQ'd Ginger Kitty", BUT! as I investigated the little nooks and crannies of the booth I discovered used serringes so that nixed that.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:"Bat 21" a your life is at stake puzzle cache. That one came to my mind as well as did another more recent and very similiar movie also staring Gene Hackman. "Behind Enemy Lines". Kind of a desperate multi cache. Pretty exciting movie, with a little Hollywood exageration. Wouldn't appeal to those Boxcar fliers with Jet envy.
  15. TIMBITs! I guess that blows my cup-of-tapioca idea right out of the water. Who is this Cachewidow anyways?
  16. Search1128, don't you mean insectopia.
  17. quote:Originally posted by canadazuuk:What is this thread about? Dunno! on this muggy hot evening it's more than I want to try to comprehend. Did see the word geocaching in there a couple of times though.
  18. Darn! Guess I should of made the extra effort and done that Nourse Crk. cache last fall. It would of been a piece of cake compared to some I've done since. Hmmm! "Rednecks and Wildflowers" has always been a Bee in my bonnet. (and I do wear a bonnet sometimes)
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