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  1. I've been a busy little geocacher, found "Quest for Fire", 07/31 last find (nice spot) and just attempted "Crazy Canadians in Nindery", but ran into a few obstacles, namely sharks and jelly fish.
  2. JJ's! That's where I've seen Zuuk's avatar. That was before he/she had that operation, (an addadictomy). I wasn't sher it was really shim.
  3. Bringing sum left ovar ham hocks and grits and I jus finished shucking some baby seals. Dhat's if I can pull my big arse out of duh Rotten Old Ghrotto.
  4. Dang!...double post..what a maroon!
  5. spanking buddy watching cheerleaders tryout
  6. ...gayfully sporting shrivelled black testicles...
  7. Sorry Zuuky but "Pirating" is welcome at my caches as long as it's done with fun intent. True pillaging and theft by so called cachers of which has always occurred in this activity will not be tolerated. (though I won't be getting too bent out of shape over an old bucket and a few used McToys etc.)
  8. I thought my question was fare. Oxymoron or not, there are some good pirates. Hide and Whimper???!!! Now you've got my hackles up! A rare occassion!
  9. So what of the good pirates, the ones that are trying to add something new and creative to this activity? Is this just a blanket cleansing? Fighting against the "pirates" will only strengthen their resolve. The bad one's obviously wouldn't care about GC nor of being kicked off it. There is nothing in place now to stop non member pirates from viewing cache pages so what's the point?
  10. I don't know the particulars of your cache but I know I have 'placed' virtuals that are in locations I may not be able to visit more than once or twice a year.(That's one reason why I made them virtuals). As it turns out they are my most popular caches. There is nothing that requires maintenance and in the event the object of interest is destroyed I would simply archive it. It's pretty amazing sometimes what does get approved and what doesn't. Being an approver is a difficult job I guess.
  11. Geeze! What went on while I was sleeping? One needs to go to bed at a reasonable hour otherwise they'll wake up cranky. I learnt that when I was two, just after I built my first electron microscope I still think this latest Pirate incident was pretty neat. It was done for FUN! As part of a GAME! It appears some folks take this game waaay too seriously. The Pirate capers are interesting and worthy of discussion so why can't we kids have a civil discussion in this forum (It is a forum)without all the crap. For the record, I would not condone removing contents of a cache other than a trade,(even if it a bunch of junk) but would enjoy encountering one of those maps and a continued short search to the Pirate's Bounty. Let's b' talkn' like Pirate's on t' fine day. ps. my appologies to those who are bothered by my poor grammar and spelin
  12. Thursday Oct 2 sounds good. Then I only have to go to work one day with a headache.
  13. How about on a Wed. or Thurs. night since some folks like to escape on weekends. Plus it breaks up the work week.
  14. Thems pirate maps are the best bit of treasure ize seen in a cache in a yarn. Are they's printed on the tattered rig'n's of Ol'No beards lost ship. Cap'n Urch'n, yur welcome to plunder any of my caches in that way. I spect you won't be reburri'n them too far away.
  15. Try Surplus Herbie's in Kamloops BC. Last time there I got a bunch cheap. $4 ea. for the 30 cal ones If I remember correctly. I keep ammo in them.
  16. Oh yes...Sweet Waters. Weeze guys used to go there to hunt Fox's, occasionally ended up as cougar bait and if we'd had a few too many, woke up with the coyotes! My last visit I ended up getting hooked up with a Wolff, my present Alpha Female. Whats a Push-up?
  17. Shucks Big Kid Beginners enthusiasm. That is COOL! Keep it up Kermode.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Peregrine007:Sure glad there aren't many red-necks around these here parts. Don't use be makin fun about rednecks...specially around Gold River. Unless you have a hankering for a GORTEX wedgey.
  19. I believe the old guy with the knife incident was in Port Alice. Gold River has had more than it's share of cougar attacks. I'd hate to think what could happen if a family with young children encountered that same cat. I've often left my family "Safe" near the vehicle while of on a short jaunt recovering a cache.
  20. Scary stuff. I suspect that particular cat needs to be taken out. Very unusual, dangerous behavior. I saw one earlier in the summer out near J-rav's "Bi-valve Bonanza", and it was in no way interested in me, and I'm sure I have a higher fat content than ZZ. Did the cat look healthy? You may want to report the incident to C.R. Conservation officers. Vancouver Island has the world densest population of these wild cats. Unfortunately right now their main prey, Columbia Blacktail Deer are at the bottom of their population cycle. ie. predators are hungry and desparate.
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