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  1. I never lasted very long in the girl guides. It wasn't my beard so much that gave me away as it was my being caught writing my name in the snow. I found the fireside chat rather boring anyways; Girl talk, you know, sowing, knitting, cooking, David Cassidy etc. Wasn't in long enough to meet her but apparently Aunt Flow's a real b*t*h.
  2. Actually that snot me. But by head does hurt. Ahhh....cold porcelin.
  3. Here's me. Can I win beers to? I shware, dhat curve wasn't, hick!, dare in dis road bufore, hick!, or I'd a seen it! hick! Hand me another brew hick! while I fugger this bast**d out! Waddaya mean da beers is fallen outa the back! [This message was edited by eroyd on November 04, 2003 at 10:03 PM.]
  4. Actually, he's one of yours. Ooops!....I ment North American, yeh! That's what I ment, thats the ticket.
  5. That's a suit? Isn't that what a typical American looks like in their undies? Funny hat though.
  6. Kill Dick!...Kill Jane!...Kill,Kill,Kill!
  7. Jane caches with her friends Dick and Dick. She likes two Dicks. Dick two finds a new camera. Smile Jane. Smile Dick. Look at Spotty. He wants to play to.
  8. Those rainbow ones really snap the lead in my pencil. On the other hand, mechanical ones are a real deboner.
  9. Nice photo, you can clearly see they're carrying Garmins, or is that just one of those Cormorant "extra parts", falling off. I never go anywhere without my inflatable water walkers.
  10. I remember a friend who had a couple of un-newterd weiner-dogs (dachshund). What a mess they made of the carpet when the neighbours ***** was in heat. The person that invented that breed had a cruel sense of humour.
  11. Just an idea while wading through these forums, How about the approver approves the cache (duh!) but the cache owner has the power as to when to post it. Strategic timing could make for some interesting senario's.
  12. I think as long as someone volunteers to look after a cache, the caches left by our guests are great. I remember doing Rabbits in Victoria waaay back. I believe it was the first local cache page with a unique psycadelic(sp?) background. These visitor caches have added a welcome bit of foreign flavor to our area. How is lucyandrickie's, "Gift to Victoria" doing?
  13. I squished mosquitoes between the pages of the log book to create a unique monogram.
  14. It's been bugging me all afternoon. (I was out fishing). Why would some peasant think an emperor would want a friggin fish for a gift? I doubt a palace guard would even consider letting some louse infested low life go trapsing through the castle with a smelly fish. Imagine what would happen if a bum walked up to the guards at Buckingham Palace demanding to show the Queen his trout.
  15. "Master debaters and cunning linguists" I have to admit I borrowed that from another thread by the Big Guy himself. Seinfeld thread eh? Anybody want to make a bet?
  16. I apologies for my part in the previously locked thread that was "peeing of an admin". I didn't realize a few geocachers having fun could cause them and the sight such hardship. (I honestly am quite ignorant to the ins and outs of sight management ) Senseless? Not if you consider the entertainment value for those of us that may need a break in our stressful lives. Then again some seem to get stressed by taking the GC GAME a little too seriously. IT IS A GAME! FUN! ENTERTAINMENT! Not necessarily a sight for sparring master debaters and cunning linguists.
  17. eroyd


    quote:Originally posted by ZoomZoom:Hey Eroyd! Flip the cd over and play it backwards. Ahhh! You got me on that one. The only thing on the back of my CD's is a picture of a monkey. Are they all like that?
  18. eroyd


    Hey, help me out! I can't find a single song where Jim Morrison mentions a Dog with icecream. On another note. Why shoulds those "MY Stats" be limited to GC caches?
  19. While doing a local multi-cache I found a film container filled with what I assumed was mariawanna. (how would I know if it was real?) I marked the coordinates, encircled the entire area with crime scene tape and then reported the incident to the federal authorities. I understand the police aborted several stakeouts, the EMR team was dispatched and at least one Naval Frigate was re-routed from the Persian Gulf to aid in the investigation. On that particular day the local donut shop was strangely vacant, it's usual patrons instead opting for potato chips and slurpees.
  20. So how do these stats interpret a single 5/5 rated cache from a bunch 1/1's? Doesn't the present system encourage numbers people to avoid more challenging time consuming caches and just do urban sweeps. Perhaps in a new system a cache honestly rated as a 5 would count as 5 points and a 1 could be worth one point. Then I could see stat's meaning something. Shouldn't only caches found in ones own state count for that persons rating within that state.
  21. More simply put, Zuuk knows your "it" J5 and he's telling on you! So there!
  22. eroyd

    Animal Tracks

    opposum tracks have a weird thumb like appendage. The one track looks like a racoons "hand" but the other doesn't.(racoon's have toes on there "feet") I've seen otters covering open ground and they will run straight like a dog placing the rear foot into the track of the front. At this gait the tail rarely touches the ground.
  23. eroyd

    Animal Tracks

    First guess was a racoon but perhaps a river otter.
  24. My two young children seem to take up more and more of my time but I still get out once in a while and wet a line. I enjoy fishing, archery, misc. shooting sports and basically anything to do with hurling projectiles at poor defenseless animals...I also knit a mean tea cozy.
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