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  1. When I started there were only about a dozen or so caches on Vancouver Island and they were predominantly placed by one person. Now there are about 500 and again about half of them are the responsibility of one team.


    Back then placing caches was all about taking people to special places. (as already stated) The locations were often secret spots the hider couldn't help show-off. Most involved some physical effort. Getting to the cache was 95% of the fun and the routes would usually take you right past places that are now considered worthy of there own caches. Doing more than a couple of caches a day could be tough and new caches were exciting and not just the now, "Oh yeh, there's another one, wonder who'll dispatch to that one?"


    The game has changed, still a good game but very different and not all to my personal liking. It seems in some area's there isn't a lonely bush or rock that hasn't had a cache discarded under it. Some folks are all about the numbers, others ftf prizes. We now have cache machines that high grade (or is it low grade) the concentrated areas. To each his own I guess.


    Fortunately there are a still a few that play the game as I feel it was originally intended, but you will never hear them blabbing on the forums.

  2. What's with all the dead mice? There must be something wrong with them cause not even the crows will touch then. Have the parks been been poisoning them? fertilizer/pesticide? have they been chewing on toxic plastic cache containers? or maybe some kind of derranged pyed piper? They appear to be domestic mice littered around the lookout parking lot and near the fagpole. I'm baffed?

  3. And then there are "The Burrowers", those men that lay on the grass or sand on their stomaches. Usually during the summer in proximity to park benches or favoured sunbathing area's. "Burrowers" are often affiliated with that other park menace, "Bushwackers".


    And then there are those that just wander through parks claiming to enjoy the "fresh air" and the "exercise". . . FREAKS!

  4. Up here in B.C. we have a Team with 265+ caches in an area covering several hundred miles, often including remote islands and areas only seasonably accessable. Every cache has/had at least a $20 Ftf prize plus other exciting prizes. Many have much, much more. They are clearly very dedicated to the sport for having accepted responsibility for maintenance of so many caches. Local cachers just love their caches, many are found only minutes after posting!

  5. It's amazing how many cachers are around here or at least people that are aware of the sport. I was out only twice this week with the GPS and both times a passerby knowingly asked me if I'd found the treasure yet. Last year caught doing the same thing they'd of assumed I was some weirdo pervert. Actually it kind of takes a little of the fun out of it......Well!... back to my bridge project.

  6. Ironic how union types like to put down Walmart. No shortage of carded union members racing down there to exploit the better prices. Bet you most of them have a Cosco card tucked right up against their Union card, right where their Eatons and Safeway cards should be. But they can sure talk the talk. :huh:

  7. "Go solar", an interesting thought that kind of brings us back to Geocaching but off this topic. With all our GPSr's, PDA's, laptops, sat. phones, rangefinders, pegfinders, metal detector's, portable weather stations to name a few, has anyone come up with a portable solar unit that could recharge or even run these gadgets?


    The Spirit Class ferries are loaded with hightech gadgets including multi GPSr's to not only navigate the ship but to also aide in docking etc. Heck, most of us people have to pay to play with such gadgetry.

  8. Well I suppose we should reduce subsidies/or service to the smaller routes. Living on a Gulf Island is a lot more of a LIFESTYLE CHOICE than living on Vancouver Island. It's pretty evident that properties on the islands are being scooped up by the wealthy for their luxury retreats. The few that have lived there all along probably don't need to, or even want to commute all that much. So make these routes pay what they're worth. Of course profits from Geocachers commuting to some of the more remote destinations on the off season could really turn finances around.


    Still, I feel these ferry workers are well compensated for what they do and it wouldn't hurt for them to suck their belts in a little for the good of their own employer. Kind of like many of us had to do during the reign of the previous gov't.


    Regardless, the Law of the Land has been broken, only the picketers look bad now!


    Other than missing a few cachemachines. the tossing of a bottle and a potential shortage of AA Batteries, this strike should effect geocachers too much.

  9. If I took every extra inch I was offered in those spam ads. I'd have enough to build a bridge to the mainland.


    Other than the fact they do offer an obstacle to those mainland invaders, hate um!

  10. 1.) I'm well rehearsed in the art. ie. the standing out in open looking thoughtful and bemused stance, or the leaning over the bridge or boat rail to get a better look at the water pose.


    2.) You don't wanna know. I do usually wait till I'm on level ground (usually), otherwise I back peddle. :P

  11. I usually check the forums daily. Mostly for entertainment value and to keep up on current news and events. I enjoy a good laugh once in a while, there are some real comedians in here. A good scrap is always captivating.(We Canadians like a good scrap) however lately the battles have been about as exciting as a Tae Chi tournament.:P


    As far as learning anything new about caching, there ain't much. Lets face it, Geocaching is really a pretty simple concept. Most topics to do with geocaching have already been covered over and over and over again . I think the New Topic Well is drying up, hense the so called off-topic threads.


    Lately I've noticed a lot of long repetative posts, most only worth skimming. Folks this isn't an essay contest, get to the point. example: Eroyd your a A H and I'm not! Lets quit it with the two pagers already!


    Oh yeah. How about we skip all the quoting and subquoting, especially when the quote is from the immediately previous post.


    Well this post is too long. Fame on!

  12. I think there's still a small group of hardcore geocachers out there that can and would enjoy the adventure of doing one hike in cache rather than racing around urban areas to pad there all important numbers. It's pretty sad when the hardest part about finding a cache is finding a parking spot. These GPSR's work just too well.

    Just to boost the GPS aspect of such a long hike, why not make it a multi. No maintainance tags with the next coord's could be place along the way. For that matter even blank markers placed at points of interest would still be fun to find and be a great way for you to be virtual tourguide of your favourite trail.

  13. You can buy pepper spray bear repellant in BC but Mace is prohibited. I believe you have to sign a waiver stating you won't be using it on humans. I however do think giving an offending person a dose of pepper spray is probably a lot better than other more severe options.

    Personally I'd rather share the woods with the bears than with hikers wearing noisy bear dinner bells.

  14. I think the "Warn Bar" is kind of like a military ranking system. The more bars you fill the more respect you receive. So who's gonna be first to Colonel? OR: At the moment you fill the last bar Hydee pops out of your computer screen and raps you on the forehead with a wooden mallet. ;)

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