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  1. Did you miss the part where he says they have been archived already Yes--if you'd kept reading and seen my other posts you would see that I did miss that.
  2. Exactly. I thought the OP was writing about other, unarchived ones. My mistake.
  3. Ah--I thought you were talking about unarchived, abandoned ones. Same rules apply, though. Glad I could help!
  4. Why are you laughing? Having carloads of people walking around on the same route to find caches is hard on a fragile environment.
  5. I'm pretty sure that only the cache owner can initiate the adoption process. If they don't respond, it can't be done. If they haven't active in years, I would personally request that be archived--a "Needs Archived" log. Plenty on the forums will disagree with that, though. I wish more older, out of date caches would get archived so we'd get new ones.
  6. I disagree--sure that's part of it, but when the nice spots are taken by caches that might only be found a dozen times a year or less, others can't hide traditionals for folks to enjoy a dozen times a month.
  7. But there are whole threads to new cache OWNERS complaining about not being able to put out caches in parks, etc., because of puzzle finals and multi caches. It's not just about finders--other cache owners might be the ones doing the complaining.
  8. Yeah--hadn't even thought about the taking up nice locations aspect of it. I put my Jasmer Challenge final on a biking path, but the spot stayed empty for a year after I archived the traditional I had there. Still--some might complain. The out-of-state aspect can't be denied--I recently finished a really tough challenge and got a FTF on it over a thousand miles from home, and I was definitely happy that the final was in an easy grab, who knows when I will be in the Miami area again? Maybe never!
  9. I don't mind easy hides at the end at all--after spending ages on a tough puzzle or challenge, the last thing I want is to dnf the final, especially if I'm visiting from out of state.
  10. That's Chatfield! Wow, So close to my mom's house, I'll be there! Road trip!
  11. Does that matter? It still wasn't enough room. A cache series that draws carloads of people who are probably caching at all hours (even with a "no night caching' attribute and plea on the cache page) shouldn't be put somewhere like that. Groundspeak needs to take that as a lesson learned.
  12. And once the art is archived (and all of it will be eventually, no cache lasts forever)--your smiley bit on the map is gone. I did the NC star--one of them got archived and replaced with a puzzle or something, now I have 49 smileys and an unfound cache on the map!
  13. Colorado is such a gorgeous place with two July 2000 caches, the mountains, and lots of other great caches and places too go, I've always really scratched my head over anyone spending 3 or 4 days where they put that geoart then turing around and going home. It always seemed nuts to me.
  14. The North Carolina Star is mostly traditionals and off the trails. I'm surprised the park gave them permission to hide so many caches off the trails--all those people tramping through along the star route are surely doing damage to the environment. The ones that are all question marks at least allow for controlling where people walk. It's a National Forest, no less! I did it with friends, and wouldn't do one like that again.
  15. The need for a 12-month moratorium on challenges pales in comparison to this. Let's see a 12-month moratorium on art and power trails.
  16. And I really don't think they are good for the desert, either. Bad for the environment, bad public relations--what's the upside?
  17. So what changes to the guidelines would eliminate them, without causing the volunteer reviewers undue headaches? 1) You MUST maintain your own caches. Stating or implying on the cache page that others may assist you in that will not be tolerated. 2) Stating on your cache page that Three Cache Monte is acceptable will not be tolerated. 3) Throwdowns are not allowed, even if the cache page says they are. Your log can be deleted for that. 4) Reinstate the wording "Just because you can hide a cache every 528 feet does not mean that you should." That would be a good start, at least. I used the word "reinstate" only on #4, but really, it could be used just as well on the first three, too. Those things never used to be considered acceptable, but permissiveness prevailed, and we are now seeing the results. +1 Good ideas, all!
  18. A hobby like geocaching needs to have the good will of our neighbors, if it loses that, it's in real trouble. Situations like this don't create good will--GS should stop publishing them.
  19. Groundspeak needs to stop publishing power trails. They are giving caching a bad name.
  20. I've been on the fence about geoart and power trails, but this is enough to put firmly on the side of not allowing them. Even the ET trail that I did part of--maybe nobody lives there, but people running back and forth across the landscape, even it's only 50 feet, isn't good for the desert environment. I'm starting to feel like power trails where people live makes us poor neighbors, and power trails in the desert are tough on the landscape, especially those people walk in some ways--people are digging trails into the topsoil, such as it is.
  21. OK. I understood that banning 3 members awhile back was all about making the forums a more welcoming place. Guess not--
  22. I reported this thread last night, no response from any moderator over 12 hours later. This kind of thread, made only to mock, does not help build a strong community. I really can't understand why the moderators allow it to continue. What's the point of a thread like this? It is only for mocking others. Reporting it did no good. Kinda sad--
  23. This doesn't surprise me at all. Having these kinds of things where people live is just never a good idea. It gives geocaching a very bad name.
  24. I don't like those kind of logs on my caches. Give me a synopsis of your fun trip in a few sentences, then say something about my cache. 3-4 paragraph logs about trips are kind of a drag, especially if you're going to log more than one of my caches! To echo some points made above--it's kind of spam, and it just makes for clutter when others want to look through logs for info about the actual cache.
  25. If a benchmark has been found by a geocacher, they often post corrected coordinates on the benchmark page--be on the watch for those.
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