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  1. I kind of have to laugh--was just checking on oldest hides in UK, and one was hidden in 1955 and another in 1982 (published in 2014 and 2015). Someone posted a "needs archived" on one of them, and the reviewer responded with "There is nothing in the guidelines to say that the hidden date must be accurate." That kinda tells me everything about the way GS runs the hobby that I need to know!
  2. Gotta admit you're right about that! Any solution would make somebody unhappy!
  3. The video would have been just as much fun if Derek had decided to go on his quest, then when he didn't find the cache, decide to hide a new one in its place. What would be wrong with that video? Equal the fun, in my opinion--more fun, really. Maybe the adoptee owner would have said that was o.k.--but Derek never asked about that, it didn't occur to him. That could have been worked out in advance. It's a replacement cache, it's not the real cache. It might not technically be a throw down, but it's a lousy way to keep a listing from 2008 alive.
  4. That's funny, you managed to name them all. What's up there now is not a legitimate cache dating back to 2008. Nobody has ever seen it since it was placed. Why not archive and create a new cache page? The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. Nice job with the mocking but not addressing any of the issues raised, Derek. "Fun" and "following the spirit of geocaching" aren't mutually exclusive, you know.
  6. Maintaining a cracked or broken cache after a two day hike is one thing, replacing something nobody has laid eyes on in 7 years is another.
  7. The trend of expecting cache owners to maintain caches? The guy who now owns it has never seen it! They adopted it, and they've never even seen it. I don't think it qualifies as a legitimate cache anymore.
  8. And it's been unfound for 7 years. You have to take the actual situation into account at some point, not just keep making general rationalizations. The "oldest unfound cache in Washington State" was not found. A replacement cache was found. So the guy who adopted and gave permission for the replacement never even saw it? That makes the whole situation even sillier.
  9. Cezanne--nothing you said contradicts the point that I made, in fact my solution would work absolutely perfectly: archive the unfound cache and have the person who placed the throw down simply create a new cache page. It would in fact all come to the same conclusion we have now--dnf for Derek, find for the next person. Only the find would be for a real cache, not some throw down. And I admit, that it bugs me that an HQ Lackey did the deed and made the video--it really does give the impression that GS is just fine with this kind of thing. Think, GS, think--what kind of impression are you making?
  10. Missing and never found for 7 years--let's be precise. For all we know, it went missing the day after it was placed.
  11. Narcissa--in many cases, works for me! Archiving old caches so we can have new ones is not evil, especially if it's because the owner themselves isn't maintaining it.
  12. The fact that it was never found is what's bugging me--replacing something that was never found seems really silly. The guy who replaced it should just create a new listing--the old CO might have been willing to archive his.
  13. Oldest unfound cache in Washington State? And it's missing? Archive the sucker! With or without permission, I would label the replacement cache as a throw down. The guy that hiked up there to replace it should just ask the CO to archive the old one and put his new one up there as a new listing. Replacing something that was never found so that the next group to come along can now say they have a find on a historic, hard to find cache just seems wrong--very against the spirit of geocaching. The whole story makes the hobby look ridiculous. Anything for a lonely cache 5/5 smiley, eh? I understand the replacement guy didn't log it--another group who came late logged it. The whole story still seems really, really silly to me.
  14. 100 in a day is pretty easy without a power trail--if you have a big enough urban area, that's pretty doable. I'd say it's the out limit, but doable, I have a friend who has planned a trip like that a few times. It's all about planning your route--I think she really enjoyed planning the route!
  15. If it's about the find not the smiley, don't log them on online either, and your problem is solved.
  16. I really hope that someday they let us move them around--
  17. Power trail! Knew there had to be more to the story!
  18. This is what lead to my confusion. It looked to me (a novice) that there were at least three people involved when it was just one, and that someone was archiving the caches of two other people. I obviously still have a lot to learn. That confused me when I started, too! No worries!
  19. I think the point is that the MC isn't accessible from our paid app. I don't mind the MC, but want to be able to access it directly from my official app.
  20. The key question is just what are most MC messages used for? There is a difference between casual chatting and serious communication that one wants to save organized cache-wise (this applies both to the situation of reviewers and owners of more complex ECs and virtual caches). I have no doubts that the MS appeals to those who enjoy chatting via social media. Moreover, a normal e-mail message via gc.com allows for 5000 characters. One needs to write 5 messages in the MC per message in the e-mail system. So the number of messages sent might not be the best indicator. Cezanne--you own 1 virtual cache and no EarthCaches. I think that you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. I looked at your virtual cache--the answers come down to a line or two each (if that in most cases). It just doesn't look all that complicated--long, yes, but complicated, no. And I agree with someone who posted above, you are here onsite all the time. Using the MC doesn't look like it should be that big an issue. As for EarthCaches, for the most part, an instant email isn't needed. Replying the next day is usually fine.
  21. It's just a cross we have to bear…I visited Scotland a year before I started caching…***sob***
  22. Are you sure there's no puzzle or multi final up there you can't see? Or a premium member cache?
  23. Perhaps an extraordinary amount of imagination and skill, as well! The rare ones must be praised for their greatness, rather than putting down the rather more ordinary if the puzzle or challenge owner of the others did their best.
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