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  1. My main concern is that I only get these emails from people who are genuinely trying to solve something on their own, so I don't want to spoil it entirely, nor do I want to discourage them from finding it.




    I have a variety of reasons for not using checkers for some of my puzzles, but I never refuse to verify coordinates when asked.


    If the coordinates are wrong, I can usually tell why and I additionally offer a hint to help the solver go in the right direction.


    For me as a puzzle creator, the joy comes from people successfully solving the puzzle. It's not some kind of me vs. them competition, but at the same time there is no fun for either me or the seeker if I just give them the solution.


    It requires (*gasp*) some judgment and common sense on my part.



  2. Wow, the new app is awful, just awful. it's slow, it's hard to use, it's nothing like the old app. Why didn't they take the classic app and update it with introductions for newcomers and the message center, etc.? I really, really hate this new app. The classic app worked perfectly well--it did everything I ever wanted it to do. I've lived through a lot of changes to the website and caching since 2010--but this is by far the worst--the very worst--thing Groundspeak has done. I've always defended GS (well, until a lackey placed a throwdown in Washington last summer) because change is inevitable. But change from a functional app to a complete mess? I can't defend that.

  3. The PTB have not indicated if the claassic app will still function after the March cutoff date. They have said that it will not be supported after the cutoff date but haven't told us what that means.

    This is not true. Re-read the announcement and prior posts from Geocaching HQ Lackeys.



    Sorry, Keystone--but it's not clear to me at all. Will the classic app work after March 23 (and then the June date mentioned) or not? That seems like a pretty simple questions--will the app still function? Why won't anybody tell us?

  4. New App:


    I set it to filter out my finds and caches, but it persists in listing and showing the four closest finds to my home anyway.

    Burying my actual PQs that I want out in the field in with the lists I have on the website is a major pain in the neck.

    Not being able to save the lists to my phone is not acceptable--when I travel out of the country, I need to have those on my phone since I don't want to use data internationally to find caches.

    Not being able to show lists/PQs on maps makes the lists nearly useless out in the field.


    As others have said--why in the world is this app released only to be fixed on March 23? Why not release it March 23, fully functional?


    I understand the classic won't be updated, and I don't care--but if I'm reading the info right, is it true that it won't even be functional after June? That is just all kinds of wrong--I LOVE my paid app, it does everything I want it to do. Why take it away?

  5. Go here:



    What do you see for your Time Zone? I wonder if you have it set to England, or something like that, that is ahead, and all the date/time is being formatted for your preferred time zone.


    I set my time zone to London, looked at your profile, and now it shows it as 3/01. I bet you have your time zone set incorrectly.


    I would be willing to swear that I checked all that yesterday, made sure etc., but apparently I wasn't in the right place for settings. I went looking again, and you're right--I had it set to London time! It's all fixed now, the date shows as the 29th! Oh man--I could kiss you! Thank you, thank you!


    I checked yesterday, but apparently not in the right place!


    If a mod wants to close this topic, that would be fine. Problem solved!

  6. Not sure what the issue is - when I look at your profile, I see that you have both of the Leap Day Souvenirs and they both say "Acquired on 2/29/2016". Where are you seeing the 3/1 date?


    That's not what I see--the one for the event reads: Acquired on 03/01/2016

    That's odd. Below is what I see when I look at the Souvenirs tab of your profile. Both say 2/29. If you are seeing something different when you look at your profile, then that is a different bug that you may want to submit to Groundspeak:




    That's just weird! For me it reads 3/1! And for people at my event that logged it a little before me, I see "3/1" on their page, too!

  7. Not sure what the issue is - when I look at your profile, I see that you have both of the Leap Day Souvenirs and they both say "Acquired on 2/29/2016". Where are you seeing the 3/1 date?


    That's not what I see--the one for the event reads: Acquired on 03/01/2016

  8. So I logged my event at 9:08 pm EST yesterday, and got a date awarded of 3/1. What the heck? I contacted Groundspeak, and here was the reply:


    ## Reply above this line or click the link below to add a note to this request ##


    Hello Dame Deco,

    Thank you for writing in to us. Unfortunately, the date on which a souvenir was awarded cannot be changed. It will reflect the date, in Pacific Standard Time, on which the log which earned the souvenir was sent.

    All the best,


    I'm very, very confused--Pacific Standard Time is EARLIER than EST, so why doesn't my souvenir have the right date? This happened to me last summer--a physical cache came back with the right souvenir date, and an event the same evening came back as the next day. I let it go because it didn't matter last August, but now I want my souvenir date to be 2/29!


    What can be done about this? I know they can erase souvenirs--why not erase mine and let me relog or something? I didn't reply to the post because the directions above didn't seem to fit anything I was seeing on the computer screen.


    Anyone else have this problem?


    I logged at a little after 9 pm last night, I got the souvenir immediately, dated for the next day.

  9. Mine crashed every time I tried to open it a dozen times just now. Not sure what happened--it was working fine last month.


    Hmmm...it stays open when I have the location disabled. I can still search with it, of course--but not "nearby" with the location enabled. And "no be.nch marks found" when I put in my zip code.

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