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  1. It's funny, but the best luck that I've had is to put the GPS on satellite mode (with bars/satellites/changing numbers showing, etc.) and walk very, very slowly to the spot I want to mark, stand there a minute, and mark it. That's usually a lot more accurate that then the back and forth, switching waypoints, etc. I've gotten a better fix that way then doing multiple readings or averaging.


    In my opinion, the difficulty and terrain ratings are there to let the cacher know what to expect prior to setting out on the hunt, not as some kind of point system.


    I know that a lot of people use it as a point system, but that's not the intended use.


    If I roll up to the cache in my chair along with a couple of able-bodied people and one of them climbs that ladder and brings the cache down to me, I am going to sign the log and feel just fine considering it a find.


    I knew that if I kept reading the thread, someone would put it better than I could. Well said, scape goat. You know, this is a hobby, it's supposed to be fun--sometimes you just gotta let stuff go. The ratings are so inexact anyway, I don't see that it really matters. There are plenty of 1-difficulty and 4-difficulty caches that just have me scratching my head. I guess I can understand a cache owner putting in a lot of work making their cache a 5-difficulty for terrain and then being a bit disappointed with 20 finds for 4 folks who climbed up to get it. But--that's the kind of thinking that gives you ulcers and heart attacks. Just let it go.

  3. But if he tosses down a new container he IS hurting the game--maybe not with the rest, but tossing down new containers definitely does harm.
    Please describe this 'harm', just so we are on the same page.
    I've found more than one throw-down cache that was placed within inches of a much more creative hide. Off the top of my head: Those who find the throw-down cache are deprived of getting to experience the cache owner's creativity. The cache owner's reputation is tarnished when others think he/she actually hid the uncreative throw-down cache. Those who find the throw-down cache may be deprived of a smiley if the cache owner checks their online logs against the physical log of the original cache and deletes their online logs.


    Exactly, now I don't have to answer--but that's just what I meant.

  4. Here is my thought (which don't mean much) about this.


    This is a game. It is meant to have fun. I have fun finding caches. It used to be about numbers when I started, now its about fun with the family. If I don't find them all, who cares.

    There is a local cacher in our area that lies about his numbers, finds caches without even leaving his house, our goes out to find a cache and if he can't find it after 5 minutes, places a new container where he thinks it should be and off he goes.

    I know this is wrong and it used to bother me a bunch, but now I don't really care. My thoughts are like this... If this is how HE is having fun with the game and it's not bothering ME or OTHER cachers, then who cares. As long as he is having fun, then more power to him.


    But if he tosses down a new container he IS hurting the game--maybe not with the rest, but tossing down new containers definitely does harm.

  5. Thanks, Team Laxson--it's basically a challenge to do at least six caches in 10 different counties to get 10 different coins in Pennsylvania. West Virginia has something similar, although it's 15 caches in 3 categories plus a general cache everyone does for the coin.


    I probably won't be able to head into the high country on this trip--I was interested to see if there was a coin challenge series, but apparently there isn't. I'm going to bookmark the caches you listed, though, so that maybe I can do them when I'm in Colorado in the summer.


    Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

  6. I'm really enjoying the Allegheny Geotrail in PA and intend to to the Great Lakes challenge in the spring--are there any of these sorts of things in the Rocky Mountains at this time? Any information would be appreciated--thanks!

  7. This is still a go--did three counties yesterday with loftongal and Chris K.


    A word to the wise--call first to where ever you intend to start and make SURE they have the passports and their Hours of Operation in the off season.


    We loved it--great caches, great countryside, a thoroughly good time! We'll have to wait to get our coins, but we loved the experience!

  8. Cache #182 was my FTF a week ago, and I was soooo excited! I drove over to it practically shaking--got it about 40 minutes after it was published, 2 miles from my home. 2 days later one popped up 8 miles away, and I knew I probably didn't have a shot. But no one had logged it within an hour, and I drove out at lunch. I was third--but to see such a nice pristine cache was very nice. I enjoyed the excitement--I'm glad that the FTFers didn't get a chance to log it for a couple of hours. That's all part of the game.

  9. I've been all over the site, and I can't really figure out where to go for help or where to report a problem, so I decided to post here. I've uploaded images in the past, but yesterday and today, it's not working. I keep getting an error message. I tried the "Report a Bug" section, but it's a bit confusing--taking some advice from there, I converted the pics from jpg to png, then tif--nothing works.


    Is anyone else having problems?



  10. Very early on in my caching I decided that I didn't blame the national parks for banning them--even when folks are careful and hides are obvious, you get geotrails, it's inevitable, unless it's concrete of course! I won't destroy vegetation to find a tough cache--I'd rather have a DNF than break branches and destroy vegetation. I will admit to trampling down those honking big thorn bushes that do literal damage to my body, but I need to stop doing that, truth be told.


    Why not leave the really tough, clever hides to the more ordinary places, or places needing some stealth? For geocaches out in the beauties of nature, it's the trip that makes it worthwhile, not an impossible to find micro.

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