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  1. My multis are as you describe, but our local reviewers are trying to standardize things around here, and from now on, such a cache must be a puzzle cache. If there aren't physical containers at the stages it's unknown/mystery/puzzle. In a case like this--only your final needs to be .1 mile from any other physical cache or physical stage of a multi cache.
  2. Another good thing to do is go to events--coffee and dinner ones, etc., and just chat with people. That's where most puzzle talk gets done in my neck of the woods, I think.
  3. I just checked--it's right where it's always been, unknown cache.
  4. Any hobby that makes me think about the word "blame" isn't a hobby I care to participate in. I just shrug it off and enjoy the good ones if I'm disappointed. If I think something is actually dangerous, I will send an email or post a NM log. That is all. It's all about having fun.
  5. That person is doing it just for fun, too--the fun of trying for a FTF. You play your way, let them play theirs.
  6. Yes. I know. As I said--3 times in a row over 6 days (once every three days). Instead of a green "it ran" message or whatever it says, I get one in red that says "it couldn't be scheduled." You can't run it more often--the button only goes live when it's o.k. I'm saying the button is there, it's more than 3 days since I ran it last, it lets me push the button, then it says in red that it can't do it. Very strange.
  7. 3 times in a row now, when I try to run a My Finds PQ, the site tells me that it couldn't schedule it to run. Something to download still appears in the download section, and it will download into GSAK, but when I try to upload it to MyGeocachingProfile.com, it won't work. That site tells me that it isn't a legitimate file, that it has data in it. This hasn't ever happened to me before. Like I said--it's been 3 times in a row--for over 6 days now. Any advice would be appreciated--thanks. ETA: Whoops--the results did load this time, when I downloaded the zip instead opening it and downloading the file. But still--I get a message in red saying it couldn't be scheduled on the PQ page after it runs and the site sends me an email telling me it ran--is this a bug?
  8. Or, you know, you can do as I suggested, and just manually go along your route using your mouse. Works perfectly for me, and doesn't take that long. There aren't that many rest areas per state.
  9. Last night I planned a trip from Ohio to Colorado and found all the rest areas just by using my mouse to drag along the route. The central plains aren't all that heavily cached, except for the big cities--you can zoom out pretty far and zoom in when caches show up sitting on the highway to see if they are at actual rest areas. I did 4 states or so in well under an hour. PQs that give you a zillion caches aren't always the way to go! I find just using the original maps (not the beta where I have to roll over a cache 5 times to get the link to pop up) and going over the route by hand gets me what I need. That way you also find an interesting virtual or whatever that's a mile or two off the highway in a small town.
  10. I've driven across country on 70 and 80 between Ohio and Colorado, and I just went ahead and moved along the map/highway the whole way, essentially doing it by hand, instead of doing a PQ. I'd hate to miss something good that's 1/4 mile outside the pq. It might take an evening, but it's fun to look at cache pages and favorite points, etc. In each state, I picked at least one virtual and one Earthcache, knowing that the container can't be lost! I bookmark the likely ones, edit it once I'm done, do a PQ of the bookmark, and voila, I've got my plan.
  11. They serve their purpose. When I'm out doing Earthcaches and virtuals, or tricky multis and puzzles that I might have to DNF, I appreciate a nearly LPC so that I can sign at least one log that day, especially on an out-of-state trip. And if I'm too busy to cache, but really need a quick fix, a LPC is just the thing. My first LPC was hilarious, anyway--like everyone else, I thought "who knew these lifted?" I think I might have set a record for how long it took me to figure it out, though--I had to dnf a few before realizing where the caches were! D'oh!
  12. Don't try. If it makes that person happy, just smile and let him be. One thing I love about caching is all the ways others cache--I can cache by myself or join a numbers person for numbers run, or a puzzle solver for a puzzle run, etc. Different caching styles means different caching buddies and lots of fun days.
  13. I had trouble with this--you have to make it "collectible"--you can't move it to your collection until you do.
  14. Uh oh--sure, you hit "print" and they show up without, but only for 10 logs! How will I ever be able to print all the logs for my cache? The avatars in the cache pages HAVE to go! Why in the world would they add those, anyway? It's hard to find the actual log, the print's too small compare to the pics. Maybe if the avatars were thumbnails, but even that would just suck everything out of my print cartridges. Yuck.
  15. ETA: Well, it quoted me instead the helpful person! Well, you know who you are! Thanks! And to the person below who told me that the "print" screen doesn't bring up the avatars, too--I appreciate the info!
  16. Where did they say they were changing back? And when? It's AWFUL! So distracting, and how will I ever print my cache pages?
  17. I do it all the time--just log it with "write note" instead of "found it" as someone else said above.
  18. I've only had good experiences so far. I published three Earthcaches this spring. For the first, the reviewer asked me to change a couple of questions, which I did, and it was published. My second and third Earthcaches were published as I originally submitted them, no questions asked. I find the guidelines to be clear, and I really enjoyed the learning process that went along with developing them.
  19. I've just gone platinum! I try to grab Earthcaches on all my road trips, so even though I've only found 43 Earthcaches so far, I've done them in 15 states and the District of Columbia!
  20. Perhaps I just have a dark sense of humor...but I can't help but feel that trying to keep the Ape caches going would be more meaningful if they had been tied to...you know...a GOOD movie! O.K.--there, I said it. I've always found it humorous that these famous caches were tied to a lame remake. The caches are iconic, but what they were tied to sure wasn't! If only they'd been tied to something that was iconic in and of itself. If the others were archived without the original container, then this one should go the same way. I basically joined too late for an ape icon and a locationless icon--and I'm fine with that. The sport evolves, it has its own history, and the Mission 9 cache is now history. At least there's still one out there!
  21. It's funny, but the best luck that I've had is to put the GPS on satellite mode (with bars/satellites/changing numbers showing, etc.) and walk very, very slowly to the spot I want to mark, stand there a minute, and mark it. That's usually a lot more accurate that then the back and forth, switching waypoints, etc. I've gotten a better fix that way then doing multiple readings or averaging.
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