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  1. So what is that I'm having a conversation with vicekitty, that's what's "so what." I do believe that that is the purpose of the forums.
  2. Oxsling is 1 or 2--I think there was somebody with more at the mega event in Maine, but can't remember. Just because nobody has a applied for the diamond award doesn't mean nobody is qualified for it.
  3. Ah, well that explains it. Here's what I mean by boastful: As you say--context!
  4. I've looked through your gallery and clicked on the logs with pics, I've read your FTF logs, checked out some of your puzzle finds--saw more FTFs. Your boastful logs pretty much provide all the context I need. In just about every one you brag about how smart you are, how only you could figure out how to find it first, etc. Other peoples' FTFs mean nothing--only yours really count. Context can be from the other person's point of view, too, you know--your fellow cachers.
  5. Maybe you don't even realize it but you are taking jabs at your local caching community. Your logs and your commentary on your profile makes it sound like you think you are better than them because they only go after easy FTFs. Your log on the cache that had the bad coordinates reeks of entitlement as you say that your should be entitled to FTF honors because you were the first to look for it. Of course, the reaction is off the grid. Nothing you do or say gives someone the right to steal caches or threaten you in any way. Why not simply remove yourself from the controversy? Tone down the rhetoric. Find caches and write about your experience, not about other geocachers. Don't compare yourself and your caching habits to other geocachers in your logs. Take the high road and you take away their reason to act badly. +1 I went through your gallery last night, looked at your FTF logs, and your logs are very, very boastful. You need to walk a mile in their shoes--pretend those are logs by somebody else and ask yourself how they'd make you feel. But no one has the right to send threatening emails, either. I'm not trying to blame the victim--you are the victim of an email threat. But tone down your FTF rhetoric a bit--it sounds like you're calling your area cachers idiots.
  6. I read the cache page, vicekitty, and I don't think that people were asking for confirmation because you were the FTF. The next finders mention the cache migrating--whoever emailed might have done the same no matter who was the FTF. Sounds like it's a bit of a tricky hide.
  7. Just chiming in one last time to agree with the idea that the OP should contact GS about it and let them handle it.
  8. Yep, you knew that there was more to the story.
  9. I laughed when I saw that! To the OP: perhaps you should choose one or the other--the pic in your gallery about the joy of an early morning FTF or your anti-FTF philosophy statement. Choose one or the other. You might place a Premium Member Only cache and see what happens--you can see who visited the cache page. Place three or four that way, see if there's overlap in viewers and disappearing caches. Chances are, though, nothing will happen at all.
  10. yep, send that email--and there was no 11-11-11 souvenir, they didn't do one for that.
  11. Go to the cache page, then go to the cache owner's page, then hit the link to email them.
  12. Also--a magnetic strip, a few inches long, an inch wide, outside painted silver, log taped on the magnetic side--
  13. Looks like you found at least one with a log to sign (saw that you took TBs), so leave it at that. You can claim Cuba. DNF the rest. I'm not saying I'd photo log anyway, even if I found NO physical containers. I don't think I would, though it would be sad to be cache-less in Cuba. But that isn't an issue--any logs you signed are fine, any you didn't, I'd delete photo logs. I hate it when people "photo log" webcams--if a webcam is down, I skip those, too. No log--no find. I certainly wouldn't just be posting pictures from traditional sites and claiming them as finds.
  14. Maybe GS will tweak these based on these issues--folks are doing a good job of highlighting what hard's to see.
  15. Wow, you're right, it looks awful. All that colorlessness is just depressing. I really don't like it at all--geocaching is such a happy sort of a hobby, why take all the color out? Except for red and green for Christmas, of course. A page of all gray is just strange.
  16. Too much red and green--it's like Christmas every day of the year.
  17. I actually do agree with you that GS implied that there was a souvenir--they did a poor job of marketing on this one. I just hope that if they decide to give out one retroactively, those of us who didn't make it a point to log one because we knew there wasn't one will have a chance to earn one. I've been thinking of doing one on Thursday after work, anyway.
  18. If they COULD do a retroactive souvenir, maybe they could still give all a chance by stating that you need to log an EC this week--I think Earth Day also has an Earth Week attached--then everyone would still have a few more days to do it if they decided to give out a souvenir after all.
  19. Well, I was too busy to grab an EC Sunday (I've already logged 149, and I'm a Platinum EC Master)--I specifically gave it a pass because I knew there was no souvenir, and I didn't have an EC I could do with the amount of time I had. If there's a retroactive souvenir I can't get, I'll be just as mad as folks who are mad now because they logged an EC. You can't please everyone. The info was available in the forums--in the International Earth Day thread, I think--it was clearly stated that there was to be no souvenir.
  20. Also, just try google--someone might have made a bookmark about just such a thing. I'm found lots of interesting public bookmarks that way.
  21. I think it's because there is an International Earth Day or whatever--in other words, it's tied to something other than caching in terms of science/the environment/education etc.
  22. It's ironic that we just had a long thread about how busy reviewers are so why not ask questions about placements on the forums before creating a cache page. Now folks are saying, just make the cache page and wait for the reviewer to get to it! Newbies must get so confused...
  23. While listing the final coordinates is required (like puzzle caches and multi-caches), I believe you're allowed to keep them hidden. Some sort of GPS coordinates is required, but they could be used simply as a starting point. Yep--the coordinates for mine are the starting point, though I give an easy math hint in the hints if folks don't want to follow the directions.
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