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  1. You might try finding one nearby, then hitting "other caches nearby" that one on the cache page and just looking at a list instead of the maps. You can then sort by favorite points or D/T. Or do a PQ and sort them by name in GSAK.
  2. Ah, that makes sense, lol! Well just stop and do some Earthcaches alonng the way!
  3. I view caches I got months ago fairly often--to see other logs, to see if a TB was picked up, to see if they took my swag, could be for any number of reasons.
  4. Your going to be passing through beautiful country with all kinds of great virtuals and earthcaches and field puzzles--that's what I'd put all my effort into, along with traditionals, etc.--why do a power trail?
  5. but as a premium member you can then eliminate who was looking at your listing, who actually logged it as a find and who viewed it but did NOT log it as a find, right, but then again as I fear, they may have already mass downloaded coords and to save your previous listings that were under free membership, so to protect all you have out there, you then must MOVE them all, relist new coords, under the Premium Membership, thus messing up thier game plan, right???? Well, I look at plenty of cache pages and don't go look for the caches, or save them for later. I'd hate to be accused because I looked at the page but didn't log the cache.
  6. Yes--she should log away. ETA: as the post above says--make sure to backdate them and say why, etc. And except in very rare cases of locked cache pages, you can even backlog archived caches.
  7. If your phone shows you two miles away, it's because it's using a cell tower. Are you sure you have your GPS activated? It takes a lot of battery, so my GPS in the phone is always off unless I'm using it to cache. Make sure your GPS is on in the phone before trying to cache.
  8. When the original owner, container, and logs are gone, the cache should be gone, too. No cache can live forever.
  9. They don't, no link needed, there's no such rule. And so poor souls with single accounts and no one to continue a streak when they are sick or stuck far from a cache can't complete a challenge while those with 2 cachers on one account just skate on by. I didn't mean to apply that it was a rule, or even that it SHOULD be a rule. But it's funny to see all of the F vs. DNF threads with nobody considering the fact that challenges are completed by teams with a distinct advantage over single cachers. Where are the caching purists in those cases?
  10. The only problem with account like that is logging 366 day challenges, Fizzy challenges, etc.--if both weren't at each cache. For caching streaks (100 days, a year), it makes a difference if an account logs it as a find when both people didn't cache every day.
  11. People do it both ways, but if your lunch-break caches will often diverge, I'd register for a second account. One of you can keep the old one, and the other one can go back and relog the finds on the new account for the days the logs were signed, and then move forward from there. Unless it's been locked (and it probably hasn't been), you can even go back and log that first archived cache for the day you found it.
  12. Agreed. It's a cache in a foreign land the CO might never be able to visit again. The log can reflect the search and the fact that the find is based on the CO's permission rather an actual find. My stats are for me anyway--for nobody else. Even my list of FTFs on my profile is because I'll see them there when I look at my profile--I don't suppose anyone else ever really goes there and scrolls down. If I want to see that cache in my list of places I've cached and on a map with all the memories attached--then I'd go ahead and log it. It's not like I'd be using it be the number # cacher in the world or whatever. It's a hobby, and the finds are a list of places I've cached. There was a thread recently of someone wanting to log a find in Cuba that was gone--in that case I gave my opinion that it shouldn't be logged because the OP had other Cuba finds, so don't do it. But this is the one and only cache the OP had the time to look for.
  13. But at the end of the day, all the Cache Owner had to do was check it, and the CO didn't. Sometimes you just gotta let stuff like this go.
  14. That's caching--it would be pointless and boring if everything worked out as planned every time. It's the roadblocks and uncertainty along the way that make it all fun. Sometimes you get stuck, but that's life.
  15. Check out nearby events, too--there are plenty of coffee and cache-type meetings in the evening, NE Ohio has an incredibly friendly caching community--
  16. You can check out the NE Ohio forums: http://www.geochums.com/forums/index.php
  17. That happens to everyone--eventually everyone will have nothing left close to them if they've cached a lot.
  18. Here's the thing...there's nothing anyone on the forums can do. You can let GS know about the situation, as well as the local reviewer, then put the whole family on your ignore list and cache elsewhere. I don't see any other choice for you--it's too bad, but all you can do is move on and cache elsewhere.
  19. I know...but I could live with myself if I did it, I think!
  20. +1 I'm generally against logging anything as a find if I didn't find it, but this seems like a unique case. You did cache there, the CO did confirm that you were in the right place. I might log it after a FTF, too, if I didn't think I'd ever be in Indonesia again. Write a nice full log if you do--the whole experience so that's it not just for the smiley, but for the memories, too.
  21. Just out of curiosity, I went back through the thread. 6 people, including myself, think that your logs are a bit boastful and you might tone them down a bit, and 4 people think that your logs are absolutely fine. So that's actually 6 to 4 against your view. That said, log however you want. All I wanted to do was point out how some folks might read them. I wasn't trying to bully you--I'm sorry that you felt bullied. I only wanted to show you that others might take a different point of view. Make of it what you will. But 6 to 4 is hardly "a very small minority". In my count I disregarded views of the profile and counted views of the logs only.
  22. I agree with the guy up page or on the last who said that the smallest thing can set somebody off, so who knows, really--the threatening email might have nothing to do with the logs.
  23. I know it's not a private conversation, but I also didn't understand what "so what" added to the conversation. He doesn't think his comments are boastful, either. But others do. Vicekitty seems to be completely oblivious to how some others might read his logs. I'm just pointing out how some might view them--not all, but some. We all have our blind spots and don't always know how we are coming across to others. We can't all be best friends, we won't all agree all the time, and that's fine, but that doesn't meant that we should completely ignore what people of a different mindset might be thinking.
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