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  1. Making lists, keeping records, checking things off--that's part of the fun. It's not like if I skip the labs, I'm twiddling my thumbs. At the Hatfield and McCoy Mega Event I went with friends to get the oldest cache in West Virginia instead of doing the labs--it was a 17-mile round trip on rock-strewn dirt roads, top speeds of 20 mph, and usually half that, it took us a couple of hours. Got one smiley instead of 5 lab icons--but it was a blast. The labs might have been equally as much fun, but since logging them would mess up my stats, I skipped them. If I don't do the labs because it will mess up my stats, I do something else that geocache-related. When it comes down to a choice, I'll pick what I can log. Documenting things is one of the things I enjoy about geocaching. I know a guy that never logs online anymore--or not 95% of the time at least. To each his own. I'm only explaining why I won't do labs. I wish they would count like benchmarks--a record of them, but not counted as a find.
  2. Yep--just go to the log, hit "edit," then hit "delete" for one of them. Easy as pie!
  3. Well, I didn't do them at Hatfield and McCoy, and I won't be doing them at the EarthCache mega event if they are there. They sound interesting, and I want to do them--but if they mess up my milestones because they count as finds, but don't show up in any statistics, I'll be avoiding them like the plague. It's a shame, really--they sound like fun. I did some of the now-defunct challenges only because they didn't show up as finds. But if these are finds but not really finds...color me very, very confused. "Don't count in statistics" but "count as finds" means that milestones will be off. How does that count as not affecting my statistics? I'd like more of an explanation before heading off to Utah this weekend just in case there are any there. I would be interested in doing them if they ARE finds or if they ARE NOT finds (and I get the icon, like benchmarks). But these seem like they are located in some sort of no-man's land in the middle.
  4. I can't understand this part of it: it doesn't affect my statistics, but it's a find, so it would mess up my mile stones. How is that not affecting my statistics? I was at Hatfield and McCoy, and I purposely skipped the lab caches for this reason. It should either count as a find, or it shouldn't. How can it be both? Just looking for info here--it's confusing. I'm going to the EarthCache Mega this weekend, and I might do a lab if I knew it wouldn't mess up my milestones. But as I understand it--it would. I would do them if they were either one or the other--but this half-way thing just has me scratching my head.
  5. I'd be tempted to leave it so everyone can see what sort of person she is. Her log says a lot more about her than you. Just ignore it. Karma will do its work in the future, it always does.
  6. For height, I just use eyeball it thinking of 6-feet tall people stacked up. For water temp, I just have a cheap outdoor thermometer I bought at Walmart.
  7. Best thing for you to do is contact the CO. Spend time trying to solve it, do anything you can think of, then ask CO for help, telling them what you tried. Puzzle-makers are much more inclined to help you when you've shown that you tried your hardest to figure it out yourself.
  8. If it's two separate caches, I'd have to say no, he can't do that. Perhaps you should contact the reviewer first? Then Groundspeak?
  9. It's not proper etiquette to ask for help with puzzles on the forum. Email the CO, and if you don't have it solved in time for your trip, find other caches instead.
  10. I don't fail to log them because I see it as a personal failure--I don't want the CO to worry about the cache if I didn't really look for it hard enough. Could be there are a lot of folks like that--probably more than folks who don't log because they see it as a personal failure, anyway.
  11. I only log dnfs if I feel like I really gave it my best shot in finding it. If I was in a hurry, or if it was in a muggle-heavy area, or if I didn't want to spend too much time in one place because I'm caching alone--I won't log a dnf. But if I really looked an it's a tough hide, or if I think it might be missing, I log a dnf.
  12. I don't believe you said what kind of walk--a quarter mile through a park or a neighborhood is one thing, and a quarter mile walk along a busy thoroughfare is another. And parking on a shoulder as a possibility might lead some to do something stupid. I personally wouldn't do it--the only time I'd place a cache with no parking available is when it's in a park or something, where the walk would be safe and pleasant--or challenging if it's up a hill in the woods, etc. But no parking in an urban environment means no cache for me.
  13. All 32 bridges/arches in Central Park in NYC plus the final--a 33-stage multi. I'm hoping to do in a couple of weeks. http://coord.info/GC17MX1
  14. Ah--not just me! I posted a topic, too--
  15. I can't log into geocaching.com. I sent an email, but since I got one back saying they wouldn't reply for 3-5 business days (and this is Sunday), I thought I'd create a thread and see if anyone else is having problems. I get an error message, then I get the box for typing in the text in addition to just logging in, but I get the same error message. It's the same computer I always log in with--can't figure out what's different. I just cleared my cache--didn't help.
  16. I think we need all kinds of earthcaches! Sure, some are hikes to rare areas. But I like simple ones at rest areas while I travel, too. I just like to learn, and I'll take any EC, anywhere. There's a place for the hikes and there's a place for the simpler ones to be done on vacation. They are all a learning opportunity!
  17. Sounds like something I would enjoy! Do it Harry! Go for it!
  18. This whole topic kind of boggles my mind. Worst possible letterbox hybrid: really a traditional with a stamp, but not a micro, yeah! You get a smiley, same as for a traditional without a stamp, not a micro, you can do trades, etc. Best possible letterbox hybrid: cool adventure with clues to the find and a unique stamp at the end. Awesome! So...let's review, shall we: worst case scenario--an average cache that harms no one, good scenarios--fun and a cool stamp, best scenarios--adventure plus a work of art. What's not to like? There's the little letterbox icon, minding its own business, offending no one (well, other than the OP), and someone dumps all over it. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  19. Published a week after my trip to D.C.! I was so mad, lol! Well, I'm sure I'll be in D.C. again! Something to look forward to--
  20. No caches showing up on Maps--on my usual Dell PC in Firefox--I've never actually had this happen before, guess I'm lucky.
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