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  1. Nope I'm not in the least bit curious. I hope it's making them rich enough so that they wouldn't consider selling out to Google, Garmin or some other major corporation that doesn't give a squat about geoaching other than how much money they can make out of it. I like that the site is still run by geocachers, no matter how much money make. +1 And the real people making money off my geocaching are the gas stations...
  2. Ah--but I've seen them as clues in puzzle caches. I guess I didn't know it was background music--sorry.
  3. I've seen them often--though I'm the wrong one to ask how!
  4. Sure--but the point was simply that you don't have to scroll. That was the melodramatic part--but I was wrong. The poster wasn't being melodramatatic, he just didn't know how to use the log book, and now he does.
  5. I've posted multiple times in the thread already. I did it a few time when I started because that's what I was "taught" even though it felt strange--but I thought it was accepted practice. When I found out it was local only, I stopped doing it, but didn't delete any old logs because it would have messed up my milestones. And a lot of the ones I did log multiple times were actually decent hides that took some time and some hiking even though they were temps. I have friends who do it at the same events I log only once, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's part of the culture of caching around here, it harms no one, so I ignore it.
  6. Ah--you don't understand how the log book works. Well--now you do. It is patently untrue that scrolling is necessary. Look in there--you can find friends' logs instantly, too. Pretty cool how it works. Happy caching--
  7. The melodrama was saying that you had to scroll through 4000 logs to find the reviewer. That's absurd, patently untrue, and frankly--melodramatic. As I said--click on the link to the logbook, click on the link to the last page, scroll to the end and there it is. No computer locking up, no problem--simple, takes 10 seconds.
  8. Wicked, freakin' lame. I tried to scroll down to see which reviewer would have published it but my computer couldn't handle skipping past 4,000+ logs and it locked up. I just don't get it. No need to be melodramatic--just click on logbook, then the last page, and there it is--no need to scroll.
  9. At the big fall event that typically has over 100 temps to log, it's set up in 4 or so loops around the Nature Center. Only one of them has super easy, you can see them from way off type caches--they are usually funny and great for kids, I think of it as the family loop. The other 3 loops are usually tougher, and I've been with groups who couldn't even find some the caches--good hides. It typically takes people a good bit of the day, and it's really the major get together in the area--everyone sees old friends, makes new ones, and goes out walking together--it's a beautiful area. I just log it as one find, most log every temp they find, and really--everyone just has a great time. I don't see any harm in it.
  10. I live in NE Ohio, and for the first 3 events with multiple logging I attended, I went ahead and did the same since seasoned cachers were telling me that that was how it was done. I haven't done it in over two years since I found out that it was considered quite unusual. But I didn't go back and delete any of those logs--it would have messed up my milestone caches. I really couldn't care less if my found caches and unique caches don't mesh. I go to events and have fun with people who log over 100 while I'm logging one. They're my friends--I don't care how they log events, it does no harm, and they're fun, great people who have taught me a lot about caching. Some of them make epic caches themselves--really great hides, containers, and puzzles. So what does it matter if they follow a tradition multi-logging events?
  11. Yep--it's not a bug, just something completely idiotic. Either make 'em finds, or count them like benchmarks--on my profile, but not in my stats. Half-way means I'm not bothering with them.
  12. I like the long list I can sort how I like instead of the long list with most recent found first but no other details--this is a nice change!
  13. I've done 18 Wherigos now, and I don't think the cartridge even gave me the code more than 1/3 of the time. I tend to just ignore the code part since there's a good chance it won't be provided because of some of kind of a bug, anyway.
  14. I would have posted a Needs Maintenance log if I was 100% sure the cache wasn't there. If I might have missed it, I would have logged a dnf.
  15. Just put the info in the "Hide and Seek a Cache" option for checking by coordinates. It'll tell you everything that's nearby--feet up to .1 mile, then .1, .2 etc. thereafter.
  16. Email the CO--tell them all the things you tried, then they will be more likely to give you a clue. As long as you make a good effort to solve it, COs will usually help you out. It's not really proper to ask on the open forums.
  17. The easiest thing to do is just solve the puzzles. How many are there, are they especially hard ones?
  18. One is premium member caches--can't remember which is which. Click on one and see! ETA: Circle is premium, I think--
  19. I searched for "how to use etrex 10" on youtube and got a full page of video choices. I only mention this because written instructions would be worthless to me--I have to SEE it being done, lol! I'm clueless when it comes to being told how to do something, I have to be shown for it to make sense to me.
  20. It's the half-way bit that is so bad. I would be perfectly happy to do lab caches with no smiley and no find: give me an icon, put it on my profile page, but count it like benchmarks. Or make it a real find that counts towards my milestones. How can it be a find but it doesn't count towards my milestones. This makes no sense whatsoever. Why didn't they either 1) count it the way they count benchmarks, or 2) count it as a real find, like everything other than benchmarks.
  21. I disagree, I like finding lonely caches. And I always check caches before I go--I'd have known it hadn't been found in a long time before I went.
  22. I don't think it's usually on purpose, though--I think some cell phone apps have that as a default for all trackables in a person's inventory.
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