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  1. Everything changes, that's inevitable. Some things are better, some good things are gone. That's just how life works.
  2. Too bad you didn't bother to read the thread. We aren't discussing a T5 or a T1. We're talking about a T4.5 downgraded to a T4. I really expect moderators to read threads.
  3. Of course--nobody is saying differently. I'm just saying that changing a 4.5 terrain to a 4 terrain isn't a very significant change. One isn't all that different than the other--neither is a 5 or a 1.5. So all things being pretty close to equal--why not leave it as is?
  4. No, no reason at all, since over half of the caches are misrated, in my experience. Really, the whole point would be moot if Groundspeak make the Clayjar system part of submitting a cache page. Everyone would fill out a form that rated each cache, and there would be some uniformity. But then--you'd have folks coming up with ways to cheat by figuring out how to use the variables to get what they want anyway. We're all just chasing our tails. In the end, the OP just needs to go out and find another cache for their grid. That's just how it goes.
  5. Can you tell me the precise difference between a 4 and a 4.5 terrain? Cuz I'd really like to know. Is there a particular geocache that you are trying to rate? Can you describe it? Have you considered looking at the Clayjar method for rating it? Yes, the one in question for this thread. You know...the actual topic... And as for "most accurate information"--what, really, is the difference between a 4.5 and a 4 terrain rating for this particular cache? Why was it done?
  6. Well, if enough of them are wrong, then perhaps I really do have all 81--you'd just to switch them around, and the "true" 81 would be there!
  7. Exactly! Just curious-did the CO explain the change in a note on the cache page or anything?
  8. Can you tell me the precise difference between a 4 and a 4.5 terrain? Cuz I'd really like to know.
  9. Yeah, with the cold winter in Ohio, we had a lot of folks going out for T5s over frozen lakes! But...I kinda think that crossing a frozen lake is scary and deserves a T5, lol!
  10. I have to blow a raspberry on this one. I've found so dang many incorrectly rated caches, it isn't funny. T2 that should be T4, T4 that should be T2, rotten difficulty ratings, the works. Having 9 points of separation for either difficulty or terrain is kind of silly--there's not that enough difference to make it work. A straight 1-5 each way would be much better, with no half points in between. Because of that--there's not much point in changing a 4.5 to a 4. Folks got it for the Fizzy, why not leave it at that? I'd honestly say that aside from 1/1 and 1.5/1.5 caches, I've found many, many more incorrectly rated caches than ones I agree with. It's all too subjective--I know a guy that eats 5-difficulty puzzles for lunch, they really should be rated as a 2 for him. Since it's all kinda silly--the Fizzy challenge seems as good a way to enjoy caching as any. The only ratings that have true definitions are 1 terrain for wheelchairs and 5 terrain for special equipment. Everything in between is just whatever the CO thinks. I can see changing a 4 to a 2 if the terrain had truly changed, but changing a 4.5 to a 4 is disrespectful to all who spent time, gas, and money to come get it.
  11. Half a point is the difference between wheelchair accessible and not wheelchair accessible, if you go by the Clayjar method. Half a point is the difference between "just a really freaking hard climb" and "you need a boat." Half a point is the difference between spending two weeks figuring out how to decrypt something, and requiring a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry to solve a puzzle. . None of your examples applies to a 4.5 drop to a 4.
  12. Trolling as in "you can't be serious." You've introduced a topic for no other reason than to stir controversy because I don't believe that you are considering any such thing as what you're proposing in the OP. Your OP is about as deliberately provocative as you can get around here.
  13. This has got to be a trolling thread, I can't take your original post seriously at all. Find a cache a day for a year--if you can't, don't bother with the challenge. If your area is cached out for you, wait a year or two to start the challenge.
  14. Multis are my favorite kind of caches, but I only do 2-stage, or maybe 3, if I'm traveling. Too often I've spent a lot of time on one, only to come up with a missing stage or no final cache. The time I spent is annoying, but most annoying is the fact that I might never be back to avenge a dnf. Sometimes I've stopped to do an involved one on the road, and I usually regret it! When I travel, I look for virtuals and ECs first (I love learning and seeing new stuff, plus guarenteed finds!), then nearby traditionals. I do multis when I'm staying somewhere long enough to not mind coming up empty because I can go back. As for the color of the icon--I actually love the color!
  15. Windy and twisty roads is not my idea of a good place for caches!
  16. Gotta say, if some of these folks are treated kindly and welcomed to the clan, they might become friends and some of the best hiders in your area. We were all new once. Telling someone that what they've done is "insufficient" isn't gonna make any new friends. Just sayin...
  17. Clearly it's supposed to be Ohio in 2017
  18. I don't decide if I'm going to an event because of temp caches, and I don't log temp caches anymore even if I go to an event that has them. I don't think that they are really needed for an event.
  19. Some of the tiny micros have the log wrapped around a piece of metal in the middle--use the magnet on the bottom of the cache to pull the log out. And as someone else said--to replace the log, roll it up and put it in the cap, that makes it easier to screw back on.
  20. pretty sure that the holding of willies chuckles were about the OTHER definition of willies--that gave me a laugh, too!
  21. Yep. Coming here to start a thread about your preferences just to look down your nose at others and find others of a like mind definitely makes you a snob. Just going out and caching, enjoying your way and letting others enjoy theirs, then coming to start threads about adventures or cool containers, etc.--if you did that, you wouldn't be a snob. But starting this thread--yeah, you're a snob.
  22. Is it really that important that someone might slip something past you? If they listed who sent the answers, and I found that other person did log a find, then I'd assume the claim was valid. Sure, it opens you up to the possibility of some bogus logs, but big deal. That's better than demanding everyone jump through hoops because you can't trust anyone. On the other hand, if they aren't clear about who they're depending on, feel free to summarily delete their log. I don't think you have to spell clarity out in your description. This is the route I'd take--good suggestion. If they list the team leader, I'd let it slide, if they didn't, I'd ask for more info.
  23. I send the EC answers for my team right away as a general rule, and the rest of them might not log them for a couple of weeks! It's a common problem--I would be inclined to cut them some slack.
  24. If sixty of you did it on the same day, it's not much of a challenge, is it?
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