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  1. You might look for a D5 challenge--
  2. There's a forum for that! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=40
  3. I agree completely that this kind of power trail should be archived. We had one in NE Ohio that got archived, too, and I supported that. Power trails don't belong in places where they disturb residents, even if they were on public property like the one in NE Ohio. I don't blame residents for being unhappy with groups of cachers invading their neighborhoods by the carload.
  4. I did a 4-part multi over more than a hundred miles on I-80 once, only to not be able to find the final cache. Never again...
  5. Kinda your fault for not reading the cache page and noticing all that about the hider...
  6. They're both bad in different ways. In fact I would say the LPCs are more loathed and have had more years of scrutiny. It's just that ccs are a hot topic right now. I think the LPC haters have an easier time ignoring them because, usually, it's not like they're taking up space where a better cache could go. Depend... if a LPC is blocking a good location of a city park behind wal mart. If a park is blocked by an LPC in a walmart parking lot, I'm guessing it's not a good location or a big park. 527 feet from the wal mart? Probably not much of a park.
  7. With all the abandoned caches and owners that don't maintain caches around, I don't have any real problem with the practice. An active owner can easily save their cache from being archived just by doing a maintenance check and posting about it.
  8. And..he's changed the cache page! You can now post a bookmark instead.
  9. That's the kind of baloney that gives challenges a bad name--the CO needs to have completed the challenge before putting it out!
  10. But it looks like the GSAK requirement wasn't there before 2010. And this isn't about the requirements of the challenge--it's simply about proving that you met the requirements. Totally different issue.
  11. And it looks he ran the GSAK for someone recently (they must have sent them their My Finds PQ), they thank him for the image--I know someone who asks for your My finds PQ to run on GSAK on his computer to prove the Fizzy. Same thing happened with this cache on occasion, I guess.
  12. The first few finders used a matrix from itsnotaboutthenumbers.com and a bookmark list, so the GSAK requirement might have been added at a later date. The first picture in the gallery of a GSAK matrix is from 2010.
  13. Color me confused--here's the CO's log from 9/30/14: So what's changed since then?
  14. GSAK doesn't work on a Mac. Since the cache was reported to GS last fall, and apparently they backed the CO, I guess that nothing can be done. A public, shared bookmark list should really suffice.
  15. The finders should contact the reviewer and GS--I can't believe that a bookmark list or just a written list wouldn't be enough. That said--a GC code so we know what we're talking about would be helpful. And the op only mentions Facebook chatter--who knows what's really going on.
  16. Everyone who had their log deleted needs to write to both the reviewer and Groundspeak. That was probably added after the cache was reviewed and published.
  17. To be fair--there are a lot of moldy, slimy old logbooks in ammo cans filled with trash out in the woods--if the CO isn't maintaining them or looking at the logbooks, why should I write a long log in said book? I write longer logs online.
  18. I would go to local events and meet local cachers--talk to them about the hard finds, maybe find some folks to go hunting for the harder ones with.
  19. How many clicks did it take to get to google? Guess you didn't read the part about using the new search either so I editted it to highlight that fact. I never do a ton of extra work when there's an easier way. Even with the old search, I really only used it for generic searches within so many miles of such and such a place. When I want to find a specific kind of Earthcache, or look for a challenge, or something like that--I always use google instead. That actually works for the majority of websites--a google search with your keyword and the name of the website does a far better job than the website's own search engine. It's just one of the ironies of finding things on the internet.
  20. Well, I just googled Potters Pond, geocache, August 2000. Had it in one click.
  21. Another thing--favorite points are only a few years old--almost every cache archived before they were added will have none. Some cachers might go back and add them later but most won't. Please don't judge older caches by lack of favorite points.
  22. I agree with jellis--it has more to do with mocking attitudes than forbidden topics.
  23. Perhaps it meant that you had found your first Letterbox Hybrid cache.
  24. A little self examination can be a good thing. Walk on eggshells for a week, think about things, and it'll all slowly go back to normal.
  25. Well, I'm sorry I took it too seriously!
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