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  1. Hey geobc, the question wasn't directed at you... rather just a general question for people to mull over. I just remember when I went to buy my first GPS and went to an outdoors store in Langley to look for a GPS. The owner told me he didn't sell them anymore - "sick and tired of showing people everything they wanted to know about a GPS, allowing them to try them out, and then they go buy it from LD or w@lmart because it's $10.00 cheaper" When I went to CDN tire to look for them it was quite funny - I asked the (young) sales guy who looked after that department about a Magellan GPS. He started reading the specs off the box! I told him I knew how to read, and had been able too long before he was even born.... Basically he knew nothing about them. As consumers we don't really benefit greatly from price wars - something has to give and it's that value add that disapears. I also happily support local stores. My 2c anyways
  2. Why should a local store have to match an on-line price? They are totally different ways of shopping. A local store has "value add" in that you can touch and get the feel of the product, an on-line store doesn't.
  3. Well if you bought a couple of cans of 4X with ya...... What dates are you going to be in Vancouver? Being from Oz you'll have to find our "Veg Out" cache.
  4. Hey it pretty much suprised me too... FWIW - I didn't join BCGA just because I thought I'd get something out of it, I also joined because I thought I might be able to give something to the BCGA. Steve
  5. We use an older magellan 315 which has found us over 100 caches. I haven't compared it to a Garmin though while out caching. It doesn't have the latest WAAS, but is still a great GPS. As 1/2 Canadian suggested, make sure the GPS you decide on can be connected to a PC to exchange data. I also feel that if a local store takes the time to show you GPS's and suggest a GPS, then buy from them - it's their value add. Unlike DBC, I think it's worth looking at a local group like BCGA Steve
  6. I have a couple of caches about 6km (that's 6 easy km) from Hwy 5 between Merritt & Kamloops. Is this considered too far from the highway?? Road to Ross Moore is an easy access. Sidewinder is a short walk from "Road to Ross Moore" also Nooky Hill by J&JLoveVegas and Mayfly are close. Team K1W1
  7. Funny you mention the Beanz. Here in BC (Vancouver area) there is a caching family Wild Wiggly Beanz. Their signature item is a beanz. So far I have found 4 of them in different caches - a cool item for sure. I could just goto the local dollar store, but it's more fun finding one in a cache they have visited.
  8. Not to mention the tilting. The 3D relief is awesome and already made use of it to determine terrain and elevation for a cache near Harrison Hot Springs. Wow, that is awesome. Interesting to do a virtual tour over the Coquihalla highway. Steve
  9. Lock & Locks seem to be the prefered container where I geocache (greater Vancouver in BC, Canada). Was out caching with my wife tonight and we picked up a TB which she thought was huge and it wouldn't fit into most of the caches we've found. My reply - "in the US they use ammo cans, in Canada its lock & locks".
  10. Maybe you can bribe one of your geocaching buddies to do a couple of pocket queries for you... I'd reckon two dozen beer or a 26'er on the return from your trip would do it. Steve
  11. Team K1W1

    Web Maps

    Nothing on the City of New Westminsters website - though they do have a job posting for a mapping technician. Steve
  12. Team K1W1

    Web Maps

    I haven't tried it by here is the link: http://vancouver.ca/vanmap/ Steve
  13. Team K1W1

    Web Maps

    A friend who works at the City of Burnaby parks dept told me about the citys web based mapping. http://webmap.city.burnaby.bc.ca/publicmap/viewer.htm Needs IE to run. Though it doesn't have long/lat coordinates it does have lots of other features. Make sure you select "aerial photography" and "colour 2002" Steve
  14. Once you place the cache send me the info.... I'll help approve it OK???
  15. What steps do I take to get another person to release a TB for me? I want to mail a TB to a person in New Zealand and have them place it in a cache for me. (I'm in Canada). I want the TB to start in NZ and not have the miles from Canada to NZ in the log. The way I think I need to do it is: 1. I register the TB and set goal etc 2. I say it's being released in NZ 3. When the person places it into a cache I have to add a note to the cache which adds the TB to the cache Or is there another or better way? i.e can I pass the TB (once registered) into the inventory of another person? Thanks
  16. Ok I finally figured this out Ppmmmmppp, Mff pmfmppmmmmpm mmm fmmmfpmpppmffmpmpppffmppmpm pmfmffmpfmpp!
  17. I've looked at this cache too, as it's close to where I live (I guess). I have no idea how to decrypt the clues.... so you are not the only one having trouble with it Steve
  18. netcraft tells me that geocaching.com website is MS server 2003 and IIS 6. I 'm just wondering what hardware and database are needed to run a site like geocaching.com Thanks Steve
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