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  1. Anyone using a Lowrance handheld GPS? Colour model?
  2. I have bookmarked a bunch of Arduino and electronic based caches: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9dc7690f-39eb-4e19-8c19-734467700f1c Prototype with the expensive genuine arduino and build with the knock-offs Cheers
  3. We had a series like that - the gemini's http://coord.info/GC426GJ and http://coord.info/GC425C7 Steve
  4. SimonDuino. KnL and I have a few more gadget caches http://coord.info/GC3YKWG
  5. We have a hi-tech version of an exchange cache - though it's temporarily disabled right now while the UK side moves house. The brainchild of r10n http://coord.info/GC426GJ and http://coord.info/GC425C7 Team K1W1
  6. I have a list of Arduino and micro-controller based geocaches here: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9dc7690f-39eb-4e19-8c19-734467700f1c Cheers Team K1W1
  7. Coin shown on the pics above has more then 2 years already. I don't think if there is any available for the purchase. Maybe some collectors have some spare ones, but I doubt it. Let's see if anyone reply with his offer I will swap one of my original "Poland/Polska" geocoins for the new design one Anyone? Thanks Steve
  8. Where can I buy the coin from? Thanks
  9. Let me know the GC code of any Arduino (or microcontroller) based caches and I will ad them to my bookmark list http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9dc7690f-39eb-4e19-8c19-734467700f1c
  10. Two AA batteries are not going to start the Arduino unless you use special circuit, that transforms 3v to the required 5v. But that is consuming a little more power. Personally I prefer to use the 9v batteries with an LM7805+a small filtering capacitor. It works fine, and if you add the suggestion "bring your battery!" in the description page, you cover the case of battery out! I would like to hear for your ideas, and maybe we can cooperate in some of mine. If you like the idea send me e-mail. After the first 200 caches Tupperware hunting becomes boring ! I've been using these 5v boosters: https://solarbotics.com/product/19210/ The same product is available from SparkFun Cheers
  11. The Vancouver Hack Space is hosting an intro into geocaching at the space. Oct 16th at 7:30pm http://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/2012/10/10/geo-caching-and-geo-coin-night/ For those who don't know about the Hack Space see: http://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/about/ It's a safe walk from the Skytrain - Stadium/Chinatown
  12. I hope they are making money (and I don't care how much) - because if they aren't making money they will go broke and either get bought out or close down. Either of those options would be worse than me paying $30.00 a year for a membership.
  13. There is a design on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4414
  14. I used transparent labels in a Brother P-touch label maker. The model I have allows printing sideways, so I did it in one long strip. I gave them a couple of coats of clear satin finish.
  15. I recently finished one using Soxter's plans and listed it this week. I used a table saw style tile cutter for the rings and a dremel tool for the slot etc. Thanks for the great plans.
  16. While there aren't topo maps you could also look at OSM maps: http://www.osmmaps.com/canada.html
  17. Cathedral Cove - http://coord.info/GC28DB Beautiful beach and trails leading to it.
  18. For "Pandora's Box" I think the actual cache is kept at the CO's place and the TB has instructions on getting the cache.
  19. Very cool. I have built 2 of these and have both listed as caches: CacheDuino and CacheDuino II I use a TB as the "locator" for the caches, which has problems of it's own (someone grabs the TB and holds onto it for weeks) The cache will open at 1 of 4 random locations. For the most part everything works well. There is also another listed on Vancouver Island Pandors'a Box and there was a 4th also in BC but it was archived recently. If anyone wants the sketch or help on building one just drop me an email. I hope to do an "Instructable" on the build of it in the near future. Costs were approx... GPS ~ $60 LCD ~ $7 Arduino & shield ~ $40 but could be was less with other arduino clone options Servo ~ $17 etc I also have an "Arduino" booklist: Cheers Team K1W1
  20. I didn't think it was available in Canada. When I looked a couple of years ago it apparently hadn't got approval from health Canada (or whoever looks after these things) except for the military. I'll check out the store when I am downtown Vancouver tomorrow as I have been wanting to get some for when we explore BC's Interior.
  21. We have a couple of unique puzzle caches in Vancouver. Our CacheDuino is a "reverse geocache" puzzle box. If it's something you'd like to try contact me via our geocaching.com profile. As mentioned you should do the Othello Tunnels caches. Also further up the "Coquihalla" highway is Ladner Creek Trestle - If you are traveling from Vancouver to Revelstoke via the Coquihalla/highway 5 there is a lake about 1/2 way between them, Lac Le Jeune. We also have a number of caches in that area. There is a nice B & B and a resort right on the lake.
  22. I have a Bookmark List of AVR/Arduino/Microprocessor based caches here: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9dc7690f-39eb-4e19-8c19-734467700f1c I am working on an RFID based multi-cache where you will have to take a box to the different stages, find the RFID chip and scan it to get the next stage coordinates. There are also 4 "reverse geocaches" in BC. Cheers K1W1
  23. I'm also working on a multi cache which uses an Arduino and RFID reader & tags. Team K1w1
  24. geocaching.com does allow reverse geocaches and there are 4 of then in British Columbia. Savant9 has listed 2 of them which are mine. GC2NPQQ GC274MK I also have a hangman game puzzle cache based on an Arduino - the cacher finds the hangman game and if they beat the hangman the lcd displays the final coordinates. GC2W9AG. I got the idea from this project I have a public list of Arduino based geocaches here. Can I add yours to it? Team K1W1
  25. Have a look at what the cache "r10n" has made: http://electricgeocaching.blogspot.com/2010/09/gemini-puzzle-caches.html
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