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  1. You should be able to do it with Topofusion. There is a free demo version to try.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'm not too concerned with fitting it in my pocket, though I often wear BDU style pants and I could put it in the cargo pocket. I just wanted something to compare the two side by side. Thought about the Vista, but don't think I need the compass or the altimeter. I know I need the street software, and was looking at getting the unit with the auto nav kit. I can get the 60 cx w/autonav kit for under $500 at GPS Discount. As far as battery life, I was just curious if Garmin's specs were realistic with the two unit.
  3. OK, I'm really close to upgrading from my B&W legend. I would like to have color, autorouting and improved reception in the woods. Already have Mapsource Topo, and am satisfied with my Legend, so I want to stick with Garmin. Originally, I was looking at the Legend cx, but since the prices of the 60 cx's have dropped I'm considering spending the money. A couple questions. I remember seeing a picture posted in these forums of a 60 and an etrex side by side to compare size, but I can't find it now. Does anyone have a picture like that they could post. Also, how realistic is the battery life Garmin shows for these. They show the Legend cx at 32 hrs. and the 60 cx at 18. I will be using rechargables, so what are people getting out of batteries in these units.
  4. I just made a stencil today by printing a geocahing design on some card stock and cutting with a utility knife. Seems to have worked pretty good so far.
  5. 43, but I feel alot younger.
  6. If you want to see the same format in Easy GPS do this. Edit menu Preferences My coordinate format Add format Select hddd mm.mmmmm Below select WGS 1984
  7. I usually bring one. Good to have in case modern technology fails.
  8. How do the Etrex cx's and explorists compare at aquiring sats and maintaining lock in tree cover. One thing I don't like with my Legend is it is slow to gets sats when first started and sometimes loses lock in heavy cover.
  9. I'm looking at the same thing as you are. I am thinking of upgrading form my b&w legend. I've been looking at the Legend cx, Vista cx, Explorist 500/600. I haven't found any real good comparisons either. I like the Vista, but not for $100 more than a Legend, for an electronic compass and altimiter. I like my Legend and I have Garmin Topo software already, that's some of the reason I am leaning toward Garmin now. I would like to see some opinions from people who have experience with some of these to compare them.
  10. Bass Pro already showing Legend and vista models available.
  11. Wondering if anyone has tried any serial to usb adapters other than those sold by GPS makers. I have an Etrex legend and my new computer has no serial port. The Garmin adapter is over $50. I have seen many on Ebay for around $25, but it seems that not all adapters will work the same.
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