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  1. Is there a way to make it go to full brightness when attatched to an external power source. My 60Cx does but the Vista goes to 0 backlight after it starts up.
  2. I have several different types of rechargables, but after using the Ray O Vac hybrids, I am stocking up on them and using them for everthing I have that takes AAs.
  3. I have one unfound that I need a boat to get. 138 found within 10 miles.
  4. I believe that it will only go to the map page if you have street maps installed for autorouting.
  5. Ah yes, that's better. Another suggestion, use either the +/- on keyboard or the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in/out. Just my preference, I don't like the button to zoom in/out as it is.
  6. OK got it now. Looks good. One thing I am not sure I like is the long name label. It seems to take up a lot of space on the map when you have alot of waypoint close to each other. Maybe a limit of letters for the label??
  7. That depends on how you cache and use your GPS. If you don't venture far from the road, and especially if your GPS autoroutes, then street maps are the way to go. If you like to get out in the woods or feel you don't need street maps then Topo is a good choice. Obviously the best choice is both if you can afford it.
  8. I downloaded it and it seems to run fine, but how do I load a gpx file into it?
  9. While this didn't happen while geocaching it is a truely "Unusual Animal Encounter". Earlier this week I was driving to work with my brother when about 70 yards ahead of me, a black bear came running out into the road. I slowed down to a crawl, as did the car coming toward me, and watched as it crossed the road into the woods. Suddenly, my brother yelled "Look Out" and I looked ahead to see another very large bear run about 20 feet in front of me. The car coming toward me had stopped and the bear ran head first into the front fender of her car. It bounced off and then tried climbing over the hood until it slid off and continued on into the woods. I rolled down my window to make sure the woman in the car was OK and all she could say is "Do you believe that?" She was alright but her car had a couple good dents in it.
  10. Just started having this problem today. I'll give it a little while to see if it changes, if not I'll contact Garmin about it.
  11. From now on I will only call CS if I have no problems with my product!!
  12. I think all of the Garmin etrex and MAP 60/70 do this. My 60Cx has a trip computer page that shows speed, top speed, average moving speed, odometer, stopped time, moving time, overall average, and elevation.
  13. If you are not a premium member you can only download .loc files which do not contain hints or descriptions. Premium members can download .gpx files with that information. I am not sure if EasyGPS can show that imformation. GSAK is a great program that will show it and download it to your GPS.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've done some Googling and found info on something called HYPERTUFA, which is concrete made with portland cement, peat moss and vermiculite. It is suppose to be lightweight, somewhat shapeable after setting up and holds up well outside exposed to the weather. Have any of you tried using this?
  15. I am thinking of making some sort of fake rock to hide a cache in. I had an idea of using something like a thinset mortar and putting it over a plant pot with some kind of wire mesh or something to hold it together. I was wondering if anyone has tried anything like this before I waste the time and effort on something that won't work very well.
  16. What I do is after auto routing to the parking spot is I recalculate (on map page hit menu) and select "Off Road" and go from there. That should get you where you want to go.
  17. Go to "My Account" link on right side of page, then on the left side of "My Account" page there is "Search Options". You can search nearest your home coordinates and filter out finds.
  18. If you use GSAK to load your waypoints, you can set it up to show the name up to 14 characters that the 60Csx can use.
  19. At that price I ordered one even though I don't need it!!
  20. Microsoft has a utility program called User Agent String utility that may solve your problem. Go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/support/default.mspx and check out the fourth question and answer.
  21. Hurray, it is finally here. Neither wind nor snow nor heat nor dark of night shall keep the mail from arriving (eventually).
  22. Still waiting for the pony express to bring mine in MA. Of course, if it had been sent pony express it probably would have arrived by now.
  23. I haven't recieved mine yet and I sent in my request the day after I saw it posted here. Hope the snail mail is the reason I'm still waiting.
  24. Mini SD is not the same as Micro SD that the garmins use
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