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  1. I expect the Oregon to be so much easier than using an excel spreadsheet on my old GPS. I will also become a PM but I wanted to wait until I had the new one and read up on the process. I'm still learning the GSAK spreadsheet also. The latest question I have is about maps (since I can not do a search in these forums on the word "maps" ) does anyone know how I can get more information about what maps the Oregon 200 comes with and why I would need to use the gpsfiledepot instead of the garmin downloadable maps? Is there a way to select which map I would use on the O200? Thanx Bill It comes with just a base map which is not very useful. The maps at gpsfiledepot are free, Garmin maps are not.
  2. According to what I read HERE you can and I now have. You have to create a folder for it on the card. Seems to be working now so I am thinking there was a problem with something on the card before.
  3. What size sd card are you using. The max that the Oregon 300 supports is 4 gb. OldA'sFan It is a 4 GB
  4. Been trying a few things and I think I have found a possible cause for the hang at startup. I removed the sd card and started all over. With the card out everything was fine. Put the card back in and same problems. Deleted everything from the card and put it in and all seems to work. Now I have reloaded a GPX using the GSAK macro and restarted and everything looks fine. The only thing I see now is after loading the new file it took a long time for the GPS to get through the startup but I assume that is because of the new file being loaded. I am guessing that there was a problem with something I had on the card that was causing all the issues, I hope! Still have to try to reload the custom maps I had and see if that changes anything. Hope this solves everything because even with these problems I am liking the unit.
  5. Just tried restarting on a different profile with the interface set to serial and it seems to have solved the startup issue. I'll just have to remember to use the proper profile when I connect to use the Mass Storage mode. I'll keep trying things and see if I can narrow down some possible causes.
  6. Nope. only about 900 caches and 1 GPX file. Been doing a lot of deleting and restarting with no luck. May have the GPX file working now but not sure why.
  7. OK I may be all set though I am not sure why. Looking through the Oregon wiki I saw something about startup problems caused by the startup message. I have eliminated it and tried again and now the GPX file seems to be working. As for the startup issue that hasn't changed. If I restart it and then plug i the usb cable its fine but if I start it with the cable attatched I have a problem. I have the interface set to Spanner. Will try changing to serial and see what happens.
  8. Headed out today for some caching with my new Oregon 300. I had used THIS MACRO in GSAK to load a GPX file onto the microSD card. Stopped at the first three caches and all went well but then I was going to head for another and it wasn't showing up in the list of caches. Searched by name and still wasn't showing. Several of the other caches I went to did not show in the list (good thing I brought the Vista). After getting back home I opened the GPX file that had been loaded and the caches that weren't showing were in the file when I opened it using another application. So there is issue number 1. Issue 2 is now I have tried to load a new GPX file and the Oregon says there are no geocaches loaded. I have tried using the macro, loading them manually, loading to the internal memory but nothing shows up on the Oregon's geocaching list. Checked the files in Mass Storage mode and they are showing up but the Oregon isn't showing any caches in the list. Issue number 3. The Oregon sometimes hangs when I start it up. This seems to happen after disconnecting from the computer. The startup screen shows and then it seems to hang up. Sometimes it seems to fade out to nothing and then restart. I always use the safely remove hardware when disconnecting. So can anyone offer some suggestions?
  9. I recently went for a numbers run with another cacher. Earlier this year we had gone and found over 50 caches on a numbers run with only three DNFs. This last time we headed to a park with 26 caches. We started on the north side of the park and only found two of ten we went to. Pretty sure we located the right location on most based upon the hints. We are guessing that someone removed most of the caches here for some reason. Suprisingly, we then crossed the road to do the others and found all 14 there. Add in three more DNFs along the way for a total of 11 on the day. Still managed 45 finds but a very frustrationg day for a while.
  10. Okay...message received! Was not aware that it can hold so many caches. We like to travel and that will be great to load caches in for all the different areas. Thanks for that input, 550t it is! The Garmin website shows the 550 capable of holding 2000 waypoints not 5000. The Dakota can hold 1000. I believe that either can be loaded with custom POIs giving you paperless capability limited only by the microSD card capacity.
  11. Hold the click stick in and a new waypoint window will pop up. Use the stick to navigate to the coords and change them as needed.
  12. Logicweaves program flags on a keyword, like FTF, but there is then a checkbox to select those that are actual FTF that then show in the stats generated by the program.
  13. You can try these ideas: Check the first page of the macro - "Garmin GPX POI Export" page - change the third box on the left to display your particular model GPS. If all ready set correctly, look on the "Advanced Options" page - at the top, the first option "Geocache Name Format" should read: %ShortName=14/%typ=3/%found/%code%bug=* (which is the default for my nuvi 760 anyway) If all else fails, stop GSAK, delete the macro and the TourGuide_Tools directory inside GSAK and reinstall. Make sure to set the option mentioned above. Good luck! Got it. The advance options name format had %smartname. Change to %smart and all is well. Thanks for the help.
  14. Been using this for a couple weeks now and I love it. I have a question that I tried to solve but haven't figured it out on my own. On my nuvi, the geocache names all end with "name". Is there something I can do to fix this?
  15. Try looking here: Cool Cache Containers
  16. I thought I had it set properly. It was shown right in the macro dialog but I ran POI loader separately and saw that it was as you said in the dialog box there. Reran and all is goo now, thank you for the help.
  17. I recently bought a nuvi 260 and have been using the macro with no problems, I love it. Today I ran into my first problem. I was going to take a trip outside of my usual caching area so I tried running the macro to load my usual database and some caches from another GSAK database. Ran the first one, once done chose Process Another Database. Selected the other database, ran that one then chose Run POI Loader For Nuvi. Everthing went fine but the second database was not loaded, or at least I can't find it. Am I doing something wrong.
  18. I've had this problem recently, the "MyFinds" Query supposedly ran on Friday but still hasn't made it to my inbox, and this morning two queries ran but didn't get to my gmail inbox. I've had problems with queries not running as scheduled for the past month or so but according to more experienced users that's not unusual. I would be happy to reaffirm my agreement to the terms of use but don't know how/where to do that. Anyone know why PQs would suddenly not be delivered? I've checked my spam folder too. Nothing there. I had the same problem. Ran a "My Finds" PQ on Sat. and still haven't gotten it. I did however receive another PQ on Sun. morning that arrived as usual.
  19. Hi , I am interested, does it come with USB cable? Sorry, I don't think it came with one and I don't have a spare to throw in.
  20. Garmin 60 Cx, good condition, no scratches, w/original box and papers. Also includes beanbag car mount and AC cord. $200
  21. At the top is an icon for "receive from device". Click on this will bring up choices of what to receive. Check off "tracks" and there you have it.
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